Schildkröt Untwist Review | Wonderful beginner scooter for ages 5+

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The Schildkröt Untwist is a high-quality stunt scooter from the new Funwheel collection of the German brand Schildkröt.

This scooter has great equipment, is made of the best material and is sold at a fair price.

This scooter can be used to learn fun stunts and tricks. The scooter is not only fun for children, but also for teenagers.

Schildkrot untwist scooter rated

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Both boys and girls can achieve top performances with this scooter, and no stunt or trick is too difficult!

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What features does the Schildkröt Untwist have?

Let's see what technical features make this scooter so good. There is a lot to be said for this model.

I don't have the Schildkröt Untwist for nothing in my top 7 best stunt scooters!

The wheels and rims

This stunt scooter is a scooter that is made of aluminum and, just like a regular scooter, has two wheels.

The wheels are sturdy, grippy PU wire wheels of 100 mm (diameter), with a hardness of 88A and ABEC 7 ball bearings.

The rims are also made of high-quality aluminum. These rims are resistant to jumps and stunts, better than cheap plastic rims.

The stunt steering wheel

The handlebar is 82 cm high (measured from the ground) and 52 cm wide. The handlebars are, like other stunt scooters, not adjustable in height.

The stunt handlebar has a high-quality NECO element, is wide, rotates 360 degrees and has a fixed connection to the fork by triple clamps.

Thanks to the TPR handles, a good grip is provided and shocks are absorbed.

Best stunt scooter from 5 years-Schildkröt Untwist

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The deck

Just like the scooter itself, the robust footboard is also made of aluminum and measures 48 x 10 cm.

This large deck ensures a safe stand; you are always stable. Thanks to the anti-slip grip tape, your foot will not slip, so that a bit of safety is added to the use of the scooter.

You will experience stability with all tricks. The maximum user weight is 80 kg and on the rear wheel is a strong Performance Flex brake made of wear-resistant steel for quick and safe braking.

The scooter itself has a weight of 3,4 kg.

You assemble the handlebars yourself

You have to assemble the handlebars yourself, but that is easy thanks to the included Allen key. The rest of the scooter or scooter is pre-assembled and delivered in a box.

Always read the instructions and warnings carefully before your first ride. It is also recommended to wear proper protective equipment while using the scooter.

Where does 'Untwist' come from?

Where does the word 'Untwist' come from in the name of this scooter?

It is the name of a stunt in which the handlebars are rotated 360 degrees during the jump.

The German brand Schildkröt has been around for more than 100 years and is the inventor of the table tennis ball. Today Schildkröt is the market leader in their Funsport and Funwheel collection.

Here you can see the Untwist performed:

Why is this scooter so much fun for children?

The Schildkröt Untwist is the perfect scooter for children who have little experience with scooters.

It is therefore Schildkröt's entry-level model.

The scooter is robust, safe, but also lightweight. It is a beautiful model at an affordable price.

Even as soon as your child has mastered some tricks, the Untwist is still fine. It is and remains a stunt scooter, which can be stunted a lot.

It is a great scooter to start with, but also one that your child will enjoy for a long time to come.

Why is scooters good?

In addition to making your child move more, a scooter has even more advantages.

Because scooters are also very good for balance. By scooting a lot, a child learns to keep better balance, an important motor skill.

Many children can already pedal before they can cycle. A scooter in less height than a bicycle, and therefore less scary.

Many countries face the same problem: childhood obesity. It has been found that 12% of children between the ages of 4 and 20 are overweight.

Nowadays children sit still much more; they spend hours on their own computer, smartphone, or other electronic devices.

Many governments in European countries are taking action to get children to exercise more and at the same time to eat healthier. Part of this is to get children to exercise on their way to school.

And for that, the scooter is the solution! So if your child has reached an age where they can go to school independently, consider buying a scooter for him or her.

It is an environmentally friendly way of transport and it stimulates the health of your child. When children exercise more, they will also perform better at school.

Which scooter do you buy for your child?

It is important to choose the right scooter for your child. There are big differences in the models, sizes and suitable age.

The Schildkröt Untwist is ideal for children from 5 years old.

A stunt scooter is generally not foldable and therefore not easy to transport.

If your child is still relatively young, a folding scooter might be a better scooter to start with.

Stunt scooters are intended for doing 'tricks' and, for example, not so suitable for covering very long distances.

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Schildkröt Untwist: conclusion

The Schildkröt Untwist is a great scooter for kids and teens. The many positive reviews have shown that buyers are very happy with this item.

Not only is the scooter made of the best materials, safety, convenience and of course an attractive price tag are also taken into account.

Even if your child has little experience with scooters, this scooter is suitable.

Finally, Schildkröt is a well-known and appreciated German brand that you can rely on!

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Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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