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The 5 best Vtech Storio games | You must have these for your kids

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They are becoming increasingly popular, the VTech Storio tablets from the successful VTech brand.

Here we will discuss games that have been released especially for this tablet and which of these are the best for your child.

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Different Storio models, different games

There are many different games for the VTech Storio tablets that are great fun and suitable for your child.

Some are new and others have been around for a while but have done very well and are still appreciated.

We have done special research here into choosing the best VTech Storio games that provide a lot of fun and at the same time are a little educational.

That's why we found this one from Paw Patrol here at the best and it is available for just about every model of the Storio.

It is of course possible that you have bought a VTech Storio model for your child for educational purposes.

In addition, it is of course very important for you as a parent that your child plays the right games and that they do not have a bad influence on your child.

There are certain games that are suitable for all VTech Storio models while some sometimes only work on a certain model, for example only on the first version of the VTech Storio.

Here we will list a few options of fun games that your child is sure to enjoy.

When you purchase a game, always make sure that it can also be played on the version of the console that you have at home.

It is a shame when it turns out to be incompatible with your VTech Storio upon arrival.

The best VTech Storio Max games

Vtech Storio games Images
VTech Storio 2 Paw Patrol
Storio paw patrol game(more images and information)
VTech Story Finding Dory (more images and information)
VTech Story 2 Disney Frozen (more images and information)
VTech Story 2 Mickey Mouse (more images and information)
VTech Storio PJ Mask (more images and information)

Our VTech Storio recommended - Paw Patrol

Paw patrol is an educational game with 1 story, 1 adventure, 9 games and 2 creative activities.

Suitable for: VTech Storio 2, Storio 2 Baby, Storio 3S and Storio Max.

You should definitely try out Paw Patrol too. This is based on the TV animation series 'Paw Patrol', a big children's favorite.

This game is suitable for children between the ages of 3 and 6.

Paw Patrol features 1 story, 1 adventure, 9 games and 2 creative activities that you experience with Ryder and 6 heroic pups.

This game stimulates memory, being able to recognize different colors better, learn to read better and recognize words and solve problems.

All games in this list are specially made for educational purposes.

The makers of the games have specially designed these games to stimulate the children's skills to the maximum.

Your child will therefore work responsibly with these games.

However, it doesn't mean that the fun will run out. On the contrary, the better it goes, the more they learn, the longer your little one will want to keep playing.

While your child is playing for a long time, he or she is actually learning and developing the skills.

The games fit in perfectly with the experiences of young children and what they learn at school

Paw Patrol can be purchased here at

VTech Storio game - Finding Dory

Finding Dory is an educational game with 1 adventure, 9 challenging games, 4 mini games, 1 question game and 1 creative activity.

Suitable for: VTech Storio Max

As one of the most fun VTech Storio Max game we have chosen this Finding Dory.

This game is based on the fun and very successful Disney Pixar children's movie “Finding Dory”, a kind of sequel to the popular “Finding Nemo” that came out a few years earlier.

This game has 1 adventure, 9 challenging games, 4 mini games, 1 question game and 1 creative activity that you experience with Dory and Hank.

It features Dory and Hank's original voices from the movie. It is suitable for children from 3 to 7 years old.

Please note, this fun interactive game can only be played with VTech Storio Max.

This game stimulates many different skills in your child. It arouses creativity.

He or she gets to know many different names of, among other things, aquatic animals and other things that you encounter underwater in the ocean.

In addition, it teaches your child to use his/her memory well, stimulates logic, solving problems, comparing different things and he or she learns a lot about science.

Loading ...

Finding Dory has too many qualities to mention and at the same time your child will have a lot of fun so that he or she will not get bored easily.

They will happily play this game and pick up where he or she left the game last time. This is why he is number one with us.

VTech Storio game - Frozen

Frozen is an educational game with 1 story, 1 adventure, 5 games, 4 mini games and 1 creative activity.

Suitable for: VTech Storio 2, Storio 2 Baby, Storio 3S and Storio Max

Second, we chose Disney Frozen. This game is of course also based on the movie itself.

Frozen is a trend all over the world and is very loved by many. This is one of the reasons that makes this game so much fun.

The game Frozen has 1 story, 1 adventure, 5 games, 4 mini games and 1 creative activity that you experience with Elsa, Anna and Olaf.

