5 kids tablets with the best Wi-Fi + Amazon Fire & Kindle in the Netherlands

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  December 30, 2020

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In this article I cover the best kids tablets with WiFi, plus the frequently asked questions about the Amazon Kindle and kids tablets and their availability in the Netherlands.

Children love to play games and on tablets.

There is a way to make sure they can play their favorite games like Hearthstone, while also streaming the latest Star Wars Rebels.

That option is called Wi-fi.

However, there should be parental controls on children using these gadgets, as some could end up buying a variety of in-game extras for real money or accessing websites that are unsuitable.

Nevertheless, before looking through the 5 best Wi-Fi tablets for kids here, it's important to look at the factors parents consider in order to buy the right tablet.

De Kurio Connect Telekids tablet what we wrote about earlier is the best tablet for kids, especially when it comes to the reliability and speed of the wifi connectivity.

Now we have some extra options for you where you can also use WiFi.

For example, I recently bought this Amazon Fire for my son because I first let it play on my old iPad, but it is more convenient if it has its own.

I can certainly recommend these if you are looking for an affordable tablet with WiFi and you can also buy and use them in the Netherlands.

The real Amazon Kindle Fire Kids edition is the second on my list here because purely for children I always find the Kurio Connect a little better, but for older children and for yourself this Kindle Fire HD has a perfect price / quality ratio.

Many people also asked whether the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is available in the Netherlands. And the answer to that is yes.

The Kindle is perfect for on vacation, on the way to work or on the couch to read some books and you can also use it in the Netherlands (view Kindle pricing here)

Let's take a look at all the recommendations:

The top 5 best kids tablets with WiFi

Model Images
Kurio Connect Telekids Kurio Connect Telekids(view more images)
Amazon Fire Kids Edition Kindle Fire HD 8 inch kids edition(view more images)
Denver TAQ  Denver TAQ-90033K review(view more images)
Kurio Tab Lite kuriotablite8gb(view more images)
Point of View Point of view tablet for children(view more images)

Amazon Fire Kids Edition or Kindle in the Netherlands

Here I would like to specifically discuss the Amazon Fire and the Kindle tablet because many people asked me whether it is also available and used in the Netherlands.

And you can simply buy and use it in the Netherlands.

If you have younger children, it is best to purchase the kids edition because it has a soft protective cover included.

If your children are a bit older and probably don't just drop it anymore, or you buy one for yourself, you can buy the regular Kindle, which saves a little in amount versus processor power and is of course much more manageable for yourself.

Then there is the handy Kindle Paperwhite that makes it easy to read as if you were reading a book without that mirrored display, and waterproof so also perfect for the bath :)

Fire Kids Fire HD Kindle
Kindle Fire HD 8 inch kids edition Amazon fire hd for adults Kindle paperwhite available in the Netherlands
(view more images) (view more images) (view more images)

Can you read Dutch books on the Kindle?

Nowadays you can also read Dutch books on the Kindle E-reader since amazon.nl put its offer online. You can also find a lot of popular English authors there.

The kindle e-book section is the only part that Amazon has rolled out in the Netherlands on the .nl website so far, for all other things you have to be in Germany (still).

Which in itself is not bad at all, because you can find very cheap products that you can of course also use here in the Netherlands.

But when you buy a Kindle e-reader, such as the paperwhite, you also want to be able to read books in your own language.

There are so many books available from Dutch writers which you can find here so that you don't miss out on your favorite authors.

There is also a whole section available with English books that you might also be able to read, you can find it here.

Convert Dutch E-reader books to Kindle

How people used to do it before is to buy books here at bol.com and convert them to Kindle by converting the EPUB format to MOBI.

After converting the book, you can load it onto your Kindle e-reader.

This video shows how to do this easily:


Now that Amazon is also available in the Netherlands, the need to do this will be less, but it is still a good option if your favorite book is not available on the Kindle in Dutch.

