What is the best pink kids tablet? Our 5 top picks

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  January 2, 2021

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Your decision has been made on a children's tablet and you would like it to be pink, your daughter's (or son's) favorite color!

But you're not done with this… even among pink children's tablets there is still so much choice and whether you have a thorough knowledge of tablets or not, it is often difficult to find out what the best options are.

We will help you with this in this article!

I personally think the absolute best children's tablet this Kurio Connect, and of course it is also available in pink.

With a tablet that's a bit more for the budget shopper, this makes my recommendation:

Tablet Image
Most comprehensive children's tablet: Kurio Connect Kurio Connect Telekids

more pictures

Cheaper alternative: Waiky Kids Power Tab 7 inch
The pink waiky powertabmore pictures

Brief overview of our choice and why

In general you can say that the tablets that are for sale at Bol.com have a bit more memory.

In terms of prices, it does not differ equally for all tablets and sometimes Wehkamp is slightly cheaper, the other time Bol.com.

In addition, Wehkamp has a number of tablets on the site, but they are not available for purchase.

Bol.com generally seems to have a wider stock.

Bol.com has a number of tablets that Wehkamp does not offer.

It is therefore worthwhile to read below what seems a good tablet to you and then to see which of the two websites you prefer to order the tablet.

It can only make a difference of ten euros.

In any case, our choice goes out to the pink Kurio Tab Connect Telekids 7 inch, and we want to buy it at Wehkamp, ​​because it is a lot cheaper there than at Bol.com! 

At the time of writing, the stock of pink Kurio Tab Connect Telekids 7 inch at Wehkamp was exhausted and we had to divert to Bol.com.

Comparisons of the different stores and tablets

There are of course certain technical points that can be a focus during the search.

We will briefly touch on these points for each tablet, such as memory, brand, screen size and general findings.

Let us help in your search with this review of the pink tablets that can be found at Wehkamp and Bol.com.

We give an overview of the available brands, so that you can discover for yourself what the best option is for your child.

If you do not only want to know about pink tablets, but also with others, read aloud a choice of all models our other article.


Wehkamp offers an extensive selection and has a very user-friendly website to facilitate your search.

In addition, Wehkamp offers the following conditions: free delivery and return, 30 days reflection period, pay as you wish: in advance, afterwards or in installments and they take your old device with them for free.

View the overview of the pink children's tablets at Wehkamp below.


As expected, the offer at Bol.com is largely the same.

The conditions of Bol.com: orders placed before midnight are in many cases already at home the next day or are delivered within that time frame to a location where you want to pick up the tablet.

In addition, Bol.com offers free shipping from € 20 and there is a 30-day reflection period and free returns on delivered goods.

At Bol.com, just like with Wehkamp, ​​you can select the payment method that suits you best or you can choose to pay afterwards.

Good warranty and repair is also offered.

Perhaps important for the purchase of a tablet, especially when the tablet is for children ...

For customers who are members of “Select” from Bol.com, there are even more advantages, which mainly have to do with delivery and returns.

Below we list the differences in terms of pink tablets compared to Wehkamp.

These were all pink tablets that were also available at Wehkamp, ​​but Bol.com has even more pink tablets, namely:

As you can see, there is plenty of choice! We hope that you can make the right choice based on our article. In addition, we try to provide an overview that is as comprehensive as possible, but we cannot guarantee that we have not overlooked anything.

We wish you a lot of fun giving the gift you selected!

What is the best pink kids tablet?

It's time to shop for your child again and you already know roughly what you would like to give as a present.

Your decision has been made on a children's tablet and you would like it to be pink, your child's favorite color! But this is still not very far ...

There is still so much choice and whether you have a thorough knowledge of tablets or not, it is often difficult to find out what the best options are.

There are of course certain technical points that can be a focus during the search. Such as memory, brand, screen size, ...

But there is one thing that is central to what exactly is better than all those other choices; simply what your child likes to do and what you would like to teach your child.

Let us help in your search with this review of the pink tablets that can be found at Wehkamp and Bol.com.

We will outline the brands available and why they may be the best option for your child.

The focus will therefore be on the positive features that make each tablet unique. Hopefully this will immediately make the best option for your child stand out!

Waiky and VTech: because my child loves to learn with lots of games!

The good thing about one children's tablet is that they all have some level of education.

But for some tablets the focus is slightly different and of course it's all about your and your child's preference.

