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Storing magnet tiles: 5 smart ideas

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Magnet tiles are super fun to play with, but how do you properly store such a block of toys?

Magnet tiles are easiest to store as one large stack because they click together. Then use a closed container or the drawer of a compartment cabinet. But you can also use it to brighten up your room by, for example, turning it into a beautiful magnetic board wall.

Let's see how you do that.

Store magnet tiles in a basket

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Ideas for storing magnet tiles

Magnet tiles are a great educational toy for young children from a very young age. They help develop children's imagination and creativity and are suitable for toddlers and young explorers. Here are some ideas for storing and organizing magnet tiles:

Use a box

A simple and easy way to store magnet tiles is to store them in a box. This can be a transparent box so that children can see the shapes and colors, or a box with a picture of the contents. This helps children know what's in the box and makes it easier to find the tiles they want to use.

Stick them on a magnetic board on the wall

A relatively new idea for storing magnet tile toys is to stick them on a magnetic board on the wall. This is a good way to combine toys and interior:

  • It's a great way to utilize every bit of the room and it saves floor space.
  • Big fans of magnet tile toys will be happy with a mega board on the wall on which to build their creations.
  • By playing with magnet tile toys, children can playfully practice their coordination, cognitive development, fine and gross motor skills.
  • Playing with magnet tile toys can also help children learn math concepts and patterns.
  • It is a durable solution that lasts a long time and is suitable for many ages.
  • It's fun to do and doesn't break easily.

Stack them up and store them in a box

To ensure that your magnetic tiles fit perfectly in the storage boxes of the compartment cabinet, you can opt for high storage boxes. This makes it easy to stack the magnetic tiles and they stay in place. In addition, storage boxes are also available in various pastel colours, so that you can match them perfectly with the basis of your interior.

Ikea has very cheap storage boxes in a compartment system especially for the children's room.

Storage of magnet tile toys in a linen basket

A linen basket is a great option for storing magnet tile toys. It is not only practical, but also beautiful and decorative. Here are some reasons why a linen basket is a good choice:

Stylish storage

A linen basket is a beautiful and stylish way to store magnet tile toys. It comes in different shapes and sizes and will suit any interior. It is a decorative item that does not look out of place in the living room or children's room.

Easily accessible

A linen basket is easily accessible for children. They can easily take the toy out and put it back in. This makes it to clean up of the toys a lot easier and ensures that the room remains tidy.

Proud of own creations

A linen basket is also a good way to keep structures somewhat intact. Because the basket is large with a wide opening, you can easily place a made robot or castle in it and also take it out again.

Find the right linen basket

There are many different linen baskets on the market, but not all of them are suitable for storing magnet tile toys. Here are some tips to find the right linen basket:

  • Make sure the basket is large enough to hold the toys.
  • Choose a basket with a solid bottom so that the toys do not sag.
  • Choose a basket with a beautiful shape, such as a lion's head or other trendy shapes.
  • Choose a basket in a nice color, such as ocher yellow, that matches the trend colors of the moment.
  • Choose a brand known for its quality, such as Atelier Pierre or Zusjez.

In a woven basket

If you are looking for a beautiful and practical storage solution for your children's magnet tile toys, a woven basket is a good choice. Here are a few reasons why:

A beautiful decoration for the children's room

A woven basket is not only practical, but also beautiful. It fits perfectly with the modern trend colors such as ocher yellow and is a decorative element in the children's room. It's a nice way to store your children's toys without looking out of place in the room.

Practical and convenient

A woven basket is not only beautiful, but also practical. It is a convenient way to store your children's magnet tile toys. You can easily move the basket and put the toys in it when your child is done playing. This keeps the room neat and tidy.

In a plastic container with a lid

If you're looking for a convenient way to store your magnet tile toys, using a plastic container with a lid is a fantastic option. Here are some reasons why:

Safety first

Magnet tile toys can be dangerous for small children. The magnets can be easily swallowed and cause life-threatening damage. By keeping the toys in a closed plastic container, you ensure that your child cannot reach the magnets without supervision.

Handy and practical

A plastic container with a lid is a convenient way to store your food magnet tile toys (here some of the best brands) to store. It's easy to use and you can quickly put the toy in when you're done playing. In addition, you can easily store the container in a cupboard or under the bed.

Protection against damage

Magnet tile toys can be easily damaged if not stored properly. By storing it in a plastic container with a lid, you protect the toy from scratches and other damage.


So it's a great way to store toys, and it's still fun to look at too.

If you have followed these tips, you will see that your children will have a lot of fun with it.

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Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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