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Best water hose toys for garden hose sprinklers

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Children love everything to do with water and can enjoy it for hours.

As soon as the weather is nice outside, you can keep them sweet for hours. Especially when you get nice water hose toys!

In this article we have selected the best water hose toys for you for creative and splashing fun.

Best water hose toy for the garden hose

Thanks to the great imagination of children, they come up with the best games with water and have great fun.

However, with certain toys they can get the best out of their experience and develop their cognitive skills as well.

The nicest toy for the water hose is this BS Toys spraying Octopus which sprays in all directions. What a CRAZY thing, super funny! If you have a larger garden it is beautiful, unfortunately less suitable for a small garden.

Totally great and a nice colorful toy that the younger children will love.

Paul Lewis here turns it really hard, but you can turn it louder and softer yourself with the garden hose water pressure:

Play combined with learning is a great combination that produces healthy and sensible children in the long run.

It is therefore important that we as parents provide the right toys to our children, because the toys we choose form a solid basis for learning through play.

Certainly toys that invite you to play outside is always good for children.

So if you are looking for the best water hose toys for your child, feel free to take a look at the different types of toys below that you can connect to your water hose in the backyard.

Our recommendations not only provide hours of fun, but also help to shape and develop the different skills of your child.

Water hose toysImages
Cutest water sprinkler toy: BS Toys Octopus water partyBS Toys garden hose octopus water fun

(view more images)

Best water game for the garden hose: Playfun water hopscotch matPlayfun water hopscotch mat for the garden hose

 (view more images)

Best water mat for the garden: Bestway H2GOBest water mat for the garden: Bestway H2GO

(view more images)

Best garden hose toy: Little Tikes Splash FaceLittle tikes water hose toy for pulling rope in the garden

(view more images)

Best water cannon toys: Garden hose cannon 12 metersBest water hose water cannon with connection

 (view more images)

Best water mat for a baby: Femur water fountainWater play mat for a baby water toy

 (view more images)

Here you can see the best three in our video review, or read on for our buying guide and individual reviews:

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Water hose toy buying guide

What is it that makes kids so crazy about water sprinklers?

Well, honestly, it's not just kids who love to play in sprinklers, but often the parents too!

But seriously, what's there not to love?

On a really hot day, which we have more and more of these nowadays, only cold drinks and ice cream just don't make it.

You have to trade your shorts and T-shirt for swimming trunks and avoid the water flows from the sprinkler, or just don't dodge!

And this activity is not limited to just that of elementary school-age children. Adults often join in the fun, although some teens may be a little too gruff or cool to play with.

The smooth grass turns into a natural slip and slide and everyone has fun.

Can't you just work with a sprinkler?

The short answer to the question about regular sprinklers is: Yes.

Regular sprinklers work great for cooling your kids on a hot day. And most kids won't be picky about the type of sprinkler.

I used to play with the sprinkler in the garden, but we also did not have such great special sprinklers for children as, for example, that octopus.

One thing to keep in mind about regular sprinklers, however, is that they can pose a risk of injury because they have hard metal pieces, or the water pressure can be too high.

Impact sprinklers, for example, send a powerful stream of water over your lawn.

It is great to water a large area. However, if a child gets too close to the sprayer itself, it can be painful for them.

Also, ground sprinklers are usually made of sturdy, hard plastic or metal, which are easy to trip over (especially if you have several in the yard), and those drops can lead to battered knees, bruises or sore toes.

In addition, it is of course just much more fun to have one that also offers a nice play element.

What should you look for in water hose toys?

Anyone can have fun if you know what to look for in the best sprayer for kids.

Obviously, you only want to look for sprinklers that connect to a standard garden hose.

Otherwise, things get a little more complicated and probably not worth it.

Multiple sprays

A single sprayer is certainly fun, but a multiple nozzles and sprays sprayer is much more fun whether you have a kid or six of those little ones.

Especially if you have more kids playing in the sprinklers, a sprinkler with lots of sprays can avoid arguments about who gets wet first.

Use bright colors

OK, this isn't a necessity, but if you have a sprinkler that's bright, colorful, and even has a fun shape, it can make a difference to a kid.

Small children in particular will be attracted to the toys and have even more fun in the summer.

One button for variable pressure

Not all kids want water that shoots six feet high, and there are certainly parents who don't approve of their toddlers being sprayed in the face with strong streams of water.

So, some of the best sprinklers for kids have different water pressures, or are just age-appropriate.

You can buy those high streams for the older kids, and shorter, gentler ones for the little ones.

Soft materials

One of the great things about spray play for kids is that it helps them refine motor skills and build muscle.

