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These are the 18 best children's clothing stores in Breda and the surrounding area

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children's clothing stores on the map of Breda:

nicest children's clothing stores in Breda

The kids corner - Ginnekenmarkt 3

The Kids Corner Ginnekenmarkt

This nice shop for children's clothing and nice gifts is located in cozy Ginneken!

The kids corner is located on the cozy Ginnekenmarkt and has children's clothing for boys and girls in sizes 56 to 176.

They are rapidly changing affordable collections that can best be described as timeless, hip, classic with a raw edge and a boho sauce.

In addition, they have very nice local collaborations. For example, two grandmas crochet super cute stuffed animals for them.

And you can have a teepee tent for the children's, play or living room completely customized. How cool is that!

Are you coming to take a look at this nice store soon? The kids corner is located at Ginnekenmarkt 3, Breda.

Vingino - Ridderstraat 7

Vingino kids fashion in Breda

Vingino is there for your daughter or son who wants to distinguish herself in fashion and appearance!

Vingino can often be found next to other brands in children's clothing stores! But Breda is lucky and has one of the few Vingino stores in the Netherlands!

Come and go shopping here with your cool girl or boy! They have both shoes and clothes for sale!

There is now a separate line for teens: La Selezione di Gino. This collection is available in sizes 8-18 and has a more fashionable look!

Vingino is located at Ridderstraat 7,4811 JA Breda.

Bastiaansen Modestad - Brigidastraat 2 (Bavel)

Bastiaansen fashion city Bavel

Nice children's clothing! Nice clothes for adults! Fun for kids while shopping!

Bastiaansen Modestad is a large store with various high-quality clothing!

You can enjoy shopping here for your kids, but also for yourself or your partner while the kids have fun in one of the play corners or children's cinema!

You will receive good clothing advice from the fluent employees! For the children you can go here for the following brands: Moodstreet - Noppies - Z8 - Vingino - Geisha - StonesandBones.

Bastiaansen Modestad is located at Brigidastraat 2,4854 CT Bavel.

Party wear in Breda - Weidehek 2

Party wear for children in Breda

The address for party clothes, fancy dress or carnival clothes?

In the store you will find many different party items, carnival wigs, hats, carnival items, confetti and more!

Are you looking for a great outfit for a fancy dress party or carnival? Then come by and there is probably something for you!

They have various outfits for kids, but adults will also succeed here.

Party clothing Breda is located at Weidehek 2,4824 AS Breda.

Ins and Outs - Ginnekenweg 41

Ins and Outs second-hand children's fashion

Sure, if you're short on cash you can buy your children's clothing with Afterpay and pay afterwards.

But you can find beautiful second-hand designer clothes and new shoes at Ins and Outs in Breda!

The clothing already worn all still looks beautiful and is offered at a reasonable price.

The brands Replay, IKKS and Tommy Hilfiger can be found here. You can also hand in branded clothing yourself.

If it is sold, you will still receive a portion of the proceeds.

Examples of brands from our store are: Ralph Lauren, Penn & Ink, Repeat, Filippa K, Sissy Boy, Denham, Marccain, Isabel Marrant, Maison Scotch, Vanilia, Sandwich, Goosecraft, Karen Millen, Bengh per Principesse, Borz, Bellerose, Vingino.

You can also buy new shoes from top brands here at a competitive price!

The shoes are either from a collection from last season or it is a sample collection. You will find the brands Clic, Shoesme, Ugg, Vingino here!

Twice a year they hold a big sale. Ins and Outs is located at Ginnekenweg 41,4818, XNUMX JB Breda.

Tumble 'N Dry - Veemarktstraat 25

Tumble n dry Breda

What a great store this is! Come and visit Tumble 'N Dry on Veemarktstraat! How great this is: a store with the entire Tumble 'N Dry collection together!

In this store of 200m2 you can enjoy shopping for babies, girls and boys up to 14 years old. All trendy, beautiful, comfortable clothes of good quality!

The clothes hang very clearly through the store, you can easily put them on with a stroller walk through and there is entertainment for your kids.

They can play in the playhouse or simply 'hang out' in the chill corner while you shop. Tumble 'N Dry is located at Veemarktstraat 25, Breda.

It's a bigger one Tumble 'n Dry as in Utrecht

't Pashuiske - Bisschopsmolenstraat 57 (Etten-Leur)

t pashuiske children's clothing store etten leur

Your kids would like to come to this store! A lot of fun while shopping!

At ' t Pashuiske they have a very nice one play corner with bicycles, cuddly toys, playstation and doll prams.

They have a princess fitting room and a cool boys bed for the boys! New outfit? Then you can admire yourself in the Spiegelhuiske!

And when you have finished shopping, you will also get a nice surprise! For playing alone, children would like to come.

And then they also have very nice clothes for 0 to 13 year olds! J

You can find clothes from the brands: Ninni Vi, Mortenz, Dress like Flo, Brand for girls, Name it, Quapi, Tumble 'n Dry, Chaos and Order, Waaaw, Garcia, Geisha, Z8, Lofff, Lovestation 22, Feetje, Babyface, Bomba, Blue Seven, Blue Fish Loungewear, SKURK, Be Nosy and Dirkje.

't Pashuiske is located at Bisschopsmolenstraat 57,4876 AJ Etten-Leur.

