VTech Storio Max XL and Kurio Tab XL | 2 tips: bigger is not always better

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Every year more and more tablets come on the market, in many different shapes and sizes.

When choosing, nowadays it is often the question whether XL tablets are actually better.

The final choice depends on several factors!

Here we will make a comparison between different models that have come out lately, and see which size is the best in the end. 

We answer the big question whether XL tablets are actually better.

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Our favorites at a glance

Despite the qualities of models with a larger screen, they are not our number one priority. As our favorite, we have chosen another Kurio tablet, namely the Kurio tab Connect Telekids. This is a model that has outperformed the Kurio Tab XL, and ultimately meets more needs. 

However, the big screen may just be something that makes your little one happy. For watching movies and especially editing images, a screen size of 10 inches or higher is often fine. This gives a lot of surface area for actions.


The problem? With a larger screen, other performance, such as a slower system and less resistance to bumps, can compromise on quality.

We list them below and will discuss the advantages and disadvantages in detail.

The best kids tablets in an overview

This is our top 5 when it comes to tablets currently on the market. So our favorites at the top, with tablets in the top 5 with a larger screen.

Tablet or XL tablet Images
Kurio Tab Connect Telekids - 16GB - Blue - Children's tablet Kurio tab connect telekids(view more images)
Kurio Tab Lite - 8GB - Blue - Children's tablet (view more images)
VTech Storio Max XL 2.0 Blue - 7 inch - Children's tablet (view more images)
Kurio Tab XL - 10.1 inch - 16 GB (view more images)

Why a large XL children's tablet is not the best

Although Kurio and Vtech great brands are for kids tablets and also have many specific settings, the larger XL models are simply too big and bulky for the smaller children.

In themselves they are good children's tablets. Personally, we don't think that giving up some robustness and speed due to the larger screens is such a big problem since you definitely want a sturdy protective cover and children won't run many heavy games or apps, certainly not at the same time.

In terms of performance, the Vtech XL and Kurio XL are fine for your smaller child who wants a specific kid's tablet. The VTech Storio Max XL 2.0 has a 7-inch screen, 8 GB of memory expandable to 40 GB and a camera. It has a built-in Lithium battery, adapter, demo cartridge and USB cable. It has a rubber edge that protects against bumps and falls.

Vtech Storio max xl
(view more images of this Vtech)

The Tab XL and Vtech XL screens: not suitable for small hands

Where it goes less is the size of the tablets.

By the time your child is such a big tablets will be able to appreciate and use well, in our opinion a specific children's tablet is no longer necessary and it is better to go for a real tablets choose, for example a Samsung that the whole family could use.

We have not yet been able to find a function for an XL size in a specific children's tablet and would therefore recommend another Kurio model for your little one and a family one for your older children. tablets of iPad.

What makes the Kurio tablets so good?

The Kurio Tab Connect Telekids has an Android 6.0 system with a 7 inch screen, 16 GB memory and a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

It comes with a micro USB cable and a power adapter. This tablet is waterproof and comes with an anti-impact cover.

Kurio Tab XL (and also the Vtech XL) are both great tablets, but given the above, we will also discuss the two favorite children's tablets. What makes these tablets the best currently available?

The Kurio Tab Lite children's tablet

The Kurio Tab Lite has an Android 6.0 system with a 7 inch screen, 8 GB memory and a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

It comes with a protective bumper in pink, blue or green, also a micro USB cable and a power adapter.

The Kurio Tab Lite children's tablet is an ideal one tablets that meets many requirements. This tablets is very child-friendly, easy to drive, safe and can withstand a knock.

This tablets is equipped with the Kurio Genius internet filter system that provides ultimate care and control over what your little one does and sees on the internet.

Parents don't have to constantly monitor what their kids are up to.

It also has the setting to set a time limit and limit the time. This ensures that your little one does not spend too much time behind the screen.

The tablets comes with a protective bumper and you can choose between the colors pink, blue or green.

The price is not too high for excellent quality.

The Kurio Tab Lite is suitable for ages between 3 and 10 years and has various apps and games suitable for different age categories.

This tablets has a memory of 8 GB, but you can expand that to as much as 40 GB with a 32 GB SD card that you can purchase separately.

This one is definitely recommended tablets can be combined with the Kurio C14902 tablet case (available in blue or pink) to get the tablets to store and protect.

You can do this tablets-housing can also be used as tablets standard.

This will change the position of the tablets facilitate better posture during use.

Kurio Tab XL has an Android 6.0 system with a 10.1 inch screen, 16 GB memory and a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

It comes with a protective bumper. The tablets has Genius filter system and time limit settings.

Our favorite: Kurio Tab Connect Telekids kids tablet

The second tablets, Kurio Tab Connect Telekids kids tablet, comes close to the Kurio Tab Lite for us.

For a slightly higher price you have almost the same qualities as the previous one tablets.

This model has an internal memory of 16 GB tablets also makes it very special. Another quality of this one tablets is that it is waterproof.

This is nice for a child tablets, which is often used at the kitchen table next to cups of lemonade.

The tablets Comes with a nice cover that makes it resistant to all kinds of bumps and falls.

Like the previous model, this model is equipped with the Kurio Genius internet filter system.

Choosing the right tablet for your child

If you, as a parent, want to have sufficient supervision over the activities of the tablets for example, it is best to choose ones that meet these requirements.

Is your child very busy? Then you can, for example, choose a resistant one tablets that can withstand some knocks.

Age plays a big role in choosing the most ideal one tablets. But that's not all.

There are dozens of factors to consider when choosing the most ideal children's tablet.

Of course we can help you choose the best one tablets and indicate which model meets certain needs.

It is almost common knowledge that VTech and Kurio are at the top of most.

These leading brands do their best every year to release the most ideal tablets that meet all needs.

The age category is an important factor

As we said, there are several factors you can consider before choosing the most suitable one tablets.

You can't just have one tablets choose because each model has a special target group.

Children's tablets have many different characteristics based on the age range.

For very young children under 2 years of age it is ideal to go for a fairly simple one tablets with large buttons, bright colors and that offers protection against heavy impacts.

For children under the age of 4 there are tablets that look practical as toys, think of various VTech models such as the VTech Storio 2.

Usually the number of possibilities is quite limited and a system of parental supervision not necessary as they can only install games and stories for kids.

For children aged 5 and over, one may be too simple tablets are quickly rejected, they want to discover things and not simple ones tablets which limits all that.

There are models that offer more freedom to add different games and apps, but with a safe restriction.

There are tablets that contain parental controls to set restrictions for your child as a parent.

This gives your child access to new content that changes with age as he or she grows up.

It is especially important with YouTube adjust what your child can see.

From the age of 9, children can already use advanced functions on a tablets to carry out.

The ideal in this case is to buy a standard tablet that is not restricted and install parental controls.

This allows the child to safely access useful programs such as for school.

Conclusion: bigger is not better

There are hundreds of different types of children's tablets.

For example, there are many brands that have released dozens of different models to try to meet all the most important personal needs.

There are many models that are unique in their kind and generate a lot of positive attention every year.

In addition, there are also models that do less well, these can be models from a brand that is well regarded.

So it is important that you tablets study carefully before making a purchase.

We have been researching children's tablets to draw conclusions as to which one is best. As we said, we have emphasized the XL models.

But we also looked closely at whether these XL models also performed well in the test everywhere.

Unfortunately, the XL models are not the best choice for your child, but fortunately there are plenty of alternatives.


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