Amazon Fire kids edition in the Netherlands

The Fire Edition tablet starts in the Amazon Free Time and the design is aimed at children.

The device fonts and background color come in a kid-friendly format.

For example, the child only watches those titles that they have permission to view.

The home screen shows the history of the recent titles so you can watch what your child has searched for.

In addition, children can navigate visually to base the content on topics and characters.

Designed for child profiles: The tablet has a feature that allows parents to create a child profile and choose the content to access their children.

In other words, a parent can personalize the tablet according to their child's needs.

The child profile limits access to email, social media and in-app purchases.

Screen Time Limits: The tablet offers innovative controls that a parent can use.

These controls ensure that the children learn first before continuing to play in order to manage screen time.

The free time allows the parent to choose all the content the child can see and limit their screen time based on content type.

For example, the parent can limit videos and games, but ensures that there is unlimited reading time.

Moreover, the Free Time in-app blocks payments and therefore you no longer have to worry about additional fees or charges.

Design and Durability: The tablet comes with several connectivity options.

The power button is at the top, along with the headphone jack and microUSB port. The volume control knob is on the left.

However, compared to the other tablets on the market, the Kids Edition leaves the microUSB option that it complements with internal storage.

A parent can further upgrade the Kids Edition from 8 GB to 16 GB by relying on Amazon Cloud Storage or during the checkout process.

Performance: The Kids Edition tablet comes with a sharp screen with a size of 1280 by 800.

This is stronger than the other competing tablets with a display of 1024 by 600.

The screen text is clearly visible and the colors are vivid when you play games.

Recently the Kids Edition delivered excellent scores in the benchmarking program (PCMark for Android).

The Kids Edition has established a score of 3610 points in the performance test of the program. The score is the highest in the tablets studied.

The test aims to simulate daily tablet tasks such as browsing and editing documents.

During the program's battery check, the Kindle has an excellent score of 4 hours 49 minutes.

Wi-Fi connectivity: The tablet has Wi-Fi with an antenna. This supports private and public networks using:

A number of other tablets that we have tested:

Read also: this child-friendly mode of the Samsung tablet

What is a children's tablet?

A children's tablet is a handheld computer with a touchscreen that is particularly suitable for use by children, sometimes with a completely child-friendly environment with its own apps and educational games.

Often times, it is a full-featured tablet with special settings that make it safe for children to use, such as parental controls and limited access to sites and apps.

Parental control

Some have fingerprint support and PIN that only the parent can set.

Others have robust built-in controls that ensure that parents limit the type of applications the children can access and the type of website they can visit.

So a parent does not have to worry about what the children are doing while using the tablets.

Provided you buy one that is specifically suitable for children. Otherwise, adding WiFi is a dangerous business.

Wi-Fi connectivity

The term Wi-Fi is short for “wireless”, which refers to devices that can connect or connect wirelessly to a private Internet connection.

For a successful connection, a wireless router sends a signal that allows Wi-Fi enabled devices to connect.

The use of Wi-Fi was mainly for laptops. Nowadays, many more devices such as Smartphones, surveillance cameras and tablets have access to WiFi.

As long as there is an internet signal, a Wi-Fi device can be connected to the network at any time.

Most of the manufacturers that make kids tablets include the tablet with automatic Wi-Fi that helps them learn, play games, download applications and watch movies.

Regular Tablet vs Tablet for Kids

Tablets have become important devices for their computing power, portability, and ease of use.

Kid's tablets have similar properties to regular tablets, but the design is optimized for the specific needs of the children and parents.

Kid's tablets have a wide variety of child-friendly features.


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Joost Nusselder, the founder of Speelkeuze.nl is a content marketer, father and loves trying out new toys. As a child, he came into contact with everything around games when his mother started the Tin Soldier in Ede. Since 2016, he and his team have been creating helpful blog articles to help loyal readers with fun play ideas.
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