Dudes & Dolls Outlet - Prins Hendrikstraat 160

Affordable children's clothing dudes & dolls

Affordable clothing, shoes and accessories can be found at Dudes & Dolls Outlet. Dudes & Dolls sells kids' shoes, clothing, accessories and more.

At this outlet you will find a lot of nice shoes from size 19 to size 40 (sneakers even up to size 44!) And trendy children's clothing (size 50-176).

In this store the brands Vingino, Bull Boxer, Converse, Nike, Shoe Republic and many more are for sale!

To complete the outfit you will find the best accessories and handmade jewelry. And always with a minimum of 40-50% discount on the original price!

Dudes & Dolls Outlet is located at Prins Hendrikstraat 160,4835 PT Breda.

TOFF Children's Clothing - Markkant 7A

TOFF children's clothing store in Breda

Very nice shop for baby and children's clothing, but also for accessories and gifts! You can go to this store very well up to and including primary school.

They have children's clothing from size 56 to 176 for both boys and girls!

Here you will find the brands: PogiB, S&D Le chic, SaltyDog, LCKR, O'Chill, Hipperdepip and Paglie!

You will also find the best boots, bags, umbrellas, belts and hair trimmings here! And looking for a nice gift?

Come and have a look at the fun puzzles, books, stools, trolleys, cases and much more! TOFF Children's Clothing is located at Markkant 7a, 4906 KB Oosterhout.

Sissy Boy - Veemarktstraat 53

Sissy Boy Breda

Super nice clothes for young and old. Order online or visit Sissy Boy! Sissy Boy has stores throughout the Netherlands.

Also in Breda is a super nice Sissy Boy shop. The store has clothing for children, men and women. You can go shopping with the whole family!

It is all about combinations and about the special connections and experiences that arise from them. Fashion with interior, styling with living, a dress with accessories.

This store is just so much fun like the one in Arnhem Together with Sissy-Boy you shape the basic needs of your life.

Sissy-Boy's credo is therefore: Life designed with Sissy-Boy. You can find brands such as Sissy-Boy, Bellerose, Bloomingville and Gsus Kids here.

And do you not feel like going into the store? No problem! You can also order at Sissy-Boy! Sissy-Boy is located at Veemarktstraat 53,4811 ZD Breda.

Sissy Boy has here also a webshop where you can already get an impression of the range.

Floor Kidz Store - Ginnekenweg 358

Floor Kids store Breda

If you are looking for nice baby clothes or a nice affordable maternity gift, you have come to the right place at Floor Kidz Store.

We have focused on the smallest, small rompers, socks, rattles, pacifier cords, bibs and many more small gadgets.

Ideal to give as a present or to receive as a present. We are happy to package the maternity gifts for you in style. At Floor Kidz Store you will find baby clothes in sizes from 50 to 86.

If you would like to see your child in stylish, cool and fashionable children's clothing, of good quality, and for a good price, then you have come to the right place at Floor Kidz Store.

We have a collection of children's clothing in sizes 92 to 164.

Whether it's cute, sweet, cool or trendy girls 'children's clothing, or tough, quirky boys' children's clothing with a good fit, you will find it all at Floor Kidz Store.

Floor Kidz is located at Ginnekenweg 358,4835, XNUMX NM Breda.

The new store - Tolbrugstraat 24

The New store with children's clothing

Here you will find several creative entrepreneurs under one roof! A voyage of discovery every time!

When you walk through the store, you keep on exploring! For children you can go here for very nice and beautiful things.

Here you will find Bep & co with their fun children's clothing. Tut en Jut Kinderatelier, the place to be for home accessories for kids!

And for a special picture book, you've come to the right place! They sell very nice Lemniscaat!

The new store is located at Tolbrugstraat 24,4811 WN Breda.

Junior & so - Molenstraat 53 (Zundert)

Junior & Zo children's clothing in Zundert

Shop nice clothes for boys and girls in this trendy children's clothing store in Zundert!

For the babies they have hip, sweet and cool clothing in size 50 to size 86. They sell the brands Flo, Z8, Tumble 'n Dry, Feetje and Vingino.

You can also go here for beautiful baby slippers.

For the kids they have beautiful clothing (size 92 to 128) from brands such as Retour, Vingino, Claesen's, Funky XS and Tumble 'n Dry.

For teens in size 128 to 176 we have a wide choice from the collection of the following brands: Nik & Nik, Retour, Vingino, Indian Blue Jeans, Geisha, Antony Morato, Looxs (tm152) and Crush denim.

Junior & zo is located at Molenstraat 53,4881 CR Zundert.

Jet's outlet - Ginnekenweg 340

Jets outlet for kids Ginnekenweg Breda

Jet's outlet is the store for beautiful and reasonably priced designer clothes! Jet's outlet sells new and used designer clothes for women & kids.

All items are carefully selected. The clothing that Jet's outlet sells consists of the most beautiful brands.

All items are in new condition, fit the current fashion trend and are attractively priced.

In addition to second-hand clothing, they also sell new clothing from shops (outlet) and receive various sample collections.

Boys ', girls' and women's clothing are tailored to size, item and color so that you can shop comfortably.

At certain times of the year you can hand in your clothes and the shop is open. Jet's outlet is located at Ginnekenweg 340,4835 NM Breda.

Dot and Julot - Veemarktstraat 63

Dot and Julot children's fashion cattle market street Breda

Here you will find original and high-quality clothing, but you can also go there for beautiful gifts! You can find something for every child here!

