Top 7 best waveboards reviewed from kid to pro

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 10, 2021

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Maybe it wasn't completely clear to you, the difference between a waveboard and a ripstick? They look alike, but at the same time they are also different; however, they are both casterboards and also competitors of each other.

The biggest difference is in the size of the wheels, the shape of the deck and often also in the designs. The designs of waveboards are often 'wilder', sometimes with symbols and usually with many colors.

In this article I'll take a closer look at the top 7 best waveboards and ripsticks.

Best waveboards rated

While the waveboards also have a few single-colored deck designs, they often have more eye-catching designs than the mostly simple ripstciks.

The ripstick often has a 'quieter' design and also a longer torsion bar; the rod used to get the pivot motion needed for driving.

If your child asks for a waveboard, it is always good to first check whether it is really a waveboard - with 77 mm. wheels - or maybe a ripboard - with 76 mm. wheels.

My absolute favorite waveboard is this one Enweonga Street Surfing Waverider, a brand that has been on the market for many years and has since refined its boards very much. The best board for someone who wants to get more out of it and made of wood super durable but maybe not the best for beginners.

In that case you might think of the Razor Ripster Air (more on that later).

In any case, the Street Surfing boards last a long time and ride very smoothly:

This waveboard has gained a great reputation and a lot of popularity worldwide.

If you want to carve like you do with a snowboard or with a surfboard in summer, choose one of these best boards below, which we have tested for you.

Here they are in a quick overview, but read on below for a full review as well:

Best waveboardsImages
Overall best Waveboard: Enweonga Street Surfing WaveriderOverall Best Waveboard: Enweonga Street Surfing Waverider
(view more images) 
Best Waveboard for Beginners: Razor Ripstick Air CasterRazor ripstick air caster

(view more images)

Best for Little Kids (5 years old): Razor Ripstik Air ProBest for Toddlers (5 years old): Razor Ripstik Air Pro

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Best waveboard with luminous wheels: Hye Sport Maxofit proMaxofit pro close XL waveboard (view more images)
Waveboard with best grip: CMYK Razor RipsurfWaveboard with best grip: CMYK Razor Ripsurf

(view more images)

Best design: Street Surfing the waveStreet Surfing the wave (view more images)

Buying a waveboard, what do you pay attention to?

Riding waveboards and ripsticks is a lot of fun. It's a great activity to do with your kids, but it's also fun for them to do this by themselves or with friends.

If they play and practice often with the board, children will quickly make progress. So wonderful to give such a sporty gift to your young child or your teenager!

Pay attention to what age you want to buy the board and how much money you want to spend. Some boards are very cheap and last quite a long time, but for the best fun, take a slightly more expensive one, much like the ones you see in our top pick list.

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Best Waveboards rated

Overall Best Waveboard: Enweonga Street Surfing Waverider

Overall Best Waveboard: Enweonga Street Surfing Waverider

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The Street Surfing Wave Rider has a light design with Abec 7 bearings. He is known for his tough but simple wooden deck and his 360 degree angled castors.

With this waveboard you carve just like a professional. It's quite simple and fun to ride.

Riders can also quickly learn new tricks with this board, as it is lighter, faster and unique. Riders will be able to perform more and better tricks with this new kind of castor wheel.

It features a pro-Wood Caster board, which is lighter and faster. Also called Cool Wood Look Caster board.

Check the most current prices and availability here

Best Waveboard for Beginners: Razor Ripstick Air Caster

Razor ripstick air caster

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Meanwhile, the Air Caster Board comes with ABS junior - illuminated - casters, now also available in light blue color.

The board is very cool to ride and especially attractive to children. Likewise, it is perfect for building confidence and improving balance.

This waveboard is ideal for children of 8 years and older. It has a maximum weight capacity of 110kg. and has a concave deck design with spikes and traction blocks to prevent slipping.

Suitable for younger riders, it measures 31,5 x 8,25 x 5 inches, has 76mm polyurethane wheels with red, blue and green lights, and high-quality ABEC bearings for a smooth ride.

You can enjoy an unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee. By the way, it has a rating of 4,8 on Amazon.

Check the latest prices here

Best for Toddlers (5 years old): Razor Ripstik Air Pro

Best for Toddlers (5 years old): Razor Ripstik Air Pro

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The Ripstick Air Pro is very lightweight and easy to carry. The experience it gives your child is a cool combination of rollerblading, snowboarding and surfing.

It features a safe non-slip concave deck platform and has a stylish and trendy design that your child will like for sure.

It is great to ride around the streets and in the park with this board. But it is also fine for slalom riding and to build up some speed on descending slopes. Suitable for kids from 5 years old.

Check the latest prices here

Best Waveboard With Luminous Wheels: Hye Sport Maxofit pro

Maxofit pro close XL waveboard

(view more images)

Maxofit Pro Close XL Waveboard has a maximum loading capacity of up to 100 kg. It has an Abec-7 swivel head and wheel brackets made of aluminum, not steel.

It has Class A plastic strength with a wheel hardness of 90%.

It contains various accessories such as a bag, tools and CD with instructions. It is packed in strong cardboard and shipped with an express shipping invoice.

Check the latest prices here

Waveboard with best grip: CMYK Razor Ripsurf

Waveboard with best grip: CMYK Razor Ripsurf

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The Street Surfing CMYK Razor Ripsurf has a slightly different shape and that makes your street surfing experience great.

It can carry up to 120 kg, has 360 degree polyurethane swivel wheels and its dotted deck is made of high quality, strong polypropylene.

The deck gives you a lot of grip and the cool raised tail - the back-kick pad - has an extra layer with even more grip. This back-kick pad also has beautiful colors. All in all, this board gives you a whole new wave board experience.

You can surf the streets just like surfing the waves and do the coolest tricks in the skate park with this new RipSurf from Razor. It is ideal for sliding smoothly and gives you easy maneuverability, as if on the water.

Check prices and availability here

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Best design: Street Surfing the wave

Street Surfing the wave

(view more images)

Street Surfing Wave Original is an ultra-light street surfboard that combines with surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding techniques.

It can allow riders to perform accurate 360s or ollies, carve downhill and even ride uphill.

This surfboard with fun graphics combines well with techniques for surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding. It's a lighter board that allows you to ride farther and turn with less effort.

Kids 10 and up will love surfing with this handy wave board!

Check prices and availability here

FAQ about waveboards

What is street surfing?

Street surfing is very similar to skateboarding, but it also combines elements of surfing and snowboarding. Street surfers ride a board that has a 'paddle-like' shape and one wheel on each side. Each wheel rotates 360 degrees so that the board can rotate freely.

Why a waveboard instead of a skateboard?

Although waveboards are more difficult to master than skate or longboards, the unique shape of the waveboard allows for much more complex, more precise tricks and turns.

Is riding a waveboard or ripstick a good practice?

Hell yes! Riding will not only strengthen your core and legs, but it will also help improve your balance. Coordination is required to ride the board.


A waveboard is a lot of fun for young and old, but certainly requires some effort in the beginning.

Fortunately, children are quite quick to pick up the movements and balance they need when waveboarding. Waveboarding in the streets often attracts children - but also teenagers and adults - who like to snowboard and / or surf.

It's really great that you can practice street surfing all year round; even without snowy mountains or high waves you're able to create the same feeling of freedom. The movements are very similar to each other.

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