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Walkie Talkie: Why it's a great toy for kids

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Walkie talkies are always popular, but why are they so much fun?

Walkie talkies are great toys for kids because they provide a way to communicate with friends without having to see each other. It's fun because it's a "strange" idea for young children and opens up a world of possibilities for play.

In this article I will tell you all about how they work, what you should pay attention to when purchasing and why they are so much fun for children.

Why are walkie talkies so much fun for kids

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Walkie talkies: the perfect toy for adventurous kids

Why are walkie talkies so much fun for kids?

Walkie talkies are a great item for kids who love adventure. It allows them to interact with friends in a fun way while sneaking through alleys and streets or playing in the garden. It's a fun way to discuss and collaborate while playing. Moreover, walkie talkies are very playful and fun to use, although they also have quite a few advantages.

What are the advantages of walkie talkies?

Walkie talkies are suitable for children of all ages. They are easy to use and have multiple functions, such as a flashlight and a lanyard. In addition, there are different types of walkie talkies available, such as Disney, Uply, Lexibookfrozen and camouflage, all of which have their own striking color. Walkie talkies have a range of several meters to several kilometers, depending on the model and the environment in which they are used.

How do you use walkie talkies?

Using walkie talkies is very easy. As soon as you turn on the walkie talkie, you look at the screen on which the frequency is displayed. It is important to know what the frequencies apply to in your country and whether licenses are required to use them. In some countries walkie talkies can be used without a license, but it is always wise to check this in advance. Walkie talkies can be worn using a belt clip or string around the body, leaving hands free to play. If you put the walkie talkie somewhere and forget where you put it, you can easily find it by the sound it makes when you press the button.

How does a walkie talkie work?


A walkie talkie is a fun device that literally finds its way into the heart of every toddler in no time. It is a wireless communication device that is suitable for traveling and even for vacation. But how does such a walkie talkie actually work?

Find the right frequency

To begin with, you need to set the correct radio frequency on your walkie talkie. You do this by using the buttons on the device. Often a walkie talkie has a display on which you can see the frequency channels. It is important to use the same frequency as the one you want to communicate with. This prevents others from eavesdropping on your conversation.

How does the speech button work?

To talk, you need to hold down the talk button. Every time you want to speak, you have to press this button. When you're done talking, release the button. It is important to remember that you cannot talk and listen at the same time. To listen, release the talk button.

Extra options and games

Some walkie talkies have fun options and games built in. For example, you can play hide and seek or set up a treasure hunt. In addition, there are walkie talkies with a volume knob that allows you to turn the sound up or down. Be careful not to speak too loudly, otherwise the sound may be distorted.

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Range and obstacles

The range of a walkie talkie depends on several factors. It makes a difference whether you are in an open area or between trees and other obstacles. In open areas, the range can be at least several kilometers, while in wooded or remote areas it can be considerably less. It is important to know that the range of a walkie talkie is not as far as that of a mobile phone. In busy places, the signal can sometimes be disrupted. That is why it is important to choose the right walkie-talkie that fits the environment in which you want to use the device.

Drop-resistant and waterproof

If you buy a walkie-talkie for children, it is important to pay attention to the sturdiness of the device. Children are often a bit rougher with their things, so it is useful if the walkie talkie is drop-resistant and waterproof. This way the device can take a beating and can also be used when it rains.

Walkie talkies as toys for children

Disney walkie-talkies

Disney walkie talkies are extremely popular among younger children. These walkie talkies are themed from their favorite TV show or movie, such as Frozen. The appearance of the walkie talkies makes it extra fun to play with. Although the specifications of these walkie talkies differ little from other children's walkie talkies, children seem to be happy with these walkie talkies.

Main purchase criteria

When buying walkie talkies for children, there are a number of important purchase criteria to keep in mind. The range is important, for example, so that children can easily communicate with friends in the garden or on the street. It is also important to look at the sound quality and whether the walkie-talkies have a dust- and waterproof housing.