Are you looking for a cool or a sweet outfit! You always succeed here! This is one store where you have to hold yourself in not to buy too much.

The clothing is available up to size 152.

Here are a number of brands that Dot and Julot sells: Imps & Elfs - Claesens - noppies - Bengh per prinipesse - Tumble 'n Dry - Zebra - Havaianas - Bergstein - Vingino - Z8.

In addition to fun and trendy clothing, you will also find beautiful gifts and accessories! Dot and Julot is located at Veemarkstraat 63,4811ZD Breda.

Bep & co - Spadestraat 43

Bep & Co spadestraat Breda

Long or short sleeve? What kind of print? Which colour? At Bep & co you put together your own shirt!

Bep & co has its own line of original designs that you can have printed on a t-shirt or ironed on a shirt yourself.

Very nice to design your own t-shirt with your child or to spice up that boring plain shirt with a fire engine, lion, deer or crown.

Bep & co designs the prints of the quirky, sweet, cool baby and children's shirts that she sells. These are fair trade, without child labor and sustainably produced.

It is done in small editions. Bep & co is located at Spadestraat 43,4818, XNUMX EK Breda.

Ko & Flo - Leijsenhoek 47 (Oosterhout)

Kok & Flo children's clothing Oosterhout

Come to this super large store in Oosterhout!

Ko & Flo from Oosterhout is a huge fun and super large store where you will certainly find something nice for your kids.

They have a location of up to 700 m2 where they have their webshop and store together.

Very handy, because everything you see online, they can also offer directly in the store!

You will find the entire Flo collection, but also brands such as Claesen's, Moodstreet and Vinginio.

The employees talk with passion about the latest trends and are happy to help you with a suitable look for all occasions.

Ko & Flo is located at Leijsenhoek 47,4901 ER Oosterhout.

Name it - Ginnekenstraat 60

Name It Breda

Need clothes for a cool girl or boy? Then come to Name it in Breda! Here you will find cool jackets, pants, dresses, skirts, shirts and blouses!

There is a nice collection up to 16 year olds! They are very active on Facebook, where they set up new collections and promotions! Name it is located at Ginnekenstraat 60,4811 JJ Breda.

Accessibility in Breda

Breda is easily accessible by public transport and by car.

By public transport it is best to take the train and get off at Breda Central Station, here you are almost right in the center.

If you go by car you have to follow the route Centrum and you will also get to the parking lots and parking garages.

These are all paid parking and the closer to the shops the higher the rate.

There are also two routes you can use. The first route starts at the VVV Breda on Willemstraat and takes you past the shops in the center of Breda.

Route two starts at the Ginnekenmarkt in the beautiful, southern Ginneken district and ends in the Wilhelminastraat near the center.

The 17 Children's clothing stores in Etten-Leur and surroundings

In Etten-Leur and the surrounding area you can certainly enjoy a day of shopping.

In the center of Etten-Leur you will find very nice clothing stores where you can find beautiful and solid children's clothing for kids of all ages.

There is a nice shopping center, the Winkelhart, where you can also enjoy shopping in bad weather.

And around this nice village there are beautiful boutiques that are definitely worth a visit.

And do you want even more choice? Then of course you can in near Breda we have a look around with the kids.

After shopping, you can relax with a snack and a drink on one of the many cozy terraces, cafes and restaurants.

Children's clothing stores on the map of Etten-Leur:

't Pashuiske

't Pashuiske in Etten Leur is a very cozy children's clothing store.
They started in 2010 with a mission to sell beautiful and affordable clothing for children.

You will find clothing in sizes 44 to size 176, for both boys and girls and also babies, from newborn to slightly larger crawlers.

At 't Pashuiske they have the best children's clothing brands and an enormously extensive range, so that you can always succeed.

Just like us, they are a big fan of the nice clothes, for example Name IT, Quapic, Tumble 'n Dry, LoFff, Feetje and B.Nosy.

Their range is constantly changing so that they always have the best and newest trendy items for you at home.

The store is neatly arranged and the friendly staff is more than happy to help you put together a nice new outfit for your little one.

You are also at the right place for beautiful and original gifts!

't Pashuiske: Bisschopsmolenstraat 57, 4876 AJ Etten-Leur

Floor Kids Store

If you like to see your child in stylish, cool and fashionable children's clothing, of good quality, and for a good price, then you have come to the right place at Floor Kidz Store.

Floor Kidz Store is a nice children's clothing store that has been located in Breda since 2006 and opened its doors in Etten Leur 2 years later.

They have an incredibly extensive range of baby, toddler and children's clothing, ranging from sizes 50 to 164.

You can also go there for a complete range of maternity gifts, first running shoes, toys and everything a child could wish for.

At Floor Kidz Store they strive for a varied collection from stylish to cool and hip.

In the store you will find a carefully selected collection of baby clothing and children's clothing from well-known brands, such as Vingino, Kiestone, Gymp, Petit Bateau, Koeka, Shoesme, Tygo & Vito, Tumble 'n Dry and many more.

Floor Kidz Store: Domineesgang 14B, 4871 KA Etten-Leur

Divani's Baby and Children's Clothing (Sint Willebrord)

A little further from the center of Etten-Leur you will find Divani's Baby and Children's Clothing.
Divani's specializes in the sale of baby and children's clothing, with a focus on price and service.
Their selection comes in sizes 44 to 176, so that there is something for every age.

They have many nice brands in their range and always try to respond to the latest trends.