They jump and swing around in the water. It helps to have spray toys that are soft in case of falling or slipping.

This may not be necessary for your child, but it may be something to keep in mind.

Six best garden hose toys reviewed

There is really no simpler toy for the garden than a garden hose!

Let your kids spray delicious water back and forth in the backyard and you have managed to keep them busy for an afternoon.

No matter how fun this is, it can always be more fun! By combining the right water hose toy with the garden hose, the water game becomes even more fun.

From water mats to slide in the garden to a real water cannon, there are a lot of fun water hose toys to be found!

If you are thinking about purchasing water hose toys for your children, read on.

There are several options to look at. Here we list the best water hose toys and give you our favorites.

Best water sprinkler toys: BS Toys Octopus water party

Children and water always make a good combination!

Add fun water hose toys to the combination and your little one will move and enjoy the open air and warm sun.

However, if you still have very little ones at home, then this multicolored Octopus is from BS Toys our best recommendation.

the best garden hose water spray toys BS Toys Octopus

(view more images)

Cozy water octopus

You simply attach this toy to the garden hose.

As soon as the water starts to flow and it reaches the octopus, it swings around with its tentacles and makes everything and everyone around cozy wet. The great thing is that it doesn't need extra water to start up, it just starts spraying right away.

BS Toys garden hose octopus water fun

(view more images)

Your little one will love to run through the spraying water.

This octopus splashes and gives a lot of fun to smaller children and is perfect for children between 2 and 4 years.

Certainly good for everyday use on the warm weekends, but this fun water sprinkler toy is also a nice alternative to have as an attraction at a birthday party.

Play together and being active with water

With other children it only gets more fun!

Playing with water together is certainly much more fun and your child also learns to play together and communicate with other children.

Because your child is running in the open air, other skills are also developed such as their physical motor skills.

All that running and jumping will certainly do your child good and your child will undoubtedly enjoy it a lot.

The only downside is that you need a spacious lawn or backyard to use it properly as I found it to be fun to spray over the fence quickly, but if you have a large yard or want to take it to a children's party he gives a lot of fun!

Check the latest prices and availability here

Best water game for the garden hose: Playfun water hopscotch mat

Playfun water hopscotch mat

(view more images)

Playfun has super fun toys that we have recommended in our advice before, and they also have a number of fun outdoor toys such as this hopscotch mat with water.

There are a lot of fun things you can connect to your garden hose, but this mat is the most fun game I've found to keep your kids entertained.

They probably went anyway hopscotch outside, a bit depending on the age and with this water mat it is now also nice to do on a sweltering day.

Just like with regular hopscotch you have to jump with your feet on the track in the right way, but if you jump wrong you will not only be off, but you will also get wet!

Playfun water hopscotch mat for the garden hose

(view more images)

The edges of the compartments will first fill up completely with water and as soon as they are full, a little water will already spray out, depending on how hard you open the garden hose.

When you stand on an edge, and especially when you accidentally jump on it, all the water sprays out for quite high jets.

The advantage of this mat is that you do not have to set the garden hose too hard once it is full, although the harder the more fun of course because the jets will really be a lot higher.

The disadvantage I found was that it needs quite a bit of water to fill up and that all the water stays centered in one place, so your lawn quickly becomes a water ballet. Maybe something to watch out for.

For example, we regularly move him through the garden so that everything gets water and limit the time he can play with it a bit.

Check it out here at Amazon

Best water mat for the garden: Bestway H2GO

A very nice toy to which you can connect your water hose is a water slide, also called a water mat.

Our favorite water mat for the garden is this double water mat garden slide from Bestway

Best water mat for the garden: Bestway H2GO

(view more images)

In the summer, your children can play with it in the garden. Nothing prevents you from simply taking this water mat with you to the campsite.

Nice sliding and racing together

It will be summer days with cozy races for two on this water mat. The water slide is wide enough for two children to slide in one go and have a race.

You just act who gets to the spray finish first.

The mat has built-in nozzles that give a waterfall effect and also keep the track smooth for easy and safe gliding.

At the end of the track there is a mini bath where the water sprays upwards for a spectacular finish.

All you have to do is connect this water mat to a garden hose, let the water flow and you have provided your kids with fun water fun.

Learn while playing with this water mat for the garden

Because the children have to maintain their balance while sliding, you help them to develop that skill in this way.

The water mat also offers a practical and fun way to cool down when it is too hot.

Although this toy is recommended for children from 1 month to 3 years old, we think that the slightly older children can enjoy it too.

Of course they have to take turns doing this and not all at the same time.

The mat is made of vinyl and is easy to fold when you are done with it.

Make sure you wipe the water mat with a cloth and some cleaning agent and that it is completely dry before you put it away again.

