Best stunt scooter rated | 7 models that really stood out

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  April 14, 2021

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Are you looking for a nice durable scooter of high quality that delivers good performance at the same time?

There are several brands that offer high quality, but not all scooters are the same.

There are many factors to consider when looking for the right scooter. In general, we especially want one that lasts as long as possible and does the job well.

Best stunt scooter

Here we will talk about which scooters are of high quality and what to consider when buying a scooter.

It's hard to pinpoint one that stands out for us, because it depends on your level of stunting and your age.

As far as we are concerned, there are clearly two top choices, one up to 8 years and one from 8 years. But if you have kids up to about 8 years old, then this Dominator Trooper for smaller children from 6 to about 8 is great.

Later in the article I look at a few more, also more budget choices plus the Slamm Classic V8, which is good from 8 to older.

I will also take a look at the best choices for the professional stunt scooter so read on.

The Dominator came out best in the test, is sturdy and has by far the best durable wheels (which always wear the fastest), but is really for novice children and has a smaller size.

The Slamm Classic is a great choice when your child is older or you want to get started yourself :)

In addition, we have also included the way in which you can purchase the scooter in our consideration. It is nice if you can obtain the suitable model without too much effort in a time-saving way.

Stunt scooter modelImages
Best stunt scooter for 6 years: Dominator TrooperBest stunt scooter for 6 years Dominator Trooper(view more images)
Best scooter from 8 years old: Slamm Classic V8Slamm Classic VII stunt scooter(view more images)
Best cheap budget scooter: Albott Pro 360Best cheap budget stunt scooter-Albott Pro 360(view more images)
Best stunt scooter from 5 years: Schildkröt UntwistBest stunt scooter from 5 years-Schildkröt Untwist(view more images)
Best girls scooter pink: Razor S SparkBest girls stunt scooter pink-Razor S Spark(view more images)
Best Professional Stunt Scooter For Adults: Root Industries InvictusBest Professional Stunt Scooter for Adults-Root Industries Invictus(view more images)
Best Budget scooter for 10 years: Mongoose RiseBest Budget scooter for 10 years Mongoose Rise(view more images)

What is the difference between a stunt scooter and a normal scooter?

People may not be very familiar with the term scooter, but there are many different features that make them different from normal scooters. 

The name stunt scooter obviously already indicates something.

What makes it a scooter?

Stunt scooters are much sturdier and are meant to take your mates to the skate park to literally perform stunts and learn new tricks. A stunt scooter is a very resistant and durable version of a normal scooter.

In general, the height of most scooters can often not be adjusted as the models are already available in different sizes.

Yet there are brands that do make adjustable heights possible. For example, we see many varied designs, each of which meets different needs.

Previously, scooters were not foldable, so many buyers preferred regular scooters, but in recent years many models have been released that are now also foldable despite their complex interiors of various parts and accessories that enhance the riding experience.

Stunt scooters in most cases have an advanced compression system. The function of the compression system is to hold the headset together.

The compression system is very important and has a noticeable effect on the overall performance of the scooter.

Regular scooters do not have a compression system. These scooters are simply made for street riding.

They are generally used for riding on sidewalks or paths.

With these scooters, the used materials are not necessarily of high quality or to offer the highest possible resistance.

This is because they are usually used by young riders with a light weight and the parts will not get badly damaged.

The stunt scooter is specially designed for stunting in scooter and skate parks.

All scooter components are reinforced and made of harder materials that at the same time allow for a light weight.

Stunt scooters are specially made for stunts, we often make jumps and turns at reasonable heights.

We have to make sure that when we perform a stunt the scooter does not collapse halfway through. 

Most scooters, including the ones we will mention here, have wheels that are made of metal / aluminum core and not plastic like many regular scooters. 

This gives the wheels a much better resistance. 

Compression systems and headsets are important to ensure that the bar can rotate freely and decks can be concave for greater control. 

Despite the fact that scooters are made for stunting, they are still suitable for people of all ages.

Stunsteps for different ages

There are scooters ideal for smaller children from 4 or 5 years old and others especially for adults.

Are you looking for a sturdy scooter for your little one? Then go for a stunt scooter. This one will resist a lot and will last much longer.

Suitable for catching many punches without stopping after a short time.

