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Trust Sonin Reviewed: Best Cheap Toddler Headphones

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Affordable, built-in volume control and in-wire volume limiter for instant control over safe listening levels for your kids.

That's the Trust Sonin.

It's the cheapest headphones which still offers safe volume levels, so perfect for parents on a budget, with children between the ages of 4 and 8 years.

Best cheap toddler headphones with sound limiter
Product image
Toy score
Best for
  • Built-in volume control
  • Great value for money
  • Well adjustable in size
Less good
  • No microphone
  • It is somewhat less portable than, for example, the JBL,
  • plus the design is more aimed at slightly younger children in particular,
  • plus it's wired too (another reason for its wildly affordable price!).

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Technical Specifications

  • Product weight: 185 g
  • Hi-Res Audio: No
  • Noise canceling: No
  • Volume Limit: Yes
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20000 Hz
  • Not wireless
  • No Bluetooth
  • Input/output type: 3.5mm jack
  • Headphone type: On-ear
  • Sound box type: Closed
  • Water resistant: No
  • Collapsible: No
  • Microphone Type: Wired
  • Cable length: 1.20 m
  • Cable detachable: No
  • Introduction year: 2013
  • Sticker sheet: included

That makes him less suitable for school children to take to school, but more of a good budget option for toddlers and older children for home use.

Here you can see how they fall on the ears of an older child (**hey! why does the sister in this stock photo from Trust have to watch without headphones?!? WHAT PAID!?**):

Trust sonin for children

Affordable quality

Safe products for your kids seem to be at a high price point, and it's certainly a challenge to find headphones that are safe and affordable for your kids.

Trust, with incredible credibility as a brand that has been making headphones for thirty years, understands this and created the Sonin Kids Safe Headphones.

One of the most striking features of the Trust Sonin Kids Safe Headphones are the following advantages over other brands:

  • Integrated volume limiter and in-line volume control (in the wire!)
  • Cute color scheme and design (which will appeal to preschoolers and younger ones especially school children will appeal)
  • Adjustable in size for a secure and convenient fit to older children
  • Low price
  • High safety standards and company credibility
  • The BEST volume limiter in this price category

Extensive volume limitation

The ability to limit the volume coming out of your child's headphones is the most prominent and important feature for many people, because fun is fun but it must be done safely.

It's easy to see why, as audio playing too loud can cause temporary and long-term hearing damage.

An excellent aspect of the Sonin Kids Safe Headphones is that this functionality is designed to work automatically, limiting the decibel output to a level guaranteed by the European safety standard EN71 to be completely safe for children.

This is what you want for your child because different audio sources such as

  • Tablets,
  • iPhones,
  • Chromebooks
  • and other laptops and computers

each have their own volume setting, and then switching can suddenly be much too loud for the safety of your child.

You never have to worry about this as the Sonin Kids Safe Headphones are compatible with all of these devices and the volume limiter is built into the hardware and provides reliable protection.

The long cord is handy, and it has in-line volume controls so you can easily change the volume just by adjusting the dial.

More importantly, Trust has come a long way in designing these headphones to sit comfortably on your kids' heads.

For starters, the ear cups feature large ear cushions with a soft outer shell and enough padding to keep them firmly on your child's head, reducing the risk of falling and making it more comfortable for extended use.

This is a valuable performance element, as the drivers can only produce a certain amount of noise and comply with safety standards, but without a proper fit, the sound can escape too easily and it is difficult to hear.

You can also adjust the length of the headband to fit their head properly, which is important because they can be shared between siblings and provide added value by still being usable as your child grows.

In terms of appearance, these headphones have a lot to offer to be attractive and fun for kids to use, including a sheet of colorful stickers that your kids can peel off and allow them to creatively decorate and personalize their headphones.

They are not built to be water resistant, but their structural integrity is evident, with a strong connection cable and a flexible yet secure headband for consistent performance over a long service life.

The Trust Sonin is available in several colors and even in soft pink headphones.

Price is an important consideration for any parent, even on a budget you want to make sure the products you give your child are safe.

And even if you're on a bigger budget, these Trust headphones are a serious competitor to the other more expensive models on the list, based on the value they offer.

Especially if you want to opt for wired headphones for convenience, which some parents prefer to Bluetooth, the Trust Sonin kids are the headphones for your child.

Since these headphones are designed as a safe and affordable option for kids, there are no advanced features like a built-in microphone, just plug them in, adjust the volume and they're ready to go.

Since they are wired headphones, you won't be bothered by batteries needing to be recharged, and because the audio output level is limited, they can be used for hours on end during long car trips or at home without unnecessary inconvenience.

One of the few wired headphones with the correct built-in volume limiter!

Trust Sonin Alternatives

Best toddler headphones for videos and iPad

Onanoffbuddy phones

Affordable, no built-in volume control (limitation!). The detachable wire provides extra safety and makes them ideal for even the youngest music lovers.

Product image

De Onanoff Buddy Phones are a lot more expensive than Trust's, but also have a number of useful features that you might otherwise miss, such as:

  1. thread that can be loose
  2. Movable ear cups
  3. Foldable design

The Trust Sonin are no-nonsense good headphones without other useful functions, but they are both suitable for toddlers and preschoolers.

Best wireless bluetooth earphones for school kids


Foldable, Bluetooth and the safest in terms of volume limitation with extremely good quality sound. Will appeal to most children from the age of 6.

Product image

De JBL JR310BT is a lot more expensive than these from Trust, but if you're actually looking for a pair of bluetooth headphones with a lot better sound quality, then it may be a good investment of the extra expense.


The Trust Sonin is an affordable option if you don't want to compromise on safety for your child.

Other features such as sound quality may lag a bit behind, but your toddler or preschooler can enjoy it just fine.

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Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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