The goal is also to be able to provide the perfect service and to be affordable. Not an easy task, but Divani's succeeds!

For the little ones from size 44 they offer clothes from, among others noppies, Born to be Famous, Dirkje and Boboli.

For the older children they have a very wide range of many great brands.

This way you will find clothing, among other things B.Nosy, Dutch Dream Denim, Empire, Bampidano, Super Rebel and Blue Fish. Divani's is definitely worth a detour!

Divani's Baby and Children's Clothing: Dorpsstraat 156b, 4711 EM Sint Willebrord

Kikke Kidz (Rucphen)

In Rucphen near Etten-Leur you will find children's clothing store Kikkekidz. Here they sell cool children's clothing for the smallest to the slightly older children.
They are more than happy to help you put together a very nice outfit for your little one.

With an extensive range of various well-known children's clothing brands, you will certainly succeed at Kikke Kidz.

Cool t-shirts with fun prints on top of a nice-fitting jeans to run around in.

Sweet dresses made of soft material for that one party that your little one can go to. Nice accessories and useful items such as leggings, hats and socks.

You can find everything at Kikke Kidz.

With the good brands and quality they offer, together with the personal service, you will certainly succeed in this store during a shopping session with your kids.

Kikke Kidz: Raadhuisplein 6, 4715 CN Rucphen

Children's boutique 't Kaboutertje (Oudenbosch)

Kinderboetiek 't Kaboutertje has been located in Oudenbosch for almost 25 years and is a household name for the nicest and trendy baby clothing for miles around.
With an area of ​​up to 125m2, there is always something nice to find.

They offer a wide collection of the better clothing brands such as Feetje, Lief, Sturdy, Jubel, La Petite Couronne and ZieZo.

What should certainly not be missed is a wide collection of gift items for babies and toddlers from, for example, Fisher Price, but also gift items for adults.

Because they are constantly looking for nice clothes with low prices in addition to the private labels, 't Kaboutertje regularly has extra collections that they can supply at very competitive prices and that are often not available in other stores. Very interesting to visit!

Children's boutique 't Kaboutertje: Professor van Ginnekenstraat 7, 4731 JX Oudenbosch

Action sports

At Aktiesport you will find a nice sports collection for young sports enthusiasts. They offer very innovative and attractive sportswear, shoes and accessories.
Whether your child plays football, tennis, fitness or running, you will find all the clothing you need here.

You can also go to Aktiesport for casual clothing. You can easily put together a whole new wardrobe for your children.

You will find several top brands such as: Adidas, Nike, PUMA, Reebok and Starter.

Look forward to the comfy sweaters and hoodies, well-fitting sweatpants and trendy sneakers.

Every child likes to look cool and sporty. The freedom of movement that sportswear gives children is often unparalleled.

They will be happy to run around in Aktiesport clothing!

Action sports: Burchtplein 21, 4873 BS Etten-Leur


At C&A you will find clothes for boys and girls of good quality and with a great fit.
You want to dress your kids in the latest trends. Because children are very mobile, it is important that the clothing is also comfortable.

C & A's clothes can also take a beating and don't break that easily. The children can choose from clothing in different colors and models.

Because children grow quickly, C&A offers an extensive range of children's clothing in different sizes.

C&A clothing is also completely in line with the latest fashion, which ensures that the children are always dressed fashionably.

For the young ladies you will find clothing in sizes 92 to 176 and for the boys you will find children's clothing in sizes 92 to 182.

At C&A they also have their own Clockhouse brand with trendy teenage fashion.

C&A: Winkelcentrum 49, 4873 AD Etten-Leur

Cool Cat

At CoolCat you will find the nicest and coolest clothes for girls and boys of different ages.
For girls' clothing you can choose from an extensive range of skirts, dresses, jeans and t-shirt.
For your boys you will find cardigans, denim, t-shirts and sweaters. You can also go there for underwear, swimwear and accessories.

For every season you can score a very nice outfit for your children at CoolCat. You will find children's clothing in different colors, sizes and fun and cool prints.

Your children will always look very hip and trendy in CoolCat clothing.

CoolCat clothing can be combined very well with each other, so that the children can go out in a beautiful new outfit almost every day.

CoolCat clothing is of good quality, has a good fit and is also affordable.

CoolCat ensures that the collection is regularly supplemented.

CoolCat: Winkeler Prins Passage 48, 4873 AD Etten-Leur


H&M is known for its cute clothes for babies, toddlers and teens. You will find everything for the baby from 0 to 9 months.
The clothing is specially made from super soft organic cotton. Babies are growing fast and before you think they have already grown out of their clothes.

For the older children you will find nice soft jersey items and nice T-shirts with different nature prints.

You have beautiful functional clothing with flower and animal prints, colorful stripes and various Disney characters.

Look forward to flowing jersey dresses, slim-fit jeans and airy tops.

Or the collection of striking items with nature motifs such as leaves and animal motifs and also the nautical patterns.

Every season you can find a new collection for the kids at H&M. And of course mom and dad can also indulge themselves there.

H&M: Winkelcentrum 30, 4873 AB Etten-Leur

Jeans Center

At Jeans Center you will not only find jeans, but you can obtain complete trendy outfits for your kids.
Here you can find the most beautiful and cool clothing collections of every season.

At Jeans Center you will find an extensive collection of decent children's clothing.

Of course you will find jeans there, which you can combine well with nice shirts and shirts in different models, colors and also with cool and fun prints.

