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Gymnastics: Why it's a great sport for kids

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Equipment gymnastics or gymnastics for short is an individual sport that is performed with the aid of equipment. It is part of the Olympic Games, and originated in the so-called German school from the 19th century. Gymnastics is part of gymnastics.

Why is gymnastics so much fun for kids

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What is Gymnastics?

Gymnastics is a sport that allows your child to do a lot of different exercises. It is not a team sport, so your child does it alone. But he or she does train together with other children. Boys and girls both do gymnastics, but the exercises they do differ.

Girls Gymnastics

Girls train and compete on the following four apparatus:

  • The bridge with uneven girders
  • The jump (on a cupboard or pegasus)
  • The floor
  • The balance beam

Boys Gymnastics

Boys train and compete on five devices:

  • The bridge with equal girders
  • The jump
  • The floor
  • The Rings
  • The rack

Do boys and girls do gymnastics together?

In the beginning, girls and boys will train together. Later they will train separately on the different parts. Your child does different exercises on each device, such as swings or jumps. Some children use magnesium on their hands for better grip. This is a white chalky powder. Or they use leathers. Your child learns to make all kinds of different movements, where the right technique is very important. Practice until the jump or swing is executed perfectly.

How your little one can start gymnastics

From 1,5 years old

Little ones from the age of 1,5 can already participate in parent-and-child gym classes at many gym and gymnastics associations. Here they playfully learn to know their own body and push their limits. They learn basic movements such as balancing, crawling, rolling, turning, frolicking, swinging, jumping, climbing and scrambling.

From 6 years old

From the age of 6, your child can do gymnastics and start with exercises on the equipment. Your child will learn how to get off the machine, how to do a cartwheel, how to roll and turn and how to jump. In addition, their posture and expression are practiced during and after the exercises.

Become older

The older your child gets, the more serious the workouts become. Children train together with other children of the same level. This allows each child to grow at their own pace. If your child is in class longer, he can participate in gymnastics performances and competitions. Then you have to buy a leotard from the association.

The right equipment for gymnastics

The right shoes

Gymnastics is a great sport, but if you don't wear the right shoes, it can turn into a disaster! If your children are gymnastics, it is important that they wear gymnastics shoes. Not only to stay hygienic, but also to get a better grip.

Gym shorts

Although it is not mandatory, it is often nice for your children to wear leotards over their leotard. It's an extra layer of fabric that keeps them warm and comfortable during workouts.


Although wearing a leotard during classes is desirable, it is not mandatory. However, it is mandatory to wear gymnastics clothing during competitions.


Your child will probably get thirsty from all that running, so always bring a water bottle with you so he can drink during or after the game.

Sports bag

A sports bag is useful for carrying extra clothes, shoes, a towel, a water bottle and a snack for after training or competition.

So if your kids do gymnastics, don't forget to bring the right shoes, gymnastics shorts, a leotard, a water bottle and a sports bag!

Benefits of gymnastics for children

Physical benefits

Gymnastics is a great way to provide your kids with the following physical benefits:

  • Swinging power up: by converting speed into power.
  • Improved perseverance: exercises must be repeated often before they go well.
  • More agility and flexibility: due to the many different movements.
  • No competitive urge: gymnastics is not a team sport.
  • Improved physical and mental skills: due to the many challenges.
  • Better condition: through swinging, jumping, running and exercises.
  • Longer and flexible muscles: by training different muscle groups.
  • Improved stamina: through lots of practice.
  • Taking on new challenges: through the many different exercises.
  • Improved motor skills and coordination: by moving arms and legs simultaneously or separately.
  • Better balance: through the exercises on different devices.
  • A good way to lose energy: through gymnastics.

Mental benefits

Gymnastics also offers a number of mental benefits, such as:

  • Improved self-confidence: by taking on new challenges and persevering.
  • Improved concentration: by following the exercises attentively.
  • Improved discipline: through regular practice.
  • Improved social skills: by working with other children.

The other side of gymnastics: disadvantages

Gymnastics is a great sport for kids, but it's important to know that it also has some drawbacks. Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of gymnastics:


  • In the beginning, the risk of injuries is greater, because your child has not yet mastered the technique properly
  • Gymnastics is not a team sport, so your child learns to play and work together in a different way
  • It can be physically tough and your child has to put in a relatively long time to get better

How much does it cost to turn?

The cost of gymnastics

Gymnastics is a fun and challenging sport for children, but what are the costs? The contribution for gymnastics can differ per association, but is usually between € 100 and € 220 per year. Sometimes you also pay a one-off registration fee and a contribution for membership at the gymnastics association. Check the website of the association in your area for the current costs.

Trial lessons

Not sure if gymnastics is right for your child? Then schedule a free trial lesson at an association. This way, children can watch a lesson or participate themselves. An accessible way to find out whether gymnastics suits your child and whether he enjoys it.

Youth Fund Sport & Culture

Families with too little money can still practice a sport with the help of the Youth Fund Sport & Culture. The contribution and any other necessities such as clothing are often paid by the fund for these children. Check the website of the Youth Fund Sport & Culture for more information about the rules in your municipality. The neighborhood sports coach or a school teacher can make an application for your child.

Why is gymnastics so much fun?

Strength, courage and agility

Gymnastics is a sport that requires much more than just strength. You also need courage to perform your exercises gracefully. And if you are also flexible, you can perform a wonderful exercise. Sometimes it takes a lot of perseverance and training, but when you do what you like and are good at, it gives you enormous satisfaction. You can always learn more difficult things and challenge yourself.

The moment the music starts

The most beautiful, but also the most exciting moment is when the whole hall goes silent when the music starts. When you are self focused and concentrated ready to start the square floor exercise. And when you do those difficult elements that you have trained so hard for perfectly, it gives a fantastic feeling of excitement and joy.

Practice together at your own level

Gymnastics is an individual sport. But what makes the training so much fun is that you can practice together on a device or on a part, but each at your own level. In gymnastics you sometimes have to practice endlessly on a certain technique or element, but once you have mastered it, it is a huge kick! And what could be more fun to share that with your fellow gymnasts!


Is gymnastics fun for kids? Gymnastics is a fantastic sport for children. It is a team sport, so your child can train with other children.

It is suitable for children from 1,5 years old, where they can train with you. From the age of 6 your child can do gymnastics and learn how to get off the apparatus, how to do a cartwheel, how to roll and turn and how to jump.

As your child gets older, the workouts get more serious. Having fun together is always paramount. Children train together with other children of the same level. This way they can grow at their own pace.

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

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