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Xplora X5 Play Review: Kids Smartwatch with GPS

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The Xplora X5 Play Smartwatch ensures that you can enjoy video chatting without delay, you always have range with this 4G multifunctional watch! 

You hear each other clearly and the sound quality is good. 

What is also important in a good smartwatch with GPS is the real-time localization, which is much more accurate with 4G than with 2G smartwatches.

Always know where your child is, a great idea for many parents. You can even check its location history throughout the day.

Best kids smartwatch with GPS

Xplore X5play

Product image
Toy score
Best for
  • Make and receive calls if something is wrong (INCLUDING ALARM BUTTON!)
  • Limited who they can call
  • You can track their movements with GPS
Less good
  • Not cheap
  • Bit big for younger kids

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Technical Specifications

  • Housing material: Plastic
  • Product weight: 67 g
  • Apps: AppStore | Google Play Store
  • Watch case shape: Rectangle
  • Introduction year: 2020
  • Suitable for payment: No
  • Water resistance: 5 ATM (Rain & Splashproof)
  • GPS type: Standalone GPS
  • SIM card type: Physical SIM card
  • Suitable for operating system: Android | iOS
  • Screen: 1.4 inch TFT Touchscreen
  • Display resolution: 240 x 240
  • Touchscreen: Yes
  • Notifications from your smartphone: Only answer/hang up | Send messages | Receive messages
  • Includes navigation function: No
  • With parental control for children: Yes
  • Training schedule function: Not available
  • Activities: Steps
  • Heart rate measurement frequency: No heart rate measurement
  • RAM memory: 512 MB
  • WIFI: Yes
  • Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.1
  • Includes NFC: No
  • Battery: 800 mAh
  • Wireless charging: No.
  • Wearable battery life: 72 h
  • Battery life during use GPS: 5 h
  • Watch strap material: Silicone
  • Wrist circumference: 13.5 cm to 18.5 cm
  • Can connect to the internet independently: Yes

Your child can quickly send photos, chat (voice chat is also available), the SmartWatch is IPX7 waterproof, the watch will not be damaged by submersion of up to 30 minutes in water, to a depth of up to 1 meter. 

So even if your child unexpectedly falls into a ditch, he will still do it.

If your child is in an emergency situation, he can press the SOS button for 3 seconds and 3 SOS numbers will be called in turn (which you have set in advance), until someone answers. 

Your child can choose from 3 different screen styles, different languages ​​and the brightness of the display.

Furthermore, this smart watch has a phone book, alarm clock with alarm, games, flashlight lighting, stopwatch, pedometer, weather check, camera with album and the option to enter the class schedule.

The smartwatch bracelet is made of soft silicone, durable material and comfortable to wear. The smartwatch can certainly take a beating.

Download the app to learn more and for entertainment.

When do you buy a mobile phone for your child? 15, 12, 8?

Buying a whole smartphone, with all that this entails, can be a bit too early at your child's age, especially for kids under 10.

This Xplora X5, is a good alternative: a smartwatch for children designed to be able to receive or call you, WITHOUT all the baggage that comes with a mobile phone.

Can you play games on the Xplora X5?

The Xplora watches don't have pre-installed games and you can't set up games on them either. There are apps, but Xplora wants to stimulate physical activity and discovery with their watches and limit screen time.


It is available in blue or pink and is sturdy, especially due to its simple design (on the outside).

The silicone strap and housing is easy to clean.

The watch face can be displayed in a digital or analog style.

You'll probably have to charge it every day, just like your own smartwatch in most cases.

It immediately feels like one of the more expensive watches on the market and it shows that the design has been thought through.

Is the Xplora X5 Play waterproof?

The X5 Play Smartwatch is IP68 waterproof which means that the water is resistant to a maximum depth of 1,5 meters for up to 30 minutes.


Do you need a SIM card for this kids smartwatch?

Yes, a SIM card for mobile phones, so you can program the watch to call important numbers with the "panic button" should something really go wrong.

Receiving a call is easy: you press the display and, just like with the Apple Watch, just talk to your wrist.

Some of the watches tested were almost inaudible when your child is outside with all the ambient noise, but the speaker and microphone of the Xplora smartwatch 4G are the best we've heard.

Xplora smart watch 4G

There are two reasons to buy the Xplora X5 smartwatch 4G instead of the Garmin Vivofit (the best activity tracker):

  1. being able to make and receive calls with great audio quality
  2. the most accurate GPS tracker

Some other watches with GPS trackers weren't as reliable, and that's not what you want.

You can just follow your kids or be alerted when they walk a certain distance from you, or go outside a certain area.

The app captures the data live and then plots it on a map for you to view.

follow your child with the gator GPS tracker


  • Best for: if you want more control over where your child is, while at the same time making sure they can call in an emergency.
  • GPS: ja!
  • Waterproof: yes, up to a maximum of 1 meter
  • Battery life: The battery lasts a long time, the manufacturer says, but we all know that the GPS drains your battery… so especially in the evening on the charger.


  • It lets you keep in touch with your kids while they are wearing it and saves you the investment in a cell phone, a tricky situation with kids under 12 for example.
  • This smartwatch is actually the best replacement for a mobile phone, but do put a SIM card in it. It is suitable for European countries
What age is the Xplora X5 suitable for?

It is suitable for children who want to discover the world and lead an active life. Although it is suitable for ages 5 to 12, the best age for this smartwatch is between 8 and 12. The case is large for smaller children and under 8 the calling functions are a bit too much.

Xplora X5 vs Xgo2

Xplora has even more models, and the model that comes closest to the X5 in terms of features is the Xgo 2.

The difference is mainly in the quality of the watches. Although the Xgo 2 is a few tens cheaper, you get a much better processor and camera with the X5 so that you can track more activities.

I think the main difference is the water resistance of the X5 (IP68 waterproof), while the Xgo 2 is only splash-proof. For children playing, especially in the summer (or the very wet autumn), that is a must for me.


The Xplora is perfect for those kids who like to go out on their own and still want some supervision.

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Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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