It is suitable for children from 4 to 7 years old.

This game also stimulates all kinds of skills in your child. It generates a lot of creativity, your child has to use good imagination during different games.

Your child will learn to spell words better and learn how to handle letters. You also learn to compare small different important things.

This game is without a doubt worth it, it is very educational.

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Mickey Mouse


(view more images)

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is an educational game with 1 story, 3 educational games and 3 creative activities.

Suitable for: VTech Storio 2, Storio 2 Baby, Storio 3S and Storio Max.

Watch it here

PJ Masks


(view more images)

PJ Masks is an educational game with 1 adventure, 8 challenging games; 5 educational games and 3 mini games

Suitable for: VTech Storio 2, Storio 3S and Storio Max.

Check it out here

Special children's tablets

Tablets have been around for a few years, of course. But it is not so long ago that tablets especially suitable for children came out.

Previously they just played on “normal” tablets that adults also use and could download certain apps and games to play with.

This was of course not ideal. You do not give a standard tablet as a present to your child aged 4 - 5.

These soon break down because children simply deal with them differently. The devices will have to be able to withstand some more drops and bumps.

And being waterproof is not a superfluous luxury for a children's tablet.

In addition, tablets for young people and adults are also not internally programmed for children.

As a parent you would like to control the content that your child can view, for example when it comes to videos from YouTube that may not be suitable for children's eyes.

Children's tablets from VTech

Children's tablets soon came onto the market, such as those of the popular brand VTech.

These tablets are the perfect invention so that children can now also enjoy their own personalized tablet.

And even better, these tablets are purpose-built and programmed for children of different ages.

Solidly built for child use

They can take a lot of bumps on the outside and the chance that the tablet will be damaged quickly is small.

The screen is built a bit more firmly and the tablet often has a cover that protects the tablet.

And of course all materials are very sturdy to guarantee good resistance. This ensures that a children's tablet is always a good purchase.

Child-friendly settings

Perhaps most importantly, they are fully programmed inside for children.

The small users are only able to download and install programs, apps and games that are approved for children.

Both useful and entertaining programs, your child has a lot of choice.

De parents can easily set parental controls and make adjustments depending on what exactly you want your little one to do on his or her tablet.

You can even limit the playtime with a time limit, so that your child does not spend hours behind the screen unnoticed.

In addition, the modern children's tablets have the option to set the age.

As a parent, you can indicate what age your child is and the tablet will take this into account.

For example, if your child is 10, he or she has more freedom to do things such as download different apps and games than if he or she is 4 or 5.

A lot of choice in children's tablets

The children's tablet market is getting bigger and more and more models are coming out. Competition is also increasing.

First we saw children's tablets that did quite well, but in recent years several children's tablets have been released that have performed amazingly well.

For example, some tablets from these children's brands are currently the first choice when it comes to choosing a tablet for your child.

It is no longer necessary to go for a tablet that is actually intended for young people and adults just because these brands are good.

This does not mean that they are the best option for your child.

There are children's tablets in all shapes and sizes suitable for different age categories, but also certain tablets as we already mentioned where you can set the age after purchase so that the tablet knows exactly what is suitable and not suitable for your little one.

VTech Story Max

One of the kids' tablets that you can adjust by age and also do exceptionally well on the market since it was officially released is the VTech Story Max.

This Storio Max model from the successful brand VTech is an ideal tablet for children with a 5-inch HD Multi-Touch screen, 8 GB internal memory and compatibility with SD cards.

It has a built-in front camera and is designed for ages 3 to 11.

The VTech Storio Max can be connected to Wi-Fi with a normal and secure internet browser.

It has an ultimate parental control system where you as a parent can personally adjust what the child can and cannot do and see.

You can also customize this tablet to limit daily use to a specific time limit.

The VTech Storio Max contains 19 pre-installed apps and the rest can be downloaded on the Explor@Park platform.

It has the dedicated Kid Connect app to send messages to parents' smartphones.

This tablet has many different games, apps and programs available for children aged 1 to 11 years. It is available in the colors pink and blue.

Slightly larger screen - VTech Storio Max XL

Recently VTech has also released the VTech Story Max XL 2.0, also available in pink and blue.

With the Storio Max XL, the screen is a lot bigger, with no less than 7 inches.

Read here about Attune's how the somewhat larger children's tablets compare with existing children's tablets.

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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