Best Toy Planes Reviewed: Check Out These Top 14

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  December 19, 2020

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Ready for take-off!

With the LEGO planes you will experience the most exciting adventures high in the sky.

LEGO has developed various construction planes, which are not only very popular among small children, but also among the older boys and girls.

Children can play for hours with LEGO products. Good for parents, but also good for children because LEGO is not just a toy.

Lego creator twinblade adventure plane

LEGO toys are aimed at the development of small children. Development in areas such as motor skills or to develop role plays.

And if you have slightly younger children, you will also find the best Duplo planes later in this article.

Also, building LEGO planes or other LEGO products teaches a child to focus on a task that requires a certain sequence of steps.

Toy reviews & comparisons video

Logical thinking and perseverance are taught in a playful way.

Sometimes a little effort has to be put into a task, but then you really have something great!

Which LEGO plane do we love the most and is our ultimate number one?

That is LEGO City Airport Cargo Plane and we have our reasons for this. 

This set consists of no less than 157 building blocks and is very affordable in terms of price. The pack also includes XNUMX minifigures and an airport service car.

A very complete package that can be enjoyed for a long time!

Here's a quick-play video of how it's put together:

The wonderful item that we place on number two is LEGO Creator Twinblade Adventures.  

This set consists of 216 (!) LEGO pieces and is almost half cheaper than the number one.

A somewhat more complicated kit than the number one and does not include characters or other accessories.

Nevertheless, a nice package to build together and experience flying adventures.

Great to combine with these beautiful LEGO airports which I previously reviewed for additional fantasy play.

LEGO offers various aircraft or airplane packages.

Depending on what you are looking for exactly, the price range and the age of the child, there are several good options available.

LEGO likes to take different budgets into account, so that these types of toys are available to everyone.

I have divided the packages into planes from LEGO for the slightly older children and planes from DULPO for the slightly younger.

We have put the LEGO planes next to each other and put together these top 5 for you:

LEGO Airplane packages


Cutest Lego city plane: Airport Cargo Plane 60101
Best Lego city plane: Airport Cargo Plane 60101

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Cutest Realistic Airplane: LEGO Creator Twinblade Adventures 31020
Lego creator twinblade adventure plane

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Best LEGO Star Wars plane: X-wing star fighter 75218
Best LEGO Star Wars plane: X-wing starfighter 75218

(view more images)

Cutest superhero plane: LEGO Batman Movie the Batwing 70916
Cutest superhero plane: LEGO Batman Movie the Batwing 70916

(view more images)

Cutest cheap LEGO plane: LEGO City Sky Police plane patrol 60206Best cheap LEGO plane: LEGO City Sky Police plane patrol 60206

(view more images)

Most fun air race: LEGO City Racing Plane 60144
Best air race: LEGO City Racing Plane 60144

(view more images)

Best flying show: LEGO City Aviation Show 60103
Best flying show: LEGO City Aviation Show 60103

(view more images)

Best airport addition: LEGO City Airport Starter Set 60100

Best airport addition: LEGO City Airport Starter Set 60100

(view more images) Best LEGO Airport: LEGO City Grand Airport 7894

lego city major airport 7894

(view more images) Best celebrity package: LEGO City Airport VIP Service 60102

Best celebrity package: LEGO City Airport VIP Service 60102

(view more images) Best for older kids: LEGO Technic Airport Fire Vehicle

Best for older kids: LEGO Technic Airport Fire Vehicle

(view more images) Best Duplo airport: Town Airport 10871

Best Duplo airport: Town Airport 10871
(view more images)

Best for the little ones: LEGO Duplo My First Plane 10849

Best for the little ones: LEGO Duplo My first plane 10849
(view more images)

Nicest Duplo plane mechanic: Town Propellor Airplane 10908

Cutest Duplo plane mechanic: Town Propeller Plane 10908
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Best LEGO airplane packages reviewed

Best Lego City plane: Airport Cargo Plane 60101

Best to combine with LEGO City: The plane has an opening rear hatch for loading and delivery, large engines and accessible cockpit, plus a car with airport services.

Includes a pilot and an airport worker as minifigures.

Best Lego city plane: Airport Cargo Plane 60101

As mentioned above, we prefer the LEGO City Airport Cargo Plane.

Why this product in particular? The package contains no less than 157 building blocks, so you will be busy for a while building the aircraft.

The toy is intended for children between 5 and 12 years old and is therefore not suitable for younger children. This package is too complicated and detailed for that.

The building kit is part of the 'City' series of LEGO (you can read more about the different series / themes of LEGO below), and is compatible with all LEGO building sets.

Various scenarios and role plays can be simulated with this airplane package. The pack includes a pilot and an airport worker as characters.

