New Classic Toys Bon Appetit Play Kitchen Reviewed

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Suitable for children from 2 years

The nicest wooden children's kitchen I've found is this one from New Classic Toys, and not that expensive at all, which makes it the best price-quality ratio choice.

There is plenty to play with with the included pans, ladle, spatulas, pepper pot and salt set and even plates. A whole lot of accessories that you don't see in every kitchen, and all made of wood (except for the removable metal sink).

Best wooden cooking roleplay
New Classic Toys Bon Appetit Play Kitchen
Product image
Toy score
Best for
  • Solid wood construction, not laminate
  • Oven knobs really click and feel very solid
Less good
  • Rotary knob microwave does not click and tap is also less sturdy

Let's look at the specs first:

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  • Age: 3 to 6 years
  • Makes sound: Yes
  • Worktop height: 55 cm
  • Material: Wood
  • Number of batteries required: 2x AA
  • Pre-assembled: No
  • Accessories: a pan with a lid, a saucepan, three cooking spoons, an oven glove, three plates and a salt & pepper pot set
  • Dimensions: 30 cm (w) x 100 cm (h) x 60 cm (l) or x 11.81 x 39.37 x 23.62 inches

What is the New Classic Toys Play Kitchen?

A sturdy wooden play kitchen that you have to assemble yourself. There are a few accessories to play with right away, such as 2 pans, 3 spoons, a mitten, plates and salt and pepper shakers.

The tap can rotate and the metal countertop is removable. There are storage compartments for the plates at the top plus room for more. In addition, there is a microwave with magnetic closure and rotary knob.

The hob is plastic and may glow red and make noise. Below that is the oven with rotary knobs and more compartments for storage space.

On both sides are hooks for the oven glove and dishcloth and on the left side is a chalkboard.

What makes the New Classic Toys Play Kitchen so much fun?

It's nice to get so much kitchen and accessories for your money.

That makes the set very affordable because you don't necessarily have to buy extra accessories, although some cutting vegetables I reviewed here makes it extra fun.

Where the kitchen excels in particular is in the solid rotary knobs of the oven that actually click so that you have the feeling that you are actually setting an oven setting. 

Many kitchens, and especially the cheaper ones, have knobs that simply turn loose, with no tactile feeling, and that is less fun for fantasy play.

Furthermore, the burners on the stove can be turned on at the push of a button so that they light up and really produce a bubbling cooking sound, which is just that little bit more real when making delicious dishes.

Not too big, fits in a corner of the room like ours against the couch. This way it gives your child a lot of fun.

It also doesn't take too much space around it because everything happens at the front of the kitchen. You just need some space to open the oven, which folds down.

New Classic Toys play kitchen in the corner

For example, we have not used the chalkboard at all, so we are always on that side toys Boxes.

Assemble New Classic Toys play kitchen

It is also easy to assemble with clear instructions. It's like putting together an Ikea closet. Same quality actually.

I was working on it for 1,5 hours so that was less so on the birthday itself. My son of course couldn't wait to play with it.


There isn't really any workspace in the kitchen other than the pans. There is no place to cut your fruit and vegetables, for example. That's a shame.

It is also a pity that the rotary knob on the microwave is of a very different quality than the sturdy knobs on the oven.

It hasn't broken down after almost 2 years of playing, but it also doesn't have that feel and click sound of the buttons underneath.

The tap is also not very sturdy, we now have it a bit to the side because it always got in the way when wanting to "wash" food.

But all in all a very nice set for a good price. I think they saved on the right things and gave the most important thing a lot of attention.

Best wooden cooking roleplay

New Classic ToysBon Appetit Play Kitchen

Great wood and sturdy oven knobs that actually click give it a very real feel.

Toy score
Product image


New Classic Toys is a sustainable brand and with this they have a good and complete set that gives a lot of fun for an affordable price.

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Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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