Also read: a stunt scooter is really fun with your own stunt scooter ramp!

What is the difference between a professional scooter and a recreational scooter?

If you think there is no such thing as professional scooter riding, then you are wrong.

Freestyle push riding has truly become an acclaimed extreme sport of the modern age.

We used to see that the scooters were only used by small children as a kind of toy and where they might go to school with; those were the days of the traditional scooters.

But when the teens got in, i.e. driving pro push, they took it to a completely different level.

The freestyle tricks they performed like double front flips, double back flips, handrails and many more other tricks made this a very popular extreme sport.

Since this sport i.e. riding the pro or freestyle scooter is an extremely popular sport nowadays, the riders or the athletes involved make quite a bit of money from it.

The riders not only earn money by performing at various sporting events, but at the same time also from their sponsors.

Who is the best scooter rider in the world?

The two richest and highest paid athletes in the game are Ryan Williams and Dakota Schuetz.

Ryan is actually sponsored by the Schildkröt company and he performs on the Nitro Circuit.

He's been around for quite some time and arguably one of the best when it comes to freestyle scooter riding, he invented some of his own tricks like the double front flip 360 and the double flair.

He earns not only from the Nitro Circuit, but also from his sponsors, i.e. Schildkröt.

Schildkröt also has his name on some of his products and he also earns a share from the sales of these products.

But this man is a complete genius at what he does.

Dacota Schuetz is considered one of the best the sport has ever produced.

He won the world competition International Scooter Association and winning this competition made him earn quite a bit of money, just enough to put a lot of zeros in his bank account.

When it comes to a professional ride, there are quite a few things to consider that you can probably all avoid, when buying just a recreational scooter, that your child wants to use to play outside.

How expensive is a scooter?

There are a number of stunt scooters available in the market today and there are various price levels, so selecting the one that is perfect for you and fully meets all your needs and requirements is sometimes quite difficult.

That's why it's important that your research is thorough and complete before buying a pro scooter for yourself.

Some of the things you can look for in a professional scooter are:

What Are Good Stunt Scooter Grips?

The grips for each scooter are actually very important and that's because riding the scooter or freestyle requires many different tricks to be performed by the rider or the artist.

Imagine doing a double back flip and your hand slipping off the scooter because of the loose grip, so without a firm grip you won't be able to perform tricks or even ride the scooter with ease.

Some of the best available grips on the market right now are:

  • Lucky No Nubbins Grip
  • ODI Vans Lock-On Grip System
  • Envy Scooter Grips
  • Cult Vans Grip

What are good scooter handlebars?

The bars are really a matter of personal preference and determine the feel of your ride.

The dimensions of the bar depend entirely on your personal preferences, you can also choose the type and style you like.

There are two types of bars on the market and they are steel and aluminum bars.

The standard diameter (STD) of the rod is 1¼ ”, but oversized (OS) are also available on the market with a diameter of 1 3/8”.

What do you pay attention to with the fork of a scooter?

It is arguably the most important aspect of your ride, comparable to the fork on a bicycle.

The fork requires a compression system to be securely attached to the bars of the scooter.

The fork comes in two different types:

  1. the wired fork
  2. and the wireless fork.

The wireless forks are better than the wired forks because of the maximum amount of power and performance they offer.

When going for a fork, it is very important to select the wheels that will easily fit the fork size.

The clamp

Although this part of the scooter is not very big, it is very important to the overall reliability of the scooter.

The glue that holds the bars and fork together is known as a clamp. That's why the clamps are invaluable.

There are three types of clamps available on the market:

  1. double
  2. threefold
  3. and quadruple clamps

Which is nothing but the number of bolts the clamp has.

The deck

The stunt scooter deck is the main part of the stunt scooter and the rest of the stunt scooter is built around it making this part of the stunt scooter quite important.

The decks of the scooter come in different styles, lengths, widths and concave and so it is very important to choose the best one that will perfectly meet your needs and requirements.

The headset

Another very essential part of the scooter is the integrated headset; the part that rotates the steerer in the head tube is the headset.

The way in which you will perform different tricks on your scooter depends entirely on the headset of your scooter.

Talking about the best stunt scooters, they come with a sealed integrated headset that requires a fork that is wireless and also with a compression system.