The jeans are from the brands Cars and García.

Jeans Center clothing is suitable for school, but can also be combined very nicely with a casual shirt or blouse for a party.

In addition to well-fitting jeans, you will also find nice shirts and blouses with beautiful prints and fun texts.

Jeans Center: Hof van Den Houte 70, 4873 BJ Etten-Leur

Jola Fashion

At Jola Mode you can always drop in for fun and quality clothing for children of all ages.
At Jola Mode they do everything to make you feel comfortable and it is very nice that the prices are very affordable.

You will find clothing that is cool, sporty, cheerful and very diverse. Jola Mode ensures that the whole family is doing well all year round.

Look forward to the cool baby clothes from Bakkaboe. There is also a wide choice of clothes for boys and girls from the brands: Cars, Persival and D-zine.

The employees in the stores work with enthusiasm and friendliness. They are happy to assist you with good service and appropriate advice.

Jola Fashion: Burchtplein 25, 4873 BS Etten-Leur


Children love to dress fashionably. At Scapino you will find clothes for boys and girls of different ages.
And the clothing is also very affordable. This is good because children regularly have to change their clothes because they are growing considerably.

Well-known brands at Scapino are Ai-girl or Oiboi. These collections are so extensive that you will have trouble making the right choice.

They are hip, trendy and cool and you can wear them during all seasons.

It is important for children that clothing is good and comfortable. Scapino's clothing is therefore also made of quality fabrics.

Look out for nice pants, shirts, blouses, trendy dresses and skirts, cool T-shirts with nice inscriptions, but also cardigans, shirts and jackets.

Scapino: Shopping center 20, 4873 AB Etten-Leur


Shoeby stands for an incredible amount of personal attention and service, cozy shops and a trendy collection.
Because children grow so quickly, you also have children's clothing for all ages at Shoeby, so that their wardrobe can be regularly updated.

You will find a wide collection of shorts, jeans, T-shirts, sweaters, cardigans and accessories.

All items are according to the latest fashion trends and they are beautiful and comfortable.

Shoeby also has its own in-house brand Jill in which the girls look absolutely fresh and trendy.

For the boys you have your fun and cool T-shirts, boys shirts, sweaters and cardigans with a sporty and graphic vibe.

Also the own in house brand for boys, Mitch is completely intended to dress your son from head to toe.

Shoeby: Bisschopsmolenstraat 6, 4876 AN Etten-Leur

WE Men & Boys

At We Fashion in Etten Leur you will find a nice collection of solid clothing for small and big boys.
The older boys get, the more they develop their own style. It is important that the clothing is completely correct.

For example, choose from the collection of long sleeve shirts from WE.

You can easily combine this with a cardigan in the cold days and in the warm days you can also slide the sleeves upwards.

They can be combined very well with nice jeans.

The clothing you will find at WE Fashion is made of soft cotton. The clothes are comfortable and of good quality.

The shop staff at WE Fashion are also ready to serve you.

WE Fashion Men & Boys: Shopping center 55 -56, 4873 AD Etten-Leur


At Wibra you can poke around in a very quiet way between the different children's clothing that is displayed.
For the kids you will find an extensive collection of children's clothing in different sizes and designs.
You will find basic clothing, stretch T-shirts, underwear and textiles.

It is important for Wibra that the clothing is of good quality and that it remains affordable.

Wibra is truly a Dutch brand and offers: Really top quality and excellent service.

At Wibra they take responsibility, not only for today's world, but also for future generations.

In 2010, for example, Wibra started the campaign 'Conscious living and sustainable entrepreneurship'.

And to help prevent overuse of plastic, our own shopping bag is sold that you can use a number of more times.

Wibra: Bisschopsmolenstraat 42A, 4876 AP Etten-Leur


At Zeeman they have clothes and basics for boys and girls. Good fit (even after washing very often), made responsibly and designed ourselves.
They make many children and their parents happy with this.

Boys and girls love to play, run and frolic. That is why Zeeman offers affordable children's clothing in cheerful colors and prints that are sturdy and comfortable.

Then children love to wear them. They usually keep the design as simple as possible, so they can keep the price low.

You will also find a nice range of good and cheap children's underwear, something that Zeeman has been standing for for years.

Underpants, briefs, boxers, vests and singlets, crop tops and children's and teen bras in many colors and with or without print.

You have also come to the right place for pajamas, socks and swimwear.

Sailor: Hof van Den Houte 74, 4873 BJ Etten-Leur

Accessibility Etten-Leur

Local buses run in Etten-Leur and Zundert. Local buses are accessible to everyone.

Local buses are part of public transport and mainly reach places where other buses do not go.

Opening hours

In most cases, the shops in Etten-Leur are open from 09.30 am to 17.30 pm. Every Friday there is a shopping evening in Etten-Leur.

Not only in the shopping center, but in the entire Winkelhart the shops are open that evening until 21 p.m.

You can also enjoy the pleasant shopping Sundays in Etten-Leur.


You can also park safely in Etten-Leur. Under the Winkelhart there is a beautiful parking garage with over 1.000 parking spaces.

The parking garage can be reached via Parklaan (East entrance) and Roosendaalseweg (West entrance).

The address for your navigation system is Valpoort 1, 4873 BM Eet-Leur.

The parking garage in the center of Etten-Leur is open from Monday to Saturday between 07.30 am - midnight.

