When can a child tumble down? Top tips for your toddler

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The age period of two to thirteen years is an important period for the development of your child's basic motor skills.

If you are using toddler reaches an age of 2, you will observe a marked improvement in his motor skills.

Each age period has a recommended milestone for different fundamental motor skills.

From when can a child tumble over

Couple tumble is one of them, and can sometimes create anxiety in some children.

To get an idea of ​​what average and healthy motor development should be, it is wise to understand what the motor milestones are for children between 2 and 13 years old.

Do you ever wonder if your child is developing according to the average motor milestones of his age?

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When can a child tumble down?

Couple diving is a conscious movement that... toddler learns between the ages of 2 and 3, the phase in which the development of his fine motor skills shows a significant spurt. A child develops his motor skills step by step, and a conscious skill such as couple diving comes with repeated practice.

At this stage a toddler need to develop various skills, including balance-related skills such as:

  • standing on one leg
  • riding a tricycle
  • walk across a gym bench
  • dare to roll over with help

Does your child roll over without any problems, or do you feel that your child could use some help in teaching couples diving?

In this article, we'll explain when your child should dare to go diving.

We also give you tips and advice about games and toys that you can use to teach or promote this skill in a playful way.

What does gross motor development mean?

Let's start by explaining what your child's motor development is all about.

By the motor development of children we mean the development of reflexes, automatic movements and ultimately conscious movement patterns.

Reflexes are innate and the child does not have to learn, such as the sucking reflex or grasping reflex.

Automatic movements have been learned, and the child must practice and repeat the movement so that it becomes automatic.

An example of gross motor skills is maintaining your balance by tensing muscle groups, or the catching response by automatically bringing your arms forward, back or to the side when you are about to fall.

Conscious movements include grabbing a toy or opening or closing a door. Couple diving is also an example of a conscious movement.

What are the basic motor skills?

To learn a rollover, the child must first successfully develop through a number of motor phases.

The basic motor skills consist of balance, coordination and hand-eye coordination.

The fundamental motor skills can be divided into nine skill areas:

  • stand still
  • balancing in motion
  • jump (force)
  • jumping (coordination)
  • klimmen
  • roll over
  • throw and aim
  • bounce
  • to catch

These fundamental motor skills are therefore important for the successful performance of certain games and sports activities, including rolling over or tumbling.

Tips about games and toys for developing skills

Various factors can play a role in making a good rollover.

The child may be anxious, does not understand how to use his body or he does not have enough strength in his arms yet.

Below you will find more about different methods to help each child learn how to do a couple tumble.

Sticker under the mat

Make a game of it by sticking a fun sticker to the bottom of the mat, and challenge the child to roll over the end of the mat as far as possible to see the sticker.

With a little help, you can help the child roll over completely!

Create elevation

For children who find it scary to tumble, you can make a raised surface, for example with a thick mat.

One way to do this is to place benches or a climbing ladder diagonally against a wall rack and place mats on it.

For a child who just needs to be stimulated and challenged to roll over, you can create an oblique plane instead of having the child roll on a horizontal flat surface.

Practice 'rocking beard on the back'

Some children dare to take the challenge, but roll with a straight back. You can first practice 'rocking horse on your back' with your child.

To play rocking horse, lie on your back, pull in your knees and grab them to rock back and forth like a small ball.

You can also teach your child to rock in a relaxed way and hang over a gym ball.

Play 'wheelbarrow'

With children who are not yet able to lean on their hands or roll obliquely due to lack of strength in their arms, you can play games like the wheelbarrow.

During this game you keep your child's legs up and the child has to support and walk on his hands.

Watch out! Each child develops at their own pace, so children's motor development can vary from individual to individual.

Where can you order playground equipment to practice couple diving?

If you want to help your child with practicing or improving couple tumble, you can order different types of auxiliary materials online.

We have researched and found the following relevant websites to order play material to practice flirting with your child:

Skippy ball JohnToy

A brightly colored skippy ball that will appeal to every child. Fun for skippy balls of course, but also for rolling over and bouncing.

Step 2 play mat

Four extra thick play mats for the floor, ideal for doing exercises. The handy puzzle edge allows you to assemble the mat in different ways.

To be able to practice often with your child, it is nice to have a climbing frame in the garden. We have here the 16 best garden playground equipment rated for every age!

Finally, always make sure you put your child's safety first.

Keep the child under supervision and help the child learn to roll over in a playful way!

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