This actually makes the scooter operation quite smooth.

What is a good height for a scooter?

The height of the scooter is strictly dependent on the height of the bars.

While it is a matter of personal preference, it is of great importance because failure to select the correct height to match your personal height will affect the overall handling of the scooter.

That is why it is extremely important that you choose the height that suits you perfectly and that you can ride the scooter with the greatest of ease.

What is a good weight for a scooter?

You should pay particular attention to the weight, namely the weight of the entire scooter.

The average freestyle scooter weighs between 3 and 5 pounds. Younger, smaller and novice riders may want to choose a scooter that is lighter and easier to maneuver.

Normally you want to perform different tricks and stunts on your scooter and that is only possible with ease and perfection when the operation of the scooter is perfect.

Imagine doing a double back flip on a scooter that is quite heavy, you certainly won't be able to do it like you can on a lightweight scooter, so it's very important that the scooters are lightweight.

In general, pros want the best possible scooter at the lowest possible weight.

Stunt scooter size chart

The stunt scooter height can make a big difference to how much fun you have while riding and so we recommend new scooter riders to follow this scooter size chart before making a purchase.

LengthAgeStunt scooter height
95-112cm3-5 jaarBelow 70cm
112-126cm5-7 jaar60-75cm
126-138cm7-9 jaar65-79cm
138-149cm9-11 jaar75-80cm
149-160cm11-13 jaar75-85cm
160-172cm13-15 jaar78-85cm
Above 172cm15+ years79 + cm

If you want a more personal recommendation, we recommend that you measure the distance from the ground to the person's hip height and the navel height, then find a scooter with a height somewhere between the hip and the navel.

Some experienced riders prefer scooters with a high setup, while others prefer a low setup.

It all depends on your style, taste and what you are used to. If in doubt about choosing the right size for you, remember that scooters bought from and Amazon can always be returned :)

What requirements must a stunt scooter always meet?

It is difficult to choose which scooter is best for a child.

Of course, it is also not easy to think like our child when we are looking for a scooter for him / her. 

Still, there are several things that help us to be more confident about which scooter is most suitable. 

Most important of all, of course, we think about which scooter is best in terms of age, whether the child is ready to ride, what kind of wheels are suitable for the child and the correct size of the wheels. 

We also need to consider what the purpose is when buying a scooter for the child.

For example, we may be looking for a stunt scooter that will give your child a good appearance and better confidence. 

Sometimes our goal is to develop our child's skills.

We may also want our kids to play outside more and use their energy to get out and about with their scooter. 

If the little one is learning to ride a bicycle, it is occasionally also beneficial to offer a scooter so that he / she can practice handling a two-wheeled vehicle. 

This way, the little one will also master cycling faster. This is a fairly common reason why parents look for a scooter for their child. 

Which scooter model is best? 

As we said, it is difficult to say which model is the best.

This is because some models are intended for children of a certain age and the scooters therefore meet these sizes. 

Nevertheless, we can take a look at different features and the quality of each model and compare them. 

From these five models we can summarize that the Slamm Classic has many qualities and at the same time has a reasonable price for what it has to offer. 

The Slamm Classic is suitable for children between 7 and 15 years old.

This scooter is made of sturdy materials such as its reinforced steel bar and extruded wireless front forks on the alloy core 88A HR V-Ten II wheels. 

The Slamm Classic has a fully integrated NECO headset and an IHC compression system that make this scooter suitable for great flexibility on rides where a lot of movement is required. 

At the same time, the Slamm Scooters brand is well known among scooters. This provides more reliability when purchasing this model. 

The scooter suitable for beginners is the Albott.

This scooter is made of heavy duty steel and high quality aluminum especially to provide better resistance and high durability. 

The Albott can take some bumps. 

This model is intended for children from 4 years, so the little one can get his / her first experience and let off steam. 

The scooter won't break easily while the little one rips back and forth and this is what makes this scooter ideal. 

The Razor S scooters are also a good choice if you are looking for a stunt scooter.

These models are available in all shapes and sizes and for all ages. 

The advantage of the Razor is that it is also very sturdy and weighs quite little.

This model is very flexible with high resistance and you can easily fold it and take it anywhere. 

Which scooter wheels are the best? 

