8 best VTech Go Go Smart Wheels playsets and train sets reviewed

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Is your child also fond of colorful and interactive cars?

The nice children's toy brand VTech produces Toet Toet cars: musical, talking cars for children between the ages of 12 months and 5 years old.

This cars have been developed after years of experience in e-learning products and interactive toys.

Vtech Toet Toet cars sets reviewed

This company started with e-learning products more than 40 years ago.

In 2011, the sympathetic Go Go cars come into play and quickly become popular. The Go Go's are even so successful that the series can now be seen on Netflix!

But in this article I want to go through the best playsets from the brand with you.

My own favorite is this Tow and Go garage and car wash because he has a lot of smart points to drive over (so that the cars what to say) and is very nice on its own, without additional other sets.

But of course there are also more sets that I want to look at with you.

The Toot Toot Cars (and also Choo Choo train tracks) are kind of the first for me train track or race track for your child.

All pieces are super over-sized and sturdy for a toddler to enjoy building with. So it's fun from baby to toddler where they can do more and more with it themselves and let their imagination go, until they are ready for a real train set or toy racetrack.

Let's first look at the nicest sets, then I will delve deeper into each of these choices, and we will also take a closer look at the Vtech brand:

Overall best Toet Toet play set

VtechToot-Toot Car Garage

Elevations on the road with pegs. This makes pressed some pins under the car and the car says a certain sentence that belongs to that spot on the garagesuch as the car wash.

Product image

Best Toot Toet Cars Emergency Services

VtechSave the Day Fire Station

When the fire engine drives over it, the fires collapse with a fire brigade sprayer with water on the other side. Thus the fire is “just really extinguished”.

Product image

Best Budget Toet Toet Cars Train Set

Most extensive Toet Toet Cars Train Set

Best Toet Toet construction car

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What makes Vtech Go Go Smart Wheels so much fun?

That's not that difficult! Little ones are very attracted to this interactive one cars.

The Toot Toot auto play sets have magical sensors that ensure that you hear funny sounds, music or sayings when a car drives over them.

These brightly colored vehicles speak and sing and for even more fun, the new Go Go cars are equipped with an interactive button.

They stimulate the imagination of every child!

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That means this cheerful one cars Let your little one discover the world while talking and singing. They also ensure that your child can use his imagination and discover all the Toot Toot effects.

The cars really come in all forms: cars, trucks, tractors, bulldozers, also Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Katrien in a chic convertible are not missing in this series. There are even playsets in the shape of a house, garage or stunt track.

As you could read before, the Go Go Smart Wheels can now also be seen on Netflix, wonderful for your child to play along with his Go Go figures in these adventures!

Best Go Go Smart Wheels playsets reviewed

Overall best Toet Toet play set

VTech Toot-Toot Car Garage

Product image
Toy score
To drive
Best for
  • The car makes noise at different points on the track
  • The garage also makes noise itself
  • Nice car wash
Less good
  • More fun when you have more Toet Toet Cars track pieces and cars

The Vtech Toet Toet Auto's Garage is 66 cm x 75 cm x 45 cm in size with 2 floors in bright colors.

There is one small car, a tow truck (of course) ready to help others and repair them in the garage.

While it's a very nice set on its own, it gets more fun if you also have some road sections to lead to the garage like the extra road sections further down the list.

But, it's the Toot Toot Cars set that is also the most fun on its own, because a lot is already happening in the garage.

Plus you can easily find others cars suits to play with on the slide and to repair.

The garage itself can also make noise by pushing the buttons and there is one tow truck that triggers songs, phrases and fun sound effects when it crosses one of the garage's 9 SmartPoints.

The car wash is a very nice addition where the car bubbles when it is on it, and the garage theme is always very appealing.

If you want to start somewhere with Toet Toet Cars, then I would buy this one first.

Best Toot Toet Cars Emergency Services

VTech Save the Day Fire Station

Product image
Toy score
To drive
Best for
  • Combination of fire with the talking car is a lot of fun
  • Add a few road pieces
  • Fireman's pole works well
Less good
  • Fire is in the way and very loose
  • Accessories on the building feel cheap

If someone needs to be rescued, the fire brigade is always ready. This, plus the nice fires on the race track, make this the nicest emergency services set Vtech.