The parking garage is open on Sundays from 09:30 AM - 18:30 PM. If it is Shopping Sunday, the garage is open between 09:30 - 20:30.

When there are major events in the center, adjusted opening hours may apply.

We have tried to provide the best and complete possible picture of children's clothing stores in Etten-Leur, but cannot guarantee that we have not overlooked anything.

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You definitely want to visit these 15 children's clothing stores in Roosendaal

Shopping in Roosendaal is certainly worthwhile.

For example, visit the pleasant shopping streets with large beautiful shops, or visit the large covered shopping centers: the Roselaar, the beautifully decorated Passage and the designer outlet Rosada, a favorite destination of shoppers from Breda, for example.

If you want to recover from all the shopping, you can do that in one of the nice restaurants in the city center.

Shopping in Roosendaal is fun and you can go there for the whole family. Below you will find an overview of various children's clothing stores in Roosendaal.

The map of Roosendaal with children's clothing stores:

15 best children's clothing stores in Roosendaal

Youth fashion from Zeggeren

This store is fully furnished and intended for children's and teen fashion. This children's clothing store has a long history in Roosendaal.

Youth fashion van Zeggeren was founded in 1962 and has since developed a fantastic reputation.

Youth fashion van Zeggeren is all about the identity of the children.

Especially as a teenager you no longer feel like having to choose your own trendy and hip outfit between the baby clothes.

This store sells clothes from sizes 92 to 176 for boys and girls: from cool T-shirts and sweaters to dresses, skirts and tops.

There is something for every style and taste at Jeugdmode van Zeggeren.

Many top brands and the latest trends in fashion for children and teenagers are offered.

Every season, the best must-haves are selected that should not be missing in the kids' wardrobe.

They prefer to work with leading and tough brands, such as: Scotch Shrunk, Scotch R'Belle, IKKS, Vingino, Tommy Hilfinger, Jottum and Moscow.

You can visit Jeugdmode van Zeggeren in the Passage 22-24, 4701 AP Roosendaal.

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Timmy Tom

Timmy Tom is part of Jeugdmode van Zeggeren, but is at a different location and serves a different target group.

This store offers fashion for the smallest among us.

The baby clothing store has a very wide collection of baby, toddler and toddler clothes for both boys and girls.

The clothing sizes start at size 50 and run up to and including size 92. The range is tailored to the widest possible audience.

We have a suitable outfit for every taste. Various brands are offered, including: Gymp, Timberland, IKKS, Jottum and Tommy Hilfiger.

Timmy Tom you can find a few shops at Jeugdmode van Zeggeren, namely in the Passage 16, 4701 AP Roosendaal.


Miishop in Roosendaal specializes in children's bridal fashion and party wear. They sell bridesmaid dresses, children's costumes and communion dresses, among other things.

In addition, they have a very extensive collection of accompanying accessories, which of course should not be missing on an important day like a wedding or a communion!

Think of: hair accessories, shoes, ties and bows, boleros and cardigans, tights, tights and socks.

In addition to these festive and formal clothing, Miishop also offers informal clothing for babies and children and is therefore also a good place to go if you are looking for clothing for everyday use.

This store has something for everyone!

Miishop is located at Markt 66, 4701 PJ Roosendaal.

Tumble 'N Dry

The Dutch brand Tumble 'N Dry offers beautiful and affordable children's clothing.

The brand often uses a shop-in-shop concept, which means there is a different name on the facade.

You will also find this brand in Roosendaal at Baby-Dump at Admiraal Lonckestraat 1, but in Roosendaal you can also find a Tumble 'N Dry outlet outside this store, namely in the Designer Outlet Rosada; ideal if you are looking for a great offer!

Boys and girls clothes are divided by age:

  • ZERO collection, available in sizes 50-68;
  • Lo. collection, available in sizes 68-98;
  • Mid .. collection, available in sizes 92-140
  • Hi… collection, available in sizes 128-176.

The brand designs cool, fresh, comfortable and affordable children's clothing for active, cool kids in the age of 0-12 years. 

Kids and parents who appreciate a good mix of 'cool and fashionable' can indulge themselves in the collections that are released every season.

Tumble 'N Dry Outlet Store Rosada can be found at the Rosada 70, 4703 TB Roosendaal.

Baby Dump

This business has 14 branches throughout the Netherlands and has everything you could wish for and think of when it comes to being pregnant and having a baby.

It is therefore an ideal store to visit for a nice maternity gift or of course for your own pregnancy and baby.

The store has maternity clothes, furniture, buggies, car seats and hundreds of other products, also children's clothing and offers these from size 44 to 86. You will find children's clothing from the brands: noppies, name it, Z8, Tumble 'N Dry, Quapic, Dirkje, Feetje and Bampidano. The brands have a common denominator: it is delicious and comfortable clothing. In this way, the baby's skin is not overstimulated and besides that, these clothes are very practical, made of soft fabrics and equipped with handy push buttons, so that you can easily put the clothes on and off.

Visit Baby-Dump Roosendaal at the Admiraal Lonckestraat 1, 4702 XH Roosendaal.

Wintermans Agenturen BV

If you go shopping at Wintermans Agenturen BV, do not hesitate to take your time, because you will not get bored here.

The showroom is very large and covers 1.200 m2.

Each label has been given its own space within this showroom where you can go through to your heart's content, and if desired with one of the sales employees, at your leisure.