All these scooters have wheels of different qualities. We have those made of plastic and those made of aluminum core. 

The Albot Pro has sturdy wire wheels that offer reasonably good resistance.

The Slamm Classic has alloy core 88A HR V-Ten II wheels that also offer reasonable quality. 

The MGP Kick Pro also has excellent wheels made from aluminum core and it includes chrome abec-7 high speed bearings. 

The combination of wheels and these bearings makes it possible to enjoy the ultimate experience, with effortless acceleration while riding this scooter. 

The Spark's wheels are also aluminum core and offer reasonable resistance as well. 

But if we are looking specifically for a scooter with the best wheels, we should go for the Dominator Scout. 

This scooter has special Eagle wheels of 10 cm with a nylon core. Eagle is the best known brand for making scooter wheels. 

We have to realize that the Dominator Trooper is made for children around the age of 6. 

If we are looking for a scooter for our child who is already over 10 then it is of course not a bad idea to go for the Slamm Classic which also offers wheels of irresistible qualities and are made of light metal.

Top 7 best stunt scooters reviewed

First, it is important to say that we are not necessarily saying that one particular scooter is much better than the rest as there are many different scooters that have unique features.

But there are a few scooters that have received a lot of positive response and become popular since they were released. We highlight these.

Here we will show a comparison of scooters including the:

  • Albott Pro
  • Slamm Classic V8
  • MGP Kick Pro
  • Dominator Trooper
  • Razor S Spark
  • Root Industries Invictus
  • Mongoose Rise

These are some of the most appreciated high quality scooters with us right now.

We will compare factors such as the:

  • price
  • quality
  • success of both the models and the brands
  • the age category for which the scooter is suitable
  • different variants of each brand and more

The choice remains yours as a buyer which scooter suits you best.

You will have to see for yourself which one suits you best and meets your personal taste, needs and the characteristics that you (or your son / daughter or other person for whom he is intended) prefer.

In this review we will compare the features of the above mentioned scooter scooters. Here we will list the characteristics of each scooter to compare them with each other and then explain in detail.

We cannot easily give preference to one model over another as the differences of these models are mainly related to age categories.

The sizes of these scooters are very varied. So we should take a look at the needs of the person buying the scooter.

For example, if you are on the road a lot, the Razor is a suitable model as they are specially made for easy folding and portable use.

If you are looking for a stunt scooter of a small size, then it is recommended to go for the MGP Kick Pro. The MGP Kick Pro is also ideal if you are looking for a lightweight scooter as it weighs only 3,3 kg.

The Albott pro offers high resistance and is a fairly durable model. This is one of the reasons why this scooter is quickly appreciated by many.

This model lasts a long time and is intended for nice cross-country riding, stunting and can take a beating.

It is best to decide for yourself what is best for your situation. In general, we recommend the Dominator Trooper for younger children and the Slamm Classic for children from the age of 7, 8 because of their price / quality ratio and features.

Below we will talk about these scooters in detail so that you can choose which one is the most suitable for your needs.

Best stunt scooter for 6 years: Dominator Trooper

Best stunt scooter for 6 years Dominator Trooper

(view more images)

  • The Dominator Trooper is a small scooter specially made for children around 6 years old with a length of approximately 110 cm
  • It has special Eagle wheels of 10 cm with a strong core
  • It includes a brand new two-piece bar design
  • It has been designed specifically to provide a smoother ride
  • This stunt scooter has a low profile that makes it more manageable
  • It has a threaded headset
  • The height of the Dominator Trooper is 75 cm
  • It weighs 3,5 kg
  • It has a threaded front fork

The Dominator Trooper stunt scooter is a fun model that is also suitable for beginners. This scooter is also ideal so that your little one can learn his very first tricks.

The model is ideal for children around 6 years old with a height of about 110 cm.

For example, the slightly older Dawson reviews the Trooper and gives it a fairly low mark because it is too small for him. The second video explains a bit more about the background of the brand by skate shop Scooters Canada.

The scooter consists of strong materials such as high-quality aluminum. It includes a brand new two-piece bar design. It also has a threaded front fork.

The scooter has special Eagle wheels of 10 cm with a strong core. Eagle is the best known brand for making scooter wheels.

The model is specially designed to provide a smoother ride. It is fast and can drive on different types of terrain with ease.