Use your creativity and help both characters deliver important packages!

You can use the service vehicle to transport the packages, and the hand truck is useful for loading the packages onto the vehicle.

In this way, the packages can be transported to the plane, and then travel to the correct destination. Another satisfied customer!

Check prices and availability of the cargo plane here

Cutest realistic plane: LEGO Creator Twinblade Adventures 31020

Aircraft with spinning engines, large spinning rotor blades, double tail fin, engine exhaust, cargo area and ramp.

Lego creator twinblade adventure plane

Our number two is the LEGO Creator Twinblade Adventures. This package contains a lot more parts than our number one, namely 216 building blocks.

This Twinblade plane is revolutionary!

The engine is large and detailed with pipes and cylinders, a large propeller and landing gear.

Shoot through the air with this mega fast Twinblade! If you turn the rotor blades you can move vertically upwards just like a helicopter.

Then turn the engines 90 degrees and fly straight ahead like an airplane, while the dual tail fin ensures stable flight.

Because this aircraft has striking colors, namely red, white, blue and yellow, the Twinblade is easy to recognize in the air.

The great thing about this product is that it can be converted into three different items.

Besides the Twinblade, the building blocks can also be used to build a jet plane or a powerful helicopter!

So you only buy one package but get three buildable products in return.

Ideal as a birthday present for a child who loves construction and creativity.

Check the latest prices here

Best LEGO Star Wars plane: X-wing starfighter 75218

Best LEGO Star Wars plane: X-wing starfighter 75218

For kids (or parents) who love Star Wars: Rebel X-Wing Starfighter to be built with lever-activated wings and retractable landing gear.

Includes Luke Skywalker and Biggs Darklighter pilot miniature figures, plus R2-D2 and r2-q2 Droids. Contains 731 building blocks.

Check prices and availability here

Cutest superhero plane: LEGO Batman Movie the Batwing 70916

Cutest superhero plane: LEGO Batman Movie the Batwing 70916

(view more images)

For superhero fanatics: With this pack you can build Batman's jet with multi-mode wings, a secret mini car and disc shooters.

Features Batman, Robin and Harley Quinn minifigures with buildable rapid-fire cannon and a hammer.

Lego batwing superhero plane

This set, LEGO Batman Movie the Batwing, consists of 1053 building blocks, and is intended for children between 9 and 14 years old.

With the Batwing you can send Batman and Robin to fight against Harley Quinn.

The Batwing has some nice details, such as adjustable wings, disc shooters, on-board weapons and the set also comes with Batman's car and other accessories recognizable from the Batman movie.

Check the latest prices here

Best cheap LEGO plane: LEGO City Sky Police plane patrol 60206

Best cheap LEGO plane: LEGO City Sky Police plane patrol 60206

(view more images)

Best for a Fantasy Story: Build a Sky Police jet plane with open cockpit.

The plane has a rotating searchlight and a special 'Starter Brick' base to quickly build and play your child in a world of everyday heroes.

Includes 2 minifigures: a crook and a Sky Police officer.

LEGO City Sky Police

Both products are from the 'City' series from LEGO and therefore fit perfectly with the LEGO City Airport Cargo Plane package.

The LEGO City Sky Police plane patrol package is a simple yet fun building kit for children from the age of four.

The package functions as a kind of starter package for children, and contains 54 LEGO blocks to build with.

With the pilot and the plane and the crook and the safe, exciting stories can be played out.

Check the latest prices here

Best air race: LEGO City Racing Plane 60144

Best air race: LEGO City Racing Plane 60144

(view more images)

This is a very nice package that every child will be happy with. Are you looking for a construction set that combines perfectly with this LEGO airport?

In that case, matching articles are available such as:

The LEGO Racing Plane, the second pack that can really function to expand the Cargo Plane, costs only € 21, consists of 89 parts and includes one minifigure.

If you have a real aircraft enthusiast child, a combination of these two or three packages is ideal, where you of course can start with one and gradually expand the collection.

Check prices and availability here

Top 5 DUPLO planes

Little boys or girls will be entertained for hours on end with the LEGO DUPLO planes.

The planes are easy to build, which makes it attract and hold children's attention.

The LEGO DUPLO bricks are specially designed for little hands, and at the same time are big and safe enough so that children cannot put them in their mouths.

Through role play, these types of LEGO toys stimulate children's development as well as their creativity and imagination.

There are several possibilities of LEGO DUPLO if you would like to purchase an airplane or something related to airplanes.

We will list you, in our opinion, excellent options for this type of product, naturally taking into account different budgets.

Best Duplo airport: Town Airport 10871

Baggage belt and suitcase, boarding gate, air traffic control tower, pilot, father and son. Consists of 29 pieces, suitable for 2-5 years.

