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Kidkraft: Cheap Large Wooden Toys

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KidKraft is a Dutch toy brand located at the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam.

It is a leading global company with some award-winning dollhouses and play kitchens.

In 2016, Kidkraft acquired Big Backyard and Cedar Summit to also supply outdoor toys.

One of the most fun sets is the Adventure Town Railway Play Table, an essential addition to any little train enthusiast's playroom.

This solid wood play table with beautifully designed rails and colored play accessories is sure to keep kids busy for hours.

With a unique foldable design, the console can be assembled or folded in no time. The table is very sturdy, but the 120-piece set in particular is something that will keep them playing for a long time.

Best large wooden toys


KidKraft has hundreds of products, but we especially love the play kitchens, train tables and doll houses with nice details and realistic finishes for an affordable price.

Product image

Here KidKraft shows you what's included and how to put it together:

You have colorful vehicles, people, signage, buildings and much more and the raised table edges ensure that not just everything falls off when playing.

Furthermore, they have really thought of everything with those mini figures, because you even get two collapsible storage bins for easy storage and cleaning!

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Why KidKraft toys are so much fun

There are thousands of toys for children to enjoy themselves with.

However, as a parent you also want educational and safe toys for your child, with which they can discover the world while playing.

Original toys, such as a children's kitchen, dollhouse or train set, stimulates your child's imagination and helps to make friends.

With the wooden toys from KidKraft your child can re-enact daily tasks in the household.

Children like to imitate their parents or other adults. They want to cook, take care of the baby or just empathize with role play.

For that we recommend the KidKraft toy sets.

KidKraft has hundreds of products, but we are especially fans of the play kitchens, train tables and dollhouses.

They contain nice details and are realistically finished, made of durable and safe wood for hundreds of hours of fun.

What we also like is that KidKraft's sets often feature light and sound.

These light and sound effects make the whole thing even more immersive and interactive for your child.

The dollhouses and play kitchens are built in different modules and can be easily assembled following the instructions in the KidKraft app.

There is no age limit on fun, but KidKraft toys seem best suited to kids from 3 to 9 years old.

KidKraft has dozens of beautiful dollhouses, but the beautiful KidKraft Camila dollhouse stood out for us.

This brightly colored wooden dollhouse exudes festive and exotic luxury. At the same time, it feels cozy and homey, so children will love it.

With four floors and eight rooms, full of illuminated and moving details, the Camila offers hours of fun.

Children can feel like a real celebrity or movie star. Sound effects and detailed images make everything more realistic.

Together with their dolls or playmates, they can go on a journey of discovery and adapt the interior of the dollhouse to their own taste, because all parts are removable.

A dollhouse is something that you can easily use for different children or even the next generation.

What makes KidKraft toys so unique?

KidKraft aims with its wooden playsets for sustainable products that stimulate the child's imagination and invite them to create their own game.

That is much more pleasant for the child and more beneficial for the parents.

What ages are KidKraft toys suitable for?

Most KidKraft playsets are suitable for ages three to nine.

No more boredom with KidKraft

Not only children, but parents also love KidKraft toys.

It helps children get to know the world in a social, spontaneous way and stimulates their imagination.

This is good for development, and the toys are also safe so that you as a parent do not have to keep an eye on your child.

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Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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