The Dominator Trooper is a low model that makes it more manageable. This is an advantage of this model. It has a threaded headstock.

The height of the Dominator Trooper scooter is 75 cm with a length of 49 cm and it weighs 3,5 kg.

The Dominator Trooper is made by the American brand Dominator Scooters. This brand has many different models that have also done very well in recent years.

We can see a lot of thought has gone into designing various scooters to suit different ages and levels of scooters, including models in different price ranges.

Conclusion of the Dominator Trooper

The positive thing about the Dominator Trooper Stunt Scooter is that it is suitable for children who start scooters. All parts of this scooter are well connected and it is likely that it will not break easily.

The advantage of the Dominator Trooper is that the wheels are of very high quality and yet it is the most affordable scooter.

This ensures an optimal and smooth ride, a perfect beginner's scooter and the best price / quality ratio.

Check the latest price here

Best stunt scooter from 8 years: Slamm Classic V8

Slamm Classic VII stunt scooter

(view more images)

  • It has an integrated NECO headset and an IHC compression system
  • The bar rotates 360 degrees for tricks
  • It has a reinforced steel bar with resistant ends and extruded wireless front forks
  • It has a reinforced steel BMX style handlebar
  • The Slamm Classic has dimensions with a height of 75,5 cm, the wheels have a diameter of 110 mm
  • It has a weight of 3,79 kg
  • Intended for children between 8 and 15 years old
  • It has a griptape

This scooter is designed for children between the ages of 8 and 15. Here you can see the Slamm in action:

The design gives this scooter a glitzy and professional look. And that for a reasonable price.

The model is equipped with a new fully integrated NECO headset and an IHC compression system making this scooter an indisputable option for steppers looking to take their skills to the next level.

The bar can turn 360 degrees for tricks.

It features a reinforced steel bar with resistant ends and extruded wireless front forks on the 88mm alloy core 110A HR V-Ten II wheels.

It has a sturdy reinforced steel BMX style handlebar. The Slamm Classic has a height of 75,5 cm and a weight of 3,79 kg.

The model is available in different colors and all models have a grip tape.

Slamm Classic is made by the English brand Slamm Scooters that has been working for many years to bring the best quality scooters to the market.

Slamm Scooters has been very successful in recent years with dozens of variants.

These scooters can be considered as the most competitive models we can come across.

Conclusion of the Slamm Classic

The positive features of the Slamm Classic are that the quality is very high for a not too high price.

You save quite a bit while the performance is no worse.

The fully integrated NECO headset and the IHC compression system make this scooter suitable for better flexibility while riding stunts where a lot of movement is required.

We think this Slamm Classic is by far the best for older children, or for yourself. You can buy it here.

Best cheap budget scooter: Albott Pro

Best cheap budget stunt scooter-Albott Pro 360

(view more images)

  • An improved strong rectangular frame construction
  • A handy removable and non-adjustable handlebar
  • It is made from aluminum and heavy duty steel for better resistance and durability
  • It has a light weight of only 3,8 kg
  • It has a foot brake on the rear wheel
  • Intended for children aged 4+ with a height from 105 cm
  • It has dimensions of 83 cm in height, a handlebar width of 44 cm and the footboard 33 x 10.5 cm
  • The Albott Pro is not collapsible
  • It has a griptape

This scooter is ideal for children over four years old with a length of approximately 105 cm.

The Albott Pro scooter is known for its high resistance.

This stunt scooter is made of aluminum and heavy steel especially for the highest resistance. At the same time, these materials make the scooter more durable.

It is designed to take punches without breaking quickly.

That's why it lasts a long time and this could be a factor why this scooter might be ideal for your child.

The Albott scooter is not foldable. The scooter has an improved strong rectangular frame construction.

It has comfortable rubber handles with ends that provide shock protection.

The triple bar clamp and the special design of the scooter make it super sturdy yet comfortable.

The scooter has a foot brake on the rear wheel, a grip tape on the footboard and two sturdy spoke wheels.

The weight is only 3,8 kg. This is not that heavy considering how many sturdy materials the scooter contains.

The handlebar is not adjustable, but it is easy to remove.

It has dimensions of 83 cm in height, a handlebar width of 44 cm and the footboard 33 x 10.5 cm.