The number one we have chosen for you, the LEGO DUPLO Airport, is a great package for the small, real airplane enthusiasts.

The package comes with many cheerful accessories and contains all the things that are indispensable at an airport.

With the construction kit, real-life scenarios can be reenacted, and the package offers a recognizable world.

With the dolls and pilot your little toddler can simulate a real flight.

Help the pilot get all the passengers on board the plane, then fly high into the sky and take them to their destination!

In this way, a toddler learns what is going on at an airport.

This is a fantastic package if, for example, you have your first flying holiday with a little one ahead and you want to prepare him or her a bit for a perhaps somewhat exciting first real flight.

Best Duplo airport: Town Airport 10871

(view more images)

The package is intended for children from about two to five years old and contains about 29 LEGO building blocks. Children will enjoy this for years to come.

Why do we put this package at number one?

With the LEGO DUPLO Airport building set you can build an entire airport and the package comes with all the details that you will also find on a real airport.

Just think of a baggage belt, a suitcase, a boarding gate and even a rotating air traffic control tower. You can also assemble the plane yourself.

In this video you can see exactly what is included:

The LEGO blocks have very cheerful colors, as we are used to from DUPLO and by means of the characters (a pilot, a father and a son) funny stories can be played out.

Take father and son to the boarding gate and make sure that they both unload their suitcases after the flight. Every vacation starts and ends at the airport!

Check the latest prices here

Best for the little ones: LEGO Duplo My first plane 10849

Airplane to be built with spinning propeller, a double-sided LEGO brick decorated with characters such as a story starter.

Best for the little ones: LEGO Duplo My first plane 10849

Set can also be converted into a boat or helicopter. Contains 10 pieces and suitable for 18 months to 3 years.

Check availability here

Cutest Duplo plane mechanic: Town Propeller Plane 10908

duplo small plane

A cute red airplane with propeller and pilot.

The pilot can use the wrench and oil can to tinker and repair the aircraft in his workshop.

Cutest Duplo plane mechanic: Town Propeller Plane 10908

(view more images)

Consists of 12 parts and suitable for 2-5 Year. Very nice as a small gift!

Check prices and availability here

LEGO contributes to the development

Unfortunately, in this digital age, it is sometimes no longer self-evident that children are involved with non-digital toys.

Children sit up from an early age computers and tablets and less often, children are encouraged to romp outside or play with toys such as those from LEGO DUPLO.

A pity, because LEGO offers so many play and development possibilities for a child!

In addition, in our opinion it is not healthy to constantly place a child behind a screen and let it play digital games.

Real-life games are also important, so that you can play together with dolls, offered and airplanes.

That mom and dad, or brother or sister can also act out stories with the toddler, so that a child learns to play interactively and can develop in the best way into a happy, healthy and eager to learn child.

Looking for something to transport with the planes? Maybe a few of these fun Safari animals

Role-playing stimulates children's imaginations and creativity

LEGO DUPLO simulates the imagination and creativity of small children.

In addition to the fact that the children enjoy the LEGO DUPLO products and packages, playing with these products is also an important part of the development of children.

Just think of role-playing and coming up with stories or scenes, putting together an airplane in this case, while also promoting motor skills.

LEGO DUPLO will keep kids entertained and amused for hours. A very welcome gift for any toddler.

Playing with real world vehicles is always a favorite among almost all kids, from airplanes like these, to cars and all also Duplo trains.

Looking for something more constructive? Look at the best LEGO airports

Disney Plans

Disney's Planes is a 3 American 2013D computer-animated comedy film published by Walt Disney Pictures. Dusty Crophopper, the main character from the movie Planes, is an airplane working in a corn field.

In his spare time he likes to perform acrobatic maneuvers and his big dream is to become a racer.

However, his boss, Leadbottom, and his friend Dottie don't believe in his dream. But luckily he gets all the support from his other friend Chug.

Dusty trains with him for an upcoming race.

Dusty also asks help from a veteran plane named Skipper Riley (see package in our top 5 above: LEGO DUPLO Skippers Flying School), to teach him to fly, but unfortunately Skipper refuses.

However, Dusty is a go-getter and will not let his dream be shattered by the characters around him, so he decides to participate in the qualifiers.

He amazes the audience with his beautiful maneuvers.

The story has some thrilling twists and turns that make it seem like he will never make it to the race.

In the end Dusty manages to win the race, a big victory!

LEGO DUPLO and Disney

LEGO DUPLO has been smart about partnering with Disney.

Disney is of course the term for children when it comes to toys, fairytales, (cartoon) films and so on.

And of course Disney has a lot of characters that children can identify with, or that they would like to collect.

