Can you connect multiple AirTracks together?

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Is the default AirTrack mat too short for the antics at your house? Then you're probably wondering if your superior AirTrack you can connect mats together.

Yes, it is possible AirTrack connect mats together! You do this by means of a special connector with Velcro, which ensures that two Air track mats fit together seamlessly.

In this article I will tell you more about how you can connect several AirTracks together, so that you can create a longer jumping floor for yourself.

Can you connect multiple AirTracks together?

If you your air track If you would like to expand, then that is possible!

Are you still looking for a good one? Air track food? I have listed the best AirTracks here

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Not enough space inside, but outside?

AirTracks can be used for a variety of activities and sports, including gymnastics, gymnastics, cheerleading and parkour.

You can use determine the air pressure of the AirTrack yourself, adapted to the sport or activity that you will practice on the mat.

If you have little space indoors, but have a large garden, you can, for example, have a single one indoors AirTrack mat, and outside two or possibly more mats!

Outside you connect as many mats together as you want, by means of a 'connector'.

That's the great thing about AirTracks; depending on the available space, you use one or more mats and fasten them together very easily and quickly.

The more AirTracks, the more room to move. This little boy shows why it's so much fun:

What is an AirTrack connector?

You can therefore connect two or more AirTracks with each other using a connector.

The connector is a professional mounting strip with which you can join mats into a whole.

This way you create an exercise mat that fully meets your needs.

What kind of connectors are there?

There are several of these mounting strips on the market. Below are some popular options:

  • The TrackConnect
  • The AirTrack Connector
  • The AirTrack Nordic Connector

There are brands, such as the AirTrack Factory and AirTrack Nordic, who sell connectors for their mats separately, but you can also purchase a universal connector, like this connector.

Universal AirTrack connector

I will now go into a little more detail this universal AirTrack Connector.

Independent of the type AirTrack that you have, the AirTrack Connector can therefore be used to connect multiple mats.

For this Connector, a welding machine was used to connect the sides together, instead of gluing by hand.

Airtrack connector universal for all airtrack mats

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  • Material: 0,9mm PVC and the best, most durable Velcro.
  • Dimensions: 81 x 28 cm, suitable for 1 meter wide AirTracks.

Connect your AirTracks together to double your tumbling fun!

It is very easy to connect two mats (with or without the same size) to meet your personal needs.

For the long side, you can use more than one connector for attachment.

What are the advantages of a connector?

Why use a connector? What can it do for you?

Below you can read the advantages of a connector:

  • Seamless transition
  • Securely attached
  • Portable
  • Light weight
  • Perfect fit

When connecting two mats, you will hardly notice that the connector is there, it actually feels like you are using one long mat.

The Velcro ensures that the equipment cannot shift and that you can always train safely on the mats.

So you don't have to worry if children are playing or jumping on the mat; the AirTrack remains a safe equipment.

The Connector is also convenient to take with you; it fits easily into any transport bag. It is also lightweight and always has the perfect fit!

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How do you keep AirTracks from slipping?

To ensure that AirTracks do not slip, you can place them on a stiff, non-slip mat. Always avoid a slippery floor as a surface.

What other accessories for the AirTrack do you have?

In addition to a connector and mat for under your AirTracks, you must of course also have a pump to inflate your mats.

Furthermore, a repair kit is essential, if you AirTrack ever break (read here how to repair your AirTrack).

What about the sizes of the connector?

As I also mentioned above, a AirTrack connector have different sizes, depending on the type of mat you are going to order or already have at home.

Below you can read which size you need for which product AirTrack factory:

  • Training Set (without foam): 0.6 x 0.2 m
  • AirFloor Home Spark/Pink/Blue (with foam): 1 x 0.2 m
  • AirTrack Spark 5 x 1.4 m (with foam): 1.4 x 0.2 m
  • AirFloor p1 (with foam): 200 x 20cm
  • AirTrack P2 (with foam): 200 x 20 cm
  • AirTrack P3 (with foam): 200 x 20 cm
  • AirTrack P3 (with foam): 280 x 20 cm
  • Size of the foam under the TrackConnect: 1 x 0.1 x 0.11 m

With this information it should be a piece of cake for you to find the right size Connector for your mats!

Now you may want to better understand the difference between all these types of AirTracks, if you are not fully aware of that already. Below I will give you more information about this.

Which AirTracks can I link together?

Not all AirTrack office AirTrack mats are designed to be linked together. Below you can read which AirTracks are suitable for connecting to each other:

  • training set
  • AirFloor Home
  • AirTrack Spark
  • AirFloor P1
  • AirTrack P2
  • AirTrack P3

Using the TrackConnect you can connect two AirFloors, AirTrack sparks, AirTrack P2s or AirTrack Attach P3s together to create a longer exercise mat.

You can choose from different sizes, both for home training and for professional training.

What is the AirTrack Nordic Connector?

The AirTrack Nordic Connector is specially designed to connect AirTracks together.

Thanks to this connector you will have a longer tumbling track in no time on which you can perform more tricks.

The AirTrack Nordic Connector is a connecting piece that connects two AirTrack mats fit together seamlessly.

The connector features two Velcro surfaces that stick to the AirTracks, keeping the mats firmly together.

This creates a long, almost seamless track and you can expand your training considerably.


AirTrackmats can be linked together to create a longer jumping floor for athletes of all levels.

By several AirTrackBy linking mats together, you can create a longer and wider surface that's perfect for practicing gymnastics, cheerleading and other activities.

The AirTrackmats also provide extra resilience and cushioning, so you can practice safely and comfortably.

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