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Toy vacuum cleaner: What do they learn from a little role play?

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A vacuum cleaner is a device that sucks up house dust and small particles. Usually there is a strong electric motor that rotates a centrifugal pump, so that air and thus dust is sucked in.

That all sounds difficult, but it is also very educational.

Not only can a child learn what needs to be done in the household. Proper toys vacuum cleaner also shows what happens inside, such as the cyclonic action of the interior.

What is a toy vacuum cleaner good for?

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Why should you buy a children's toy vacuum cleaner?

Did you know that children with sensory processing disorders can benefit from using toy vacuum cleaners?

These children often have auditory defensiveness, a hypersensitivity to loud and / or sudden sounds, which makes them hate and fear the sounds of a wide variety of everyday objects.

These include the sound of hairdryers, sirens, loud laughter, flushing toilets, or even dogs barking, just to name a few.

The sound of a large vacuum cleaner operating can cause many of these kids to cover their ears and run away from the noise, or even throw a tantrum after it is turned off.

But when these kids are encouraged to use toy vacuum cleaners, they can get used to the noise and thus become more tolerant of the sounds of their full-sized counterpart.

But even in children without sensory processing problems, playing with toy vacuum cleaners also has advantages.

The reason for this is that toy vacuum cleaners are tools for role play, including imaginary play, which has been shown to be critical in healthy physical, mental, and social development.

The benefits of roleplaying, also known as pretend play, with toy vacuums as one of the toys, are:

Physical skills

The development of their physical skills, because play requires physical movements, whether it's chasing the playmates or putting on costumes.

Children have the opportunity to use their gross and improve fine motor skills when they push and pull the toy vacuum, cut out paper strips to suck them up, and press the toys' switches, among other things.

Mental skills

The development of their mental skills is also ensured when they play with toy vacuum cleaners.

Children learn the cause-and-effect relationship between pressing a switch and turning on the toy, between passing the nozzle and vacuuming up the mess, and between cleaning up and earning their parents' praise.

Social skills

The development of their social skills is also shown. Children take turns learning to play and share their toys, expressing themselves constructively and picking up new words and phrases.

You can also use this role play to discuss who will vacuum where, you with the real vacuum cleaner and she with the toy version.


So let your toddlers and young children play with toy vacuum cleaners. The investment will surely be worth their new learning and their bright smile.

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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