There is a beautiful lunchroom that forms the heart of three family buildings and in this way connects the showrooms.

Wintermans Agenturen BV is an agency in high-end children's clothing that has existed since 1990.

The store is known for the fact that purchasing, professionalism, conviviality and family go hand in hand.

Various leading and international brands are offered, such as: Billieblush & Billybandit, Hugo Boss, Karl Lagerfeld, Carrement Beau, Chloé, Little Marc Jacobs, DKNY and many more.

So take your time to visit this store and feast your eyes!

Wintermans Agenturen BV is at the Vughtstraat 9, 4701 NJ Roosendaal. Please note the opening times: Monday to Thursday from 9:00 am - 17:00 pm.

Cool Cat

coolcat ede

CoolCat offers fun and cool clothes for boys and girls of good quality that are nice and comfortable.

You can go here for a trendy outfit for a very affordable price. At CoolCat the girls can indulge themselves with the nicest and hippest clothing of the moment.

They have a choice of nice dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, jeans clothing, nice pants and playsuits.

The latest fashion is followed closely and is of course incorporated into the own collection.

This way you are assured that your son or daughter will always look hip and trendy.

The collection of the boys is not inferior to the collection of the girls. For them you will find the coolest and nicest outfit for every occasion.

For school but also for special occasions. The boys' collection is so extensive that you can combine endlessly.

CoolCat has the right clothing collection for every season.

You can find CoolCat at the Roselaar 6, 4701 BC Roosendaal.


Scapino keeps a close eye on the latest fashion trends.

The Scapino collection is therefore always 'up to date' in the field of clothing, shoes and accessories.

Children grow quickly so you will have to change clothes often. In addition, it is often nice that the clothing is affordable.

The Scapino collection lends itself precisely to this. Affordable clothes for every age in stock.

Well-known brands at Scapino are Ai-girl or Oiboi. These collections are so extensive that you will have trouble making the right choice.

You have a choice of nice pants, shirts, blouses, trendy dresses and skirts, cool T-shirts with nice inscriptions but also cardigans, shirts and jackets for the winter months.

For the tough guys and girls we have the well-known fleece jackets, rain suits, thermal socks, ski clothing, hiking boots and backpacks from the Mountain Peak brand.

This has been specially developed for the more robust items in the collection. Quality is also very important here.

You will find Scapino at the Roselaar 45, 4701 BB Roosendaal.


This chain offers beautiful clothes for both boys and girls.

Decent clothing that fits well and feels comfortable and is also friendly on the wallet.

At terStal, the new season is new collection. The girls indulge themselves with the trendy and hip children's clothing according to the latest fashion.

There is a choice of sweaters, cardigans that are easy to combine with the nice dresses, skirts in fun colors and designs.

The clothing is comfortable, has a good fit and can take a beating. And for guys, there is no reason to get jealous.

TerStal also has an extensive collection waiting for them. Starting with this year's winter collection.

Beautiful cool winter clothing in different colors, made from the best materials. You can also mix and match this collection extensively.

The clothing is hip, trendy and cool. But it can also be very sporty or casual. For the boys you have nice and cool T-shirts and cardigans made of solid material.

TerStal is at the Roselaar 19, 4701 BA Roosendaal.


Shoeby Oosterhout

Shoeby is the shop for hip, cheerful and trendy clothing. The clothing is comfortable and of good quality.

Take a look at the own Shoeby brand Jill for girls. Jill radiates energy, is very cheerful and also has a tough side.

It is very easy to make endless combinations with the Shoeby collection. Your daughter can come up with a new look almost every day.

Other Dutch brands in the collection are Tumble 'n Dry and Cakewalk.

Of course the boys are not forgotten either, because Shoeby also has an extensive clothing line for them. Your son grows up and investigates.

During this process, he should feel easy and comfortable. And that is perfectly possible in the quality clothing from Shoeby.

Cool and cool T-shirts, boys' shirts, sweaters and cardigans with a sporty and graphic print.

Shoeby has its own Mitch brand for the boys. Very suitable for the little kids but also the slightly bigger tough guys.

The Mitch brand likes to alternate with the other brands Tumble 'n Dry and Twinlife.

Also take a look at the sturdy jeans. They usually have an adjustable waistband, making a good fit easy to achieve.

Shoeby is on the Roselaar 24, 4701 BC Roosendaal.


At Hema you will find an extensive collection of girls and boys clothing.

Qualitative, comfortable and super fun clothing that is specifically designed and made for Hema.

The latest fashion trends are taken into account when designing the clothing.

The collections for children offer a huge choice and color combinations. The clothing is beautiful and comfortable.

Even after a few washes, they still look like new. You can find the right outfit for every occasion at Hema.

At Hema you will find beautiful clothing for affordable prices, but made of good materials. Children's clothing is available at Hema up to size 176.

Hema can be found on the Roselaar 3, 4701 BA Roosendaal.


The clothing from C&A is high-quality, the clothing can take a beating, fashionable, designed according to the latest trends and with the newest and hippest colors, and is price-friendly, with growing children you regularly need new clothes and affordability is so important.

The collections also grow with the age of the child. Children who are 16 years old have a different taste than younger children.

Girls 'clothing ranges from size 92 to 176 and boys' clothing from size 92 to 182. But you can also go to C&A for the little ones.

They offer baby clothing from size 56 to size 98. With regard to baby clothing, much attention has been paid to the use of soft, comfortable and safe materials.