Fun way to explore

Walkie talkies are a fun way for kids to explore the world around them. Once they find a boyfriend or girlfriend who also has a walkie-talkie, they can go on an adventure together. They can sneak through small corridors and streets and discuss how to proceed.

Handy during vacation

Walkie talkies are also useful during a day trip or holiday. If children are lost for a while, they can easily inform each other where they are or when they take a bathroom break. It is especially useful if you go on holiday with several families and the children want to play together.

The walkie talkie is a great addition to children's play!

Camouflage walkie talkies for a more exciting game

Walkie talkies are not only suitable for war games, but also for any other game that increases interaction between children. With walkie talkies, every game suddenly becomes a lot more exciting and children can take their adventure to the next level. Camouflage walkie talkies are therefore a good choice for children who like to play hide and seek or do a treasure hunt. This way they can keep each other informed of where they are and when they have found the crook or police.

Smooth communication and a wide range

Walkie talkies are useful not only for games, but also for practical purposes. For example, when children are on bicycles and do not want to lose sight of each other. With walkie talkies they can keep each other informed of where they are and which route they are taking. The large range ensures that they are always accessible and do not disappear from sight. Moreover, the communication between walkie talkies is smooth and clear, so that children can understand each other well.

Lightweight and shock resistant for extra fun

Walkie talkies are lightweight and easy to carry. They fit easily in a trouser pocket or can be attached to the waistband. In addition, they are shock-resistant and can take a beating, so children can run around and play with them. The walkie talkies are also equipped with a key lock function, so that children do not accidentally press the wrong buttons and disrupt communication.

Automatic channel selection and long talk time

Walkie talkies are easy to use and have an automatic channel selection, so children do not have to search for the right channel. In addition, they have a long talk time, so children can play for a long time without running out of batteries. The walkie talkies are also adjustable to different positions, so that they work well in different circumstances.

Most walkie talkies are suitable for children from 6 years old

Most walkie talkies are suitable for children from 6 years and older. They are easy to use and can take a beating. Walkie talkies are a good purchase for children who like to play outside and experience adventures. They are also a good addition to the play of children who like to play and communicate together. Walkie-talkies are a great way for kids to enjoy interactive games and expand their imaginations.

What should you pay attention to when buying a walkie talkie?

The most important things to consider during the purchase

If you are planning to buy a walkie talkie, there are a number of important factors to consider. Here are the main things to keep in mind:

  • Target of the walkie talkie
  • Maximum range
  • Frequencies and channels
  • Versions and features
  • Dust and water resistance

Target of the walkie talkie

It is important to consider what you want to use the walkie talkie for. For example, do you want to use it while hiking or camping in nature, or while skiing or snowboarding? Depending on the purpose of the walkie talkie, there are different types and versions available.

Maximum range

Another important factor to consider is the maximum range of the walkie talkie. This can vary from several hundred meters to several kilometers, depending on the model and the environment in which you use it. Keep in mind that obstacles such as built-up areas, densely wooded areas and concrete buildings can significantly limit the range.

Frequencies and channels

Walkie talkies operate on different frequencies and channels. It is important to know which frequency best suits the purpose for which you want to use the walkie-talkie. For example, UHF (ultra high frequency) frequencies have higher sensitivity and can penetrate obstacles better than VHF (very high frequency) frequencies. In addition, it is useful to look at the number of channels and subchannels that are present, so that you can switch between different communication lines if necessary.

Versions and features

Walkie talkies are available in different sizes and designs. Some models are compact enough to attach to your pants or backpack, while others are a bit larger and offer more features. It is important to consider which features are important to you, such as a built-in flashlight or a hands-free function.

Dust and water resistance

If you plan to use the walkie-talkie on the go, it is important to check the dust and water resistance of the device. Some models are dustproof and can take a beating, while other models can also withstand wetter conditions.


Walkie talkies are a great toy for kids to show off their adventurous side. It's a fun way to interact with friends as they play in alleys, alleys and gardens.

Choose a good frequency that is not used in your area and enjoy the communication. Also look for a sturdy model that can take a beating.

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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