Slamm Classic V8 Review | Best tested scooter from 8 years old

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Is your child a beginner with the scooter, but do you also expect him to reach a higher level quickly?

Then the Slamm Classic V8 is one of the best and most affordable scooters on the market right now.

For an upcoming stunter from 8 to at least 15 years old, the Slamm Classic V8 is a nice, solid scooter with a completely renewed look and made with excellent materials.

Slamm Classic V8 stunt scooter reviewed

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The Slamm Classic V8 scooter is produced by the English brand Slamm Scooters, they have introduced dozens of - constantly improved - variants on the market in recent years.

Maybe this scooter is the one you have been looking for for a long time for your child ...

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What features does the new V8 have?

This much improved version of the Slamm Classic has a reinforced steel handlebar in the BMX style, with a height of 75,5 cm, its - sometimes brightly colored - wheels have a diameter of 110 mm.

It has a weight of 3,79 kg and can carry a maximum of 100 kg.

The scooter is finished with a high-quality paint and the bar easily rotates 360 degrees for tricks.

Below you can see all the other great features:

  • Fork: a bar made of reinforced steel
  • Handles: 135 mm Pro swirl handles with grippy bar ends, optionally with a color
  • Wheels: 100mm 88A alloy PU wheels
  • Bearings: ABEC-9 chrome bearings
  • Brake: 110mm carbon steel flex foot brake
  • Deck: T6 heat treated aluminum deck with nylon inserts
  • Clamp: Anodized clamp secured with three solid and large bolts
  • Headset: A fully integrated NECO headset and an IHC compression system
  • Height: 83.5 cm measured from the ground

Slamm Classic VII stunt scooter

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Why is this scooter nice for children?

After going through a lot of reviews about this scooter, I can tell you why I think this is a really good one.

Children from the age of 8 love this scooter, it is the best rated scooter for this age.

And not least because of its flexibility and lightness.

The fork made of reinforced steel gives our young shredders extra safety and the excellent bearings give your child a lot of speed.

This scooter rides super smooth and is also cool to see.

The bar rotates 360 degrees, suitable for all tricks that your stunter wants to perform.

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The scooter can take a beating, because the materials used are of very good quality.

The NECO headset and also the IHC compression system make this scooter suitable for better flexibility while your child is on stunt rides, requiring a lot of smooth movements.

But, from time to time, he can of course also take it for a normal ride on the street.

It is a great scooter for a child who is just starting out, but it is also great for advanced stunters.

Here you can see the Slamm