Waveboard age | A wave board is suitable from 5 years old

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  April 8, 2020

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If you have seen the waveboards, then you know that it is a lot more accessible than, for example, skateboarding.

The speeds are much lower which makes it an ideal toy for younger children.

There are a number of waveboard brands that are for more professionals, but also a lot that are super easy to learn.

You will be surprised how quickly children can learn to ride one.

From what age is a waveboard suitable?

I myself would say from 5 years, although even younger children ride one. For example, this kid is 4 years old:

Very young children can already start to learn on a wave board, especially if one is already at home from an older brother or sister (or your own).

It's a matter of getting in and out, and because the speed is so low, not much can go wrong.

Lesson also: waveboard explanation, how do you actually do that?

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As long as you pay attention to where they drive.

Preferably in the garden where you have a view of them and where they cannot get under a car because they accidentally roll over. And preferably on softer tiles.

You move forward by swinging back and forth a bit so it is quite fun for young children to see how they use their whole body.

If there is a board that you want to give your young child, then the wave board may be the most suitable.

I recommend starting no earlier than from the age of 5.

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