The baby can move well, is well protected and looks great!

Address C&A: Roselaar 4, 4701 BC Roosendaal.


At H&M you can find the most adorable clothes for your baby, but also for toddlers and teenagers.

At H&M you will find a very extensive collection with which you can combine endlessly. H&M sells very beautiful and cute baby clothes for little ones from 0 to 9 months.

You will find multipacks of all-in-ones made from very soft organic cotton. You will find the clothing in sizes 50 to 74.

At H&M you will also find a collection for girls and boys up to the age of 10.

The collection consists of colorful prints from flowers to butterflies, stripes and Disney figures.

The slightly older girls between 8 and 14 years have a different collection they can go to and they can choose from supple jersey dresses, slim-fit jeans and airy tops.

The boys also get their money's worth.

The young men between 8 and 14 years old have plenty of choice from urban, surfwear looks, T-shirts with fun and cool designs, jogging pants and snap-back caps.

Plenty of choice to make very nice combinations. You have the right clothing for every day at school and for every adventure.

You can visit H&M at the Nieuwe Markt 3, 4701 AA Roosendaal.


At Bristol you will find cheap fashion for the whole family! You will not only find clothing, but also shoes, accessories and sports equipment. 

For cool girls you will find nice shirts, trendy shorts and skirts and wonderfully comfortable pants at affordable prices.

You will also find cute dresses, cool jumpsuits, hip sweaters and nice warm jackets.

There is also an extensive collection for boys.

They can look hip and trendy with Bristol clothing. You will find cool T-shirts with funny prints, trendy checkered shirts, cool (jeans) pants, warm jackets, sporty sweaters and hooded cardigans.

Boys can romp, play or play football in these clothes to their heart's content.

Trendy clothes really don't have to be expensive and Bristol is the right place.

Bristol address: Roselaar 4, 4701 BC Roosendaal.


Do you know that you can find quality clothing at Zeeman? Believe it. Beautiful and practical clothing for a very affordable price.

At Zeeman you will find clothes for your baby. Nice cute rompers in beautiful colors and made in a functional way, so that you can easily put them on and take them off.

The rompers are made of very soft organic cotton that is wonderful and comfortable. For the newborns you will find nice pants, shirts, dresses and playsuits in various fun colors and print motifs.

With this collection you can make very nice combinations. The clothing is available in sizes 68 to 128. You can expect a new collection every season.

You can count on baby leggings and singlets for the summer holidays, jackets for the cold months and shirts that can be worn all year round.

Zeeman also sells wonderfully fitting pajamas for boys and girls. Pajamas with beautiful colors and beautiful designs.

There are two branches in Roosendaal: one on the Nieuwe Markt 26, 4707 NJ Roosendaal and the other is a little further from the center namely on Dijkcentrum 14B, 4706 LA Roosendaal.


wibra wells

Wibra is a family business that has existed for more than sixty years and now has more than 290 branches throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.

The store is known for its competitively priced clothing and with children who are growing like crazy this sometimes works out very well!

If, in addition to a competitive price, you can also offer quality and nice collections, then of course you have a golden combination.

Baby clothes start from size 50/56 and run up to 86/92. You should think of various rompers and comfortable pajamas.

Children's clothing starts from size 92 and can run up to and including size 170. Here you can choose between jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, etc. for boys.

The girls can choose from nice leggings, beautiful skirts and trendy sweaters.

It is an ideal store for young and old, where shopping and the pleasure of the customer are paramount, together with respectful service and a competitive price.

Wibra is located on the Roselaar 32, 4701 BC Roosendaal.

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Accessibility of Roosendaal and the location of the shops

As mentioned in the intro of this page, Roosendaal offers excellent shopping opportunities, especially in the beautiful large shopping centers.

But you can stroll old-fashioned and visit beautiful shops in the Raadhuisstraat.

De Roselaar shopping center:

Here you can shop under cover in the heart of Roosendaal and walk straight into the shopping center from the parking garage.

The shopping center offers a variety of shops from both local entrepreneurs and national or international chains.

After renovation, De Roselaar has been given a modern look with a beautiful playground for children.

The Passage:

The Passage is more than the connection between Raadhuisstraat and Nieuwe Markt.

Due to its overwhelming Italian Baroque style, marble floors, richly decorated facades, beautiful stained-glass windows and an impressive dome above the central terrace, it is often put on the sensitive plate and is a major tourist attraction.


You can stroll old-fashioned in the historic Raadhuisstraat. Here you will find hip and exclusive shops, located in often authentic buildings.

Formerly the residential area of ​​the notables, now the hotspot of beautiful shops.

By train:

Roosendaal is centrally located in the West Brabant region and is easily accessible by rail.

Roosendaal train station has been a fairly busy train hub for decades. The train tracks reach Roosendaal station from all four directions.

From the west you can travel from Vlissingen and Middelburg to Roosendaal. From the south there is a connection with the Belgian city of Antwerp.

From the east comes the train from Breda, which travels from Zwolle via Arnhem, Den Bosch and Tilburg to Roosendaal.

The northern track connects Rotterdam, Dordrecht and Zevenbergen with Roosendaal, among others.

By car:

By car you are already in 15 minutes via the A58 from Breda in the center of Roosendaal.

From Rotterdam you can drive to Roosendaal in about 45 minutes via the A16 and A17.

In the city there are plenty of parking options for the greatest convenience during a pleasant shopping day in Roosendaal!

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