When the fire engine drives over it, the fires collapse with a fire brigade sprayer with water on the other side. Thus the fire is “just really extinguished”.

There is also a fire on top of the barracks that can be pushed down when it is extinguished and there are plenty of smart places to drive over for a nice sense of fun. auto, such as through the swinging doors of the house.

From above the auto jump onto the spiral platform and slide down (kind of like a fireman's pole, but on a platform), and the auto out again at a rapid pace.

It's one of the largest sets on this list, but a lot easier to assemble than, say, the Roadmasters train:

Vtech Toet Toet assemble cars save the day fire station

There are not only 5 pieces so it is really just to connect the different parts of the building.

The lights on the track are a nice idea, but it makes driving uphill auto impossible. They can only tilt in one direction to be “extinguished”.

That is difficult for a toddler to understand, so in the end we almost always have it off.

I myself am more a fan of the garage than the barracks, purely because more can be done with the elevator and built-in sounds.

The barracks has no sounds of its own, only the smart points that make the auto is going to sing.

All in all a very nice set to play with on its own or to add to your road network.

Best road addition: Vtech Go Go Dasher street and bridge set

Best road addition: Vtech Go Go Dasher street and bridge set

(view more images)

This set itself is not very nice, because there are none cars and it is not really a large set.

But it is one of the nicest additions when you want to do more with the courts, for example if you already have one or two playsets.

You will find that you always lack the ways to really make something fun, and this one is a great purchase.

The cars can drive up because the roads can be on a bridge, and it's actually one of the few expansion sets that has this.

Nice to go up and then slide down again, towards the garage for example!

Check prices and availability here

Best Budget Vtech Go Go Smart Wheels Train Set: Choo Choo Train playset

Best Vtech Toet Toet Cars Train set: Choo Choo Train playset

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A very nice playset to start with. It is a train set where you can build the track yourself, but then for smaller children who are not yet ready to build a "real" model train set.

All pieces and the train are nice and big so that your toddler or toddler can get started without danger and the plastic is of course nice and soft, so you can let them play yourself.

The only pity is that there is not much included, in one set there is a train without anything, and the other variant is sometimes also without a train with only the train tracks, so you have to pay attention to whether there is something there.

To really make it a bit fun you might want to look for a wagon or something else, although your other Toot Toot cars can also just ride on them, even if they are not a train.

Check availability here

Most comprehensive Vtech Go Go Smart Wheels Train set: Roadmaster Train Station

Most comprehensive Vtech Toet Toet Cars Train set Roadmaster Station

(view more images)

If you're looking for a package that includes a full train, plus a ton of fun activities, the Roadmaster train set is one I would recommend.

Plus, you can perfectly combine the train tracks of the Choo Choo set.

With “wacky” train tracks where the train has to look out to, to a cool bridge where they can quickly whiz down and a spiral on the other side, this makes a set that is also really fun to go over with the train.

The nice thing about the set is that the train can drive itself.

It has two positions, or actually three:

  1. from
  2. only sounds
  3. drives himself and makes noises

When the train gets onto the rails at a smart point, it stops for a moment and starts talking. So you can do the activity there.

For example, dropping a barrel from the building on top of the station:

Dropped Vtech Roadmaster ton into the body of the train

Or downstairs the train stops for a moment so that you can deliver the barrel by tipping the loading tray with the scoop:

Scoop tons of the Vtech Roadmaster train

The bridge can tilt so that the train can ride on it from above and below, and there is even a nice crane that can pick up the tray of the wagon.

It takes a while to put it together, but here I have included exactly how it should be done, plus I show you what this set can do:

A very nice complete set that you can buy for just a little more than the budget choice.

Check the latest prices here

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Best Vtech Go Go construction car: Forklift truck

Best Vtech Go Go construction car: Forklift truck

(view more images)

If you then buy a separate car for that, then I recommend this forklift.

A great construction auto which can also make noise, even when it drives over the smart points on the different tracks, but as you guessed it, it has a fork.

Perfect to use it for more fantasy play, or to open its own barriers :)

Check availability here

Best Vtech Go Go Race: Press & Go Monster Truck Rally

Vtech Toet Toet Monster Truck Rally playset

(view more images)

A great fun set if your child likes racing, and / or Monster Trucks keeps.

There are a few nice pieces, such as ramps and a large platform to dive from:

Vtech Toet Toet Monster Truck Rally platform

There is also a launch station, which is where it gets its name Press & Go. When you hit the button (hard) you become auto launched.

For example, he can shoot across the track over one of the ramps of the Monster Truck track to land on the other side.

But the best thing about the track is that it is actually mainly road sections. This makes it a fun set to start with.

You can build it as you want and thus stimulate the creativity of your toddler:

Vtech Toet Toet Build Monster Truck Rally road sections

And many of the other sets have little or no weight. For example, you can connect the Toet Toet Garage, which I like the most to play with, to the roads because it doesn't have one of its own.

For example, the Monster Truck can go straight to the garage after a crash, or to the launderette after all the mud on the track!

Furthermore, it is also very easy to assemble:

A very nice complete set to give your child what they can use for a while.

Check the latest prices here

Best Vtech Go Go Airport: Take Flight Airport

Vtech Toet Toet Take Flight Airport

(view more images)

The Vtech Toot Toot planes (more toy airplanes here) are perhaps just as fun as the cars, and this airport set is super extensive!

This set comes with a lot of roads, just like the Monster Truck set, so you can also adjust some yourself, and combine them more easily with other sets.

As with the garage, which I actually like the best set, there are no roads so that is really just the building itself.

At this airport you can do everything with the small plane / car, such as refueling at the smart point so that it starts talking:

Vtech Toet Toet Take Flight Refueling the airport at the smart point

And of course being launched on the cloud to circle down at a speed and slide down the slide:

Vtech Toet Toet Take Flight Fly off the apron from the airport

A nice set that your child can entertain for a while.

Check the prices and availability here

How did the VTech brand come about?

It all started almost 45 years ago in Hong Kong with the founding of 'Video Technology Limited'.

In 1981 they introduced 'Lesson one', the company's first e-learning product.

The first came a few years later VTech interactive toys on the market.

One of their first interactive toys appears in 1989, in the form of a telephone. The company has decades of experience with interactive toys.

The company has become increasingly successful over the years and in 1992 it was established in the Netherlands VTech Europe opened.

Just 2 years after that they win the 'Toys of the year award' with the 'Talking Super Smart Start'

Then introduces VTech electronically baby toys and is growing into a market leader in this segment.

And that is followed by the launch of Bob the builder, a huge success!

They continue to develop in the toy world, win a few more awards and in 2011 the - also awarded with an award - Toet Toet finally arrives. cars look around the corner.

How long have Go Go Smart Wheels been around?

VTech has been known for years for its brightly colored, interactive toys with sounds and music, but the collection will be expanded again in 2011 with fantastic interactive cars this time.

Toet Toet cars have been around for almost 10 years now.

They were launched on the market in 2011: after VTech has been successfully launching interactive toys for many years.

The Go Go cars have been a household name for parents and children in the Netherlands and all over the world for 10 years.

Apparently there are quite a few fans of these cars and accompanying playsets. That's why Go Go now even has its own TV series.

What does the VTech Go Go Smart Wheels collection look like?

Go Go has expanded its collection so much that there are more than 100 toys on the market.

All cars have their own name, which is one of the reasons why they are so attractive to children.

VTech makes many different cars for children with many different interests. The collection varies from a garbage truck to a Disney convertible and from an airport play set to a garage.

They have entered into a partnership with Disney and have a beautiful Disney Go Go collection.

You will find, among other things, Mickey's train station, Minnie's ice cream parlor, but also figures and games for the Storio!

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There is even a 'Frozen' game available.

For little ones from 6 to about 36 months there is a Go Go story book and a police car.

For children from 1 to 5 years old there is a Go Go steering wheel, a fire station, a Cory Carson playset, road sharing - also with sounds and music -, a garage and a launch track.

We also have Matthijs the Ice Cream Truck. The airport, Bart Brandweer and Vigo Garbage truck should of course also not be missing in this story.

New in the collection is Boris Bulldozer, Peter Politie and Stijn Stoomtrein.

Looking for even more inspiration? read Toy cars: the 23 best sets from emergency services to garage.

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