View it here at

Best garden hose toy: Little Tikes Splash Face

You should definitely have this very nice game called Splash Face from Little Tikes!

It is a kind of rope pulling game that you simply connect to the garden hose. Then you attach it firmly to the ground and then the pulling is blown.

Splash face garden hose toy

(view more images)

Learning to play together

Two children should stand on opposite sides of the toy and pull as hard as they can on the end of the rope.

The one who loses gets completely soaked!

It is a fun game to play competitions with to see who is stronger.

Your child is stimulated to use the arm muscles to win, while they have a lot of fun.

These toys are not only good for promoting physical development, but also contribute to learning to play together with other children and the tolerance of the child.

I don't have it myself, but I found two videos here that show you what you can do with it:

In one video you can see how Twins Playtime & Toys like real customers test and try it out. The other video is from Little Tikes herself as a kind of explanatory commercial video.

Little Tikes is always recommended for toys for example, we have a water table from them.

You already know about the Little Tikes brand that they make high-quality toys that last a long time and are also innovative and educational for your child.

We think this water snake toy is a super fun game to play with outside on hot summer days.

This toy is also suitable for children from 4 years old.

View the most current prices here

Best water cannon toy: Garden hose cannon 12 meters

Best water hose water cannon with connection

(view more images)

Playing outside is always a good idea. For both small children and slightly older children.

Outside the house, your children are free to move and can romp to their heart's content and let their imaginations run wild.

Do you also need something to keep your older kids busy during the hot summer days?

Then this cool water cannon is an absolute must to consider.

Come up with creative water games

With this water cannon you can shoot your target from a distance of 12 meters, making it easy to spray anyone who walks past.

It is a very nice toy for your child to have for when he plays war, for example.

These toys require a certain amount of eye and hand coordination from your child in order to aim well and hit their target.

Certainly a nice toy to help develop this skill in a playful way.

No hassle with refilling this water cannon

The great thing about this water cannon is that in principle the ammunition never runs out.

Your child can continue to spray to their heart's content as long as the water supply does not stop, because you can connect a garden hose to it!

No hassle of filling water at the tap and making a mess like with a usual water gun, just connect the garden hose once and you're done.

For the rest, the shooting is blown!

The creative games that your child can play and invent with this fun water cannon are endless.

In this way your child has hours of fun and their creativity and physical motor skills are stimulated.

You will be amazed at the exciting adventures they can come up with themselves.

The water cannon comes with a stand and a water connection and is ideal for children between 3 and 12 years old.

View it here at

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Best water mat for a baby: Femur water fountain

But the little ones can of course also play with water in the garden.

We've thought of them too and chose this really fun water play mat as our favorite for babies.

Water play mat for a baby water toy

(view more images)

In the summer you can certainly use this inflatable water play mat for your baby to cool off in.

The play mat is specially designed for babies from 3 months old.

Cool down and water play fun for the baby

Several children can play together on the spacious play mat with a diameter of 160 cm.

The water mat is easy to use and offers a lot of fun for your baby.

An extra nice detail of this baby water mat is that you can easily connect a garden hose to it so that water jets spray into the air around the mat.

It is therefore a water-spraying play mat that fits perfectly in the garden during a party or that you simply put outside on a warm day.

Your baby will love it when the water jets spray over his head and will try to catch them too.

By increasing or decreasing the water supply, you determine the amount of water you use and thus also the height of the jets.

Motor stimulation by the water

Besides the fact that the mat gives water fun to your child, he is also stimulated to use his hands and feet to support himself when he crawls to the water jets to grab them.

We do have to mention that you should never let your child play on the mat unsupervised.

Although the mat is very shallow and the water level seems very low, there is still a risk of drowning.

Babies who can already sit up and can to crawl will be able to enjoy this toy better in our opinion.

Because the water mat is made of heavy and durable PVC material, the chance of leakage is very small.

You and your child will enjoy this fun water play mat for a long time.

View it here at


Depending on your preferences, the best garden hose toy for kids could be something they can slide on or something that sprays in all directions.

Generally speaking, if you are looking for a spray toy that is fun, colorful, interactive and durable then you will want to take a look at the looking for the BS Toys Octopus.

The cartoon face, bright color, spinning top and the ability to easily adjust the distance of the water jets by turning your faucet up or down make this a fantastic summer toy.

Whether you have kids who want to run, jump, and play in this miniature octopus, you probably can't do better than this little sprinkler.

Don't forget to bring it back in after playing to keep the plastic in good condition.

Looking for more fun toys for your children to let them play outside? Take a look in this top 10 with the best outdoor toys!

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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