Albott's conclusion

We are very positive about this model as it is perfect for little ones who have yet to master scooters.

It is very suitable for the little ones and is very sturdy and offers good resistance.

Check the latest prices here

Best scooter for beginners from 5 years old: Schildkröt Untwist

Best stunt scooter from 5 years-Schildkröt Untwist

(view more images)

  • This model is specially made with smaller dimensions ideal for smaller children who start scooters
  • This scooter has a wireless and sealed headset
  • It has a height of 73 cm
  • It is 10 cm wide and 50 cm long
  • It has a very light weight of 3,3 kg
  • It has an affordable price
  • It is made by a brand with a wide range of successful and quality scooters
  • The wheels are made with aluminum core and chrome abec-7 high speed bearings
  • It is intended for children from 5 years old
  • It has a griptape

This model is intended for children from 5 years old. The Schildkröt Untwist is a fundamental scooter. It has everything your little one needs to learn to scoot better.

The components are made of high quality aluminum and steel which ensures that you can enjoy this scooter because of its durability.

It is quite sturdy and can withstand heavy impact so that the little one can perform a lot of tricks.

It has a standard IHC compression system, easy to adjust and secure.

And more importantly, the HIC compression system makes it possible to perform stunts effortlessly and offers beginners and amateurs the chance to learn new skills and tricks.

Schildkröt - the scooter brand - is popular for its large combination of different spectacular scooter colors. The Untwist is no exception.

It is available in a selection of different color combinations. It has beautiful models that will quickly attract positive attention.

The wheels are made of aluminum core and chrome abec-7 high speed bearings.

The combination of wheels and bearings makes it possible to enjoy the ultimate experience, with effortless acceleration as we drive.

The scooter also includes an anti-slip grip tape.

The Untwist has a wireless and sealed headset. The height of the model is 73 cm, with a width of 10 cm and 50 cm in length.

The big advantage is that the Kick Pro has a very light weight of only 3,3 kg. The price is not too high and yet this has no influence on the quality of the scooter.

The brand has been very successful with several models previously released on the market. This means that the model is sufficiently reliable.

This brand was founded in 2002 and has since released many types of scooters for children of different ages.

We can see that this brand has done well internationally as we can come across these models all over the world.

Conclusion of the Untwist

The positive thing about the Schildkröt Untwist is that it is ideal for children who do not yet have much experience with scooters. It is resistant but at the same time it is very light.

It is a beautiful model that gives a good appearance. It has an affordable price and it is the entry-level model of a well-known brand.

Check the latest prices here

Best girls scooter pink: Razor S Spark

Best girls stunt scooter pink-Razor S Spark

(view more images)

  • Available in many colors, including a pink girl version
  • It has wheels and a plastic core
  • It has a fixed aluminum rod
  • It has an integrated aluminum deck
  • It contains a metal ball head with ball bearings
  • It has BMX pro handles
  • The Razor is easily foldable
  • This model is available in different sizes and for children of different ages, so there are scooters for from 4 years, 5 years, 7 years, 8 years

The Spark is a stunt scooter brand that is available in different models and sizes.

There are models that are intended for beginners and for older children who have already mastered scooters.

These stunt scooters are available for children from:

  • 4 years
  • from 5 years
  • 6 years and
  • from 8 years, etc.
  • There are also variants that are suitable for both children and adults thanks to wheels with a diameter of no less than 19,5 cm.

Here is an impression of this pink stunt scooter for girls:

The Razor stunt scooters are made with a plastic core. It has strong wheels made of aluminum core. The rod is made with solid aluminum.

These models have an integrated aluminum deck. It also includes a metal ball head with ball bearings.

Most models have BMX pro style grips.

Most Razor stunt scooters have a brake on the rear wheel. They are very lightweight. One variant, the Spark weighs only 2,7 kg.

This makes the model possibly the lightest scooter we can come across. Other models are heavier because they are larger.

We can see that the Razor S brand does its utmost to build the most modern and high-quality scooters every year.

Many variants have fared well in the market, that is, these models are reliable.

Best girls stunt scooter pink JD bug

(view more images)

Razor S Spark conclusion

The positive thing about this scooter is that there are different models in different sizes available for all ages. As well as for children and adults.