For a wide selection of educational games, be sure to check out the Waiky Kids Tablet Power Tab en Vtech 3180-183852 Storio Max tablet.

The biggest advantage of Waiky Kids is that it already offers 50 games at the very reasonable price of € 69.95.

Due to this wide selection of educational games, this tablet is very nice as the first tablet for the youngest children from 3 years.

Especially since you can also use parental controls!

The first thing you will notice about the Storio Tablet is that it seems built for the small gamer.

The layout cannot be compared to that of a tablet, but rather resembles a cross between the modern tablet and a game boy by surrounding a screen in the middle by playing buttons.

With this funky appearance, this tablet is fun for the cooler kids who also like a tablet that looks good.

Note that where Waiky Kids provides a lot of games, the purchase of extra games for the Storio tablet can be quite expensive.

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Kurio's parental controls

If you really want to buy a tablet for your child, but you are still worried about extra security, then the Kurio Tab Lite children's tablet the perfect choice.

Thanks to the Kurio Genius program, you can keep an eye on things and you can also easily set time limits.

These time limits are very useful if you want to limit your daily exposure to technology a bit.

Per profile you can select which apps your child can and cannot use.

Kurio itself also helps a bit by automatically filtering sites that are not suitable for children.

This way you keep control over what your kids see on the tablet, but still give them the pleasure of their own educational gadget!

The durability and ease of use of Denver Tablets

The youngest among us are only getting to know the world and can therefore be quite abrupt with new things.

For the little ones who would like to learn more but can also leave some playful destruction behind, the Denver Children's Tablets perhaps a good choice.

These user-friendly tablets for convenience while watching movies or playing games with its durable frame provide the best protection against drops and bumps!

This tablet is suitable for both older and younger children but its robust nature makes it perhaps a little better suited for the little ones.

Security that evolves with Kurio Tab Connect

Kurio Tab Connect Telekids is in many ways a heavier and more developed version of the aforementioned Kurio Tab Lite.

This tablet is therefore recommended if you would like more memory and therefore a slightly more complex tablet.

You can enjoy the same parental safety and also note that as your child grows up, this tablet can also grow up.

You can adjust the safety settings according to the maturity you feel your child possesses.

Another advantage when purchasing the Kurio Connect is that every Kurio Connect Tablet is equipped with the Connect app.

This app has been available in the Google Play Store since October 2018 and ensures that you can always stay connected with your child via your smartphone.

From December 2018 this app will be available in the AppStore.

These features make the Kurio tablets a great option for slightly older children who want more out of a tablet.

The fact that this tablet can grow up with your child in terms of safety means that this gadget can be an educational playmate for several years!

VTech Kidicom Max: first tablet and first mobile phone

We are of course talking about tablets, but for certain situations it can be nice if the tablet also has certain GSM functions.

De VTech Kidicom Max can be described as a tablet and the first children's mobile phone.

In addition to the educational games that you can find on other tablets, your child can also send text and voice messages with this tablet.

This tablet is suitable for children from 4 years old, but can also be great fun for older children who would like to have a smartphone from a certain age.

This tablet will fulfill this need for some time.

Feel free to continue exploring if you want to learn more about the best kids tablets of 2017 - 2018 with a choice of all models.

Here you will meet a few old acquaintances with a short extension in terms of the technical characteristics, but certainly also a few new names.


Well, we leave this choice entirely to you.

In this review, we have focused on which tablet best suits which type of child, rather than the technical qualities that you can immediately see in a list at the bottom of the product or sometimes even in the title description.

Know that you can find the same foundation of education, games and communication with every tablet.

As you have been able to read in this article, some tablets just have a certain focus that makes it unique from the rest.

There are tablets for the most inquisitive children who love games, very young children, tougher and older children or children who would like a tablet as well as a smartphone.

There are also tablets for children as well as for parents. Just think of the Kurio tablets that are known for extra safety and parental supervision.

Your search in itself can therefore be very simple if you start with one specific question: which type of tablet would best suit the interests and qualities of my child?

If your child loves pink so much, then she might be interested in it too princesses toys en Hello Kitty Duplo, a perfect match for your daughter.

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

Joost Nusselder, the founder of Speelkeuze.nl is a content marketer, father and loves trying out new toys. As a child, he came into contact with everything around games when his mother started the Tin Soldier in Ede. Since 2016, he and his team have been creating helpful blog articles to help loyal readers with fun play ideas.