Several princess collections from LEGO DUPLO Disney are available for the girls, such as Cinderella's castle, Rapunzel's tower, or Snow White's cottage.

There are also LEGO building kits for sale of Mickey or Minnie, the characters from Cars and other special Disney characters.

So children have an enormous choice and can continue to supplement their LEGO collections with the various Disney characters and building kits.

The best thing about LEGO is of course that all pieces always fit together.

Planes is a fun Disney story with a nice message: wherever you come from, whatever you look like: never give up on your dreams because if you keep going for it you will achieve what you want!

Not finished learning to build yet? also watch the best construction toys

LEGO: development-oriented and attractive toys

LEGO is known for its beautiful toys, which promote the development of all children and offer unlimited play options.

As you can see, when it comes to toy airplanes, there are so many options for children.

Airplanes that are easy to assemble with fun minifigures or more complicated planes that take some time and attention to be built.

For younger or slightly older children: LEGO offers options for many ages and for both boys and girls.

In addition, all LEGO products are provided with particularly fun and realistic details and accessories, so that a link with reality is established, and children can act out various stories or scenes.

Children are creatively challenged and will not get tired of LEGO toys.

If at some point children are ready for something new, which is also normal, there are always packages that you can buy that form a nice combination with previously purchased toys from LEGO.

LEGO series


LEGO has developed dozens of series or themes, each with its own characteristics.

For example, there is the LEGO City series, which we have already discussed above, in which city life is central.

With the products from LEGO City you can create realistic buildings, assemble trains, build a hospital, build an airport (see above) and so on.

With this series your son or daughter can get acquainted with the busy life of a city and what amenities a city does not need to satisfy its inhabitants.

Or they can of course combine it with their Disney favorites from LEGO Cars.

Another example from this series is the LEGO City Police Station.

This is a very large package, and consists of no less than 894 parts and seven minifigures!

The police station consists of three floors, a cell with exploding walls and a watchtower.

In addition, the pack also includes a helicopter, police car, police motorcycle and a truck (more nice variants here) who transports thieves.

Very realistically designed and recognizable for children.

LEGO DC - Batman

Another example of an exciting and recognizable LEGO theme is the Batman series.

This theme belongs to the LEGO DC series and is for the kids who love superheroes like Batman.

LEGO DC is a series that includes a universe of characters including Wonder Woman, Superman, the Joker, and of course Batman.

The superheroes of LEGO DC are a collection of the most wonderful stories on earth.

The sets come complete, so including heroes and villains and all kinds of super powers, incredible vehicles and amazing gadgets that come with each character.

Superheroes are just as common as all of us, only they have that little bit extra. If you want to be a real superhero, you have to have certain qualities.

Just think of bravery, being able to think quickly, resourcefulness and of course you shouldn't be easily scared.

It requires strength and courage and the ability to give hope to others. Learn to become a superhero with DC series from LEGO!


LEGO has another interesting theme, namely the Star Wars series.

Also a very familiar theme among most children, and of course adults too. Star Wars is for all ages!

The products in this series offer a universe of rich stories that, in addition to creative building, also stimulates interesting role play.

The Star Wars theme has been specially developed for children who love adventure and martial arts.

Find all your favorite characters from this series, such as Darthvader, Luke Skywalker, or maybe Han Solo, and let the mighty Luke Skywalker fight against the Empire!

Creator 3-in-1

The LEGO Creator 3-in-1 sets offer, as the name suggests, sets where three different items can be built.

The products from this series consist of detailed vehicles (such as planes and cars) or colored buildings and special creatures.

These types of packs are fun for children of all ages, allowing them to immerse themselves in a world of creativity and keep them amused for hours.

Even for mum and dad it is nice to help with this kind of construction kits, because they require some thinking and time.

It also stimulates real teamwork and can offer a pleasant afternoon of building with the whole family.

In the case of the Twinblade that was highlighted above, in addition to the Twinblade plane, the package can also be transformed into two other products, namely a jet plane or helicopter.

Another example from this series is the LEGO Creator Adventures in the Wild.

The car, in this case an off-roader, can be converted into a wilderness camping site with a boat or a hoist helicopter.

So again a lot of and diverse fun with the purchase of just one LEGO package. 3-in-1 packages ensure that children will enjoy playing for a long time and will never get bored with these toys.


With these packages you create endless fun, for a boy who loves challenges and loves planes and cars.

A better combination of packages is really not possible for the real LEGO enthusiast!

Joost Nusselder, the founder of is a content marketer, father and loves trying out new toys. As a child, he came into contact with everything around games when his mother started the Tin Soldier in Ede. Since 2016, he and his team have been creating helpful blog articles to help loyal readers with fun play ideas.