The brand is very reliable as this brand has managed to score many positive reactions with many different models.

Some variants have an extremely low weight.

These scooters are very easy to fold and very flexible to take them anywhere and store them when we are not using them.

That makes them a more flexible choice than the other brands above.

View the Razor here

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Best Professional Stunt Scooter for Adults: Root Industries Invictus

Best Professional Stunt Scooter for Adults-Root Industries Invictus

(view more images)

The highest rated stunt scooter brand.

If you want to learn new tricks, you should definitely go for this scooter, the Root Industries Invictus Scooter.

The speed it has due to the Invictus Metal Core 120mm wheels is unmatched.

You don't want your scooter to break apart after 3 months of use and you can be sure with this product that it has a durable construction that lasts longer.

The newly designed Invictus bars give it the power and style you always wanted from your scooter.

This Root Industries model and other scooters are a hot topic of discussion these days among most kids (and adults) who would love to go pro.

What stands out about these scooters is that they are not only popular with children but also teenagers and adults, making this product of great value for the serious extreme athlete as it grows well and lasts a long time.

There was a time when kids only had their bikes available for short distances and a bit of fun, but now the trend has really changed and that's because of the introduction of these rides.

The Root Industries scooter is one of the best pro stunt scooters available in the market today.


  • The wheels of this Invictus scooter are 120mm metal core wheels to give this product the speed you need.
  • The way this brand of toys is built and manufactured is very reliable, making it a durable product
  • This product is available in 5 different colors.

The Invictus scooter is arguably one of the best scooters available on the market today.

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Best budget scooter for 10 years: Mongoose Rise

For the novice stepper of 10 years

Best Budget scooter for 10 years Mongoose Rise

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  • Height: 77 cm
  • Material: aluminum
  • Wheels: PU
  • Diameter of the wheels: 100 mm
  • Bearings: ABEC 7
  • Handles: rubber
  • Width of the handlebar: 43,5 cm
  • Size of the platform: 48 x 10 cm
  • Weight: 3,8 kg
  • Maximum user weight: 80 kg

If your child starts scooters at a later age, at about 9 or 10 years old, you may not want to spend too much on a scooter (or if he or she often breaks them and you are fed up with it 100 + euros to be spent).

Unfortunately there are too few options on the market because most cheap scooter brands are aimed at the younger children.

Fortunately, there is this Mongoose Rise, from a brand that makes many scooters in the mobility market and has now also set its sights on the stunt scooter market.

You therefore know that the Rise is also a sturdy scooter, and it can handle up to 80 kilos, which makes it extremely suitable in this age category.

It is sturdy but light enough for fun tricks due to the aluminum used and your child will certainly be able to benefit from learning his tricks for a while.

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Frequently asked questions about stunt scooters

What is the most expensive scooter in the world?

The most expensive scooter in the world is currently the NKD Extreme. All NKD scooters are SUPER lightweight while remaining durable and a sleek appearance. From years of testing at skate parks worldwide and in the streets all over the world, they have made one of the best pro stunt scooters in the world for over € 400.

From what age is a scooter suitable?

Normally, a child who can already walk stably can also ride a scooter from 2 to 3 years old. To start with a stunt scooter is recommended from 5 years.

How do you learn your first scooter tricks?

The best way to learn how to handle your scooter is to do, do, do. And to look at what others are doing. Go to the skate park and see what others are doing, try to copy them and develop your own tricks and style as well. And this good video here will help you on your way:

Other tips for gadgets and accessories to make your child happy

Are you looking for something different for your child outside of a scooter?

Or are you not sure whether you want to buy a scooter for the little one and are you looking for a gift or a nice means of transport?

Scooters are of course a suitable choice especially for smaller children if they are not on a hoverboardbecause they do not yet have the appropriate height.

Hoverboards are also fun means of transportation that can easily transport us from one place to another.

It is a board with wheels on which we can stand and move in all directions depending on our movements.

Hoverboards are used for both important and recreational purposes. For example, some use it for work.

These small means of transport are becoming more and more popular and it is a suitable gift for children of different ages over 8 years old.

Another gift that will make many children happy is the popular children's tablet.

children Tablets have been known for several years as the ideal gift for children. Also read about buying a child's tablet with afterpay.

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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