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Vtech Toet Toet Cars Tow And Go Garage Reviewed

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Because of all the possibilities, I think this is the best play set Vtech.

You can do all kinds of things with it, such as with the elevator, race down the spiral and then into the car wash. There is even a helicopter platform for the flying emergency services and a platform for repairing cars with the big wrench.

Vtech Toet Toet cars garage reviewed

And there is a different sound in every place, because there are a lot of special points that the cars can stand on or drive over, such as bubbling in the car wash or racing down the spiral.

Best toy garage with light and sound
VTech Toot-Toot Car Garage
Product image
Toy score
To drive
Best for
  • The car makes noise at different points on the track
  • The garage also makes noise itself
  • Nice car wash
Less good
  • More fun when you have more Toet Toet Cars track pieces and cars

Let's take a quick look at the specs:

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  • Garage with light and sound
  • Fits other Vtech Toet Toet Cars playsets
  • 9 Magic Sensors activate phrases, songs and sounds
  • Including 1 car: Teun Takelwagen
  • 6 melodies and 3 sung songs
  • Automatic shutdown for battery conservation
  • Age: from 12 months to 5 years

What is the Vtech Toet Toet Car Garage?

The Vtech Toet Toet Auto's Garage is 66 cm x 75 cm x 45 cm in size with 2 floors in bright colors.

There is one car, a tow truck (of course) ready to help others and put them in the garage to repair.

Features a lift that goes up, three melody buttons, a helicopter platform (not a helicopter), a car wash at the bottom of the slide and a platform with a wrench for repairs.

The car itself makes noise when it drives over one of the magic spaces. For each subject he says the corresponding phrase or sound, such as bubbles in the car wash.

What makes the Vtech Toet Toet Car Garage fun?

Although it is a very nice set in itself, it becomes more fun if you also have some road parts to lead to the garage (otherwise those puzzle piece ends of the garage look a bit pathetic).

Vtech Toet Toet car garage

Along with some other cars and maybe a helicopter. Without other cars, the tow truck can't save anything.

All in all a very nice set that is very interactive with all the different songs, sounds and smart points to ride over.

Vtech smart points with sound

The Vtech Toet Toet car garage is what we chose for our son. We already had a separate Toet Toet car, I think at birth or when he turned 1 maybe.

And he already played quite well with the car. If you press on the front, it makes a noise and of course he could drive around with it.

But what makes the cars really nice is that they have pins on the bottom that make it possible to say different sentences.

That is why it was time to give the garage a try, because it also has elevations and when the car drives over it, the pins on the bottom are pressed in a certain way.

Vtech garage smart points

Because some pins are pressed and others are not, the car says a certain sentence that belongs to that place on the garage:

  • like parking,
  • going to wash in the car wash
  • ride the elevator to go up and down
  • Stand on the repair platform ready for maintenance

Those kind of things.

The garage itself can also make noise by pushing the buttons and there is one tow truck that triggers songs, phrases and fun sound effects when it crosses one of the garage's 9 SmartPoints.

It is the Toet Toet Cars set that is the most fun in itself, because a lot is already happening in the garage.

Plus you can easily grab other cars to play with on the slide and repair.

Best Overall Toet Toet Playset

VtechToot-Toot Car Garage

Elevations on the road with pegs. This makes pressed some pins under the car and the car says a certain sentence that belongs to that spot on the garagesuch as the car wash.

Product image

What's less fun?

The only sad thing about it was that the car that comes with it is one of the least suitable for the garage because it is a bit high and does not slide off the garage slide so well, while the car we already had is much better off to drive.

But hey, this is just a minor detail and will be fixed immediately if you buy multiple cars.

Vtech Toet Toet Cars Garage alternatives

Vtech Toet Toet Fire Station

Best Toot Toet Cars Emergency Services

VtechSave the Day Fire Station

When the fire engine drives over it, the fires collapse with a fire brigade sprayer with water on the other side. Thus the fire is “just really extinguished”.

Product image

The most logical alternative to the garage is the fire station from Vtech (reviewed here). It is also one of the largest sets on the market and great fun to play with on its own.

I myself am more a fan of the garage than the barracks, purely because more can be done with the elevator and built-in sounds.

The barracks have no sounds of their own, just the smart points that make the car sing.

The garage is also a bit sturdier, although both should last a lifetime. The plastic is really indestructible.


A well-priced, easy-to-assemble garage that's sturdy for kids under 3 and offers a lot for the money.

The buttons to press are nice and sturdy, and the sound effects are great, entertaining and educational, but not too overwhelming and fortunately it also has two volume levels.

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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