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Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

Ordering toys online is very useful, especially in these times when physical shopping is no longer as easy as it used to be.

From your easy chair you can scroll through the endless products and save your favorite products. You can order wherever and whenever you want!

Buying toys in a physical store is also often a major challenge for parents and their children.

Best Toy Stores Free Shipping

Your kids will probably want to try out all the toys, so you will soon be spending a lot more time in the store than you actually intended.

Children receive a lot of impressions; making a good choice will be very difficult.

That is also why it is useful if you and your child can see all products via the computer or telephone and can make a choice at your leisure.

Are you looking for a toy gift, but don't have time to go to the store? Then you probably choose to order something online.

The only disadvantage of online shopping compared to physical shopping is that it often involves shipping costs. However, there are various websites where you can order toys that are delivered for free!

Curious which they are? Then read on!

I have them here in a handy overview, then I will go into more detail about the shipping costs, conditions and minimum order amounts for each of them:

Toy store Logo
Most complete offer: the store of all of us

(view the offer)

Strongest in children's clothing and good range: Wehkamp Wehkamp toys

(view the offer)

Comeback: V&D V&D logo

(view the offer)

Everything for baby and more: Prenatal Prenatal everything for baby and more

(view the offer)

Own cheap products and many providers: Block Blocker logo

(view the offer)

Unique assortment: I am so beautiful ibenzomooi logo

(view the offer)

Cheapest toy products: wohi wohi toys

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Best games store: Game rich games kingdom games store

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Free shipping in Wommels: The Big Toy Shop the cave toy store logo

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From toddler to toddler activity book collection

Educational games and coloring pages for 3 to 6 years

Your toddler and preschooler will love this e-book, along with the accompanying printables. He or she can play with it at every stage of development, together with mom and dad.

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9 best toy stores free shipping

Most complete offer:, who doesn't know this favorite webshop! has been one of the most popular online stores in the Netherlands and Belgium for years. In addition, they are also very customer-friendly and have a lot of influence on social media.

the store of all of us

(view the offer)

Furthermore, is happy to contribute to overcoming social and sustainability challenges. not only sells products from its own range, it also offers individuals the opportunity to expand the range with second-hand products, such as books and Blu-rays.

Other retailers can also offer their articles via This way everyone can choose from an even wider range. offers free shipping from 20 euros and standard via Select.

Select is a package that costs only € 9,99 per year and offers the following benefits: free delivery (within 2 hours and also in the evenings and weekends!), Extra benefits, and free return collection.

View the toy range here

Strongest in children's clothing and good range: Wehkamp

Wehkamp has been around for 65 years and is focused on personal convenience for its customers. At Wehkamp they also find a diverse range important and their customer service is of high quality.

Wehkamp toys

(view the offer)

Wehkamp can be seen as one of the largest online department stores in the Netherlands, with an enormous number of products and brands in the field of fashion and living.

Wehkamp also has a nice and wide range of toys. Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular, but the shipping costs are often a disadvantage.

Fortunately, shipping via above 20 euros is free! So if you have found nice toys above this price, your package will be delivered to your home at no extra cost.

View the range of toys here

Back from the road: V&D

V&D is a shop for young and old, but also for athletes, animal lovers and parents looking for fun toys for their children.

V&D has a wide range and with an order from 20 euros, delivery is completely free.

V&D logo

(view the offer)

Have you found a nice toy product that costs under 20 euros? Then you only pay € 3,95 in shipping costs.

In addition, you have 14 days to return your products (almost always free!) If it is not entirely satisfactory.

As soon as they have received the products back, you will receive your money back. Another advantage of buying toys or other products from V&D is that you also get the chance to pay afterwards.

View all toys here

Everything for baby and more: Prénatal

Prénatal is a shop where you can find absolutely everything you and your child need. The company was founded in 1959 and is today the largest store for mom and kids stuff.

Prenatal everything for baby and more

(view the offer)

From trendy children's clothes to safe car seats: Prénatal has it all. They want to help you make (future) parenting a bit easier, but also a lot of fun!

They aim for 100% customer satisfaction and are available 24/7.

Have you found beautiful toys on this website with a price above 30 euros? Then the shipping costs are completely free! However, if you do not reach that amount, the shipping costs are only € 4,95.

View everything in the toy department here

Own cheap products and many providers: Blokker

Blokker makes free deliveries above 40 euros. For a standard package you pay € 40, under 5,95 euros, € 14,95 for a larger package and € 29,95 for even larger packages.

Blocker logo

(view the offer)

Blokker has a very fast search function, so you can order the best toys (or of course something else) easily and quickly.

If you have previously searched for a product, the products that are related to your search wish will immediately appear while retyping.

In addition, it is useful that the Blokker website also works well via the mobile phone. Blokker offers secure payment afterwards as well as various other payment methods.

View the toys section here

Unique range: Ikbenzomooi

This nice webshop was founded in 2010 and has since become very successful. The site contains various products for babies, children and mothers.

ibenzomooi logo

(view the offer)

They have a wide range and new articles are added on a weekly basis.

The webshop promises fast delivery if you order before 16.00:28,00 pm: the products are shipped the same working day! When you buy something from € XNUMX your products will be shipped home for free.

However, if you are below that amount, you only pay € 4,49 in shipping costs within the Netherlands and Belgium. You can pay on the website with iDEAL, bank transfer, EM! Payment, PayPal and MisterCash (Belgium).

Even paying afterwards is possible thanks to Afterpay / Billink. Ikbenzomooi is a safe and reliable website with an excellent service. Also important: they support the Ronald McDonald children's fund.

View the toys here

Cheapest toy products: Wohi

Wohi sells a wide variety of products. In addition to toys, you will find living and sleeping products, products for the household, animals, food and drinks and much more.

wohi toys

(view the offer)

Wohi is a dynamic company that sells everyday, but also special products. Wohi does deliveries in the Netherlands, but also in Belgium, Germany, France and other countries.

In the Netherlands the shipping costs are free above € 75, which often will not be the case with toys. Up to 75 euros, shipping costs € 5,95 in the Netherlands.

At Wohi you can pay in different ways: with IDEAL, Paypal, Credit cards and via Billink. Customers from Belgium can also pay with Mister Cash or Maesto.

View the current offer here

Best Games Store: Game Rich

Spellenrijk started in 2010 with a small range of board games. Nowadays, in addition to board games, they also have jigsaw puzzles, board games, outdoor toys, trading cards and much more.

games kingdom games store

(view the offer)

At the moment they have more than 7500 different games in their range! If you order before 21.00 p.m., which often has to work, you will have your favorite game at home tomorrow.

For free shipments you have to place an order from 50 euros. If you place an order below this amount, a small contribution of € 3,99 will be requested. It is also possible to pay securely (afterwards).

View the offer here

Free shipping in Wommels: The Big Toy Shop

This webshop has a wide range with all major toy brands, for young and old. Think brands like Lego, Playmobil, Baby Born, Ravensburger, Vtech, Fisher Price and so on.

the cave toy store logo

(view the offer)

Conveniently, the range is divided into various categories, so that you can easily and quickly pick out your favorite toys.

The Big Toy Shop uses shipping costs of € 4,95. If you place an order of 75 euros or more, you only pay € 1,95.

Free shipping is possible at this webshop, but only in the area

Wommels. In that case, an order must be placed for at least 15 euros and it will be delivered free of charge in Wommels (radius of 15 kilometers around Wommels).

On the website you can see the postcodes to which this special delivery service applies.

View the shop here

Toys are important for development

Playing and having fun for hours: this is not only fun for the entertainment of kids, it is also an important part of the development.

In fact, when a child grows up, every activity they perform is a way of playing and learning.

Playing helps a child to practice his motor and social skills, as well as language skills and intelligence. Of course, the senses also play a major role in this.

It is important to purchase the right toys at the right time so that a child learns skills that they are ready for in their development.

A toddler who is busy with cars, has to perform all kinds of actions. Playing on a climbing frame challenges a child to practice gross motor skills.

And small toys with buttons, puzzle pieces and blocks challenge a child to develop fine motor skills. Children learn to make finer movements.

Concentration, stamina, fantasy, and adult mimicry are all things that are also practiced through play.


We hope that with this article you have got a better idea of ​​the shipping costs of favorite web shops, and with a little luck your package can be sent completely free!

Online shopping today is more popular than ever, and that will only increase in the near future!

That is why it is so useful to know what you have to pay for shipping costs, so that you will never be faced with surprises.

Have fun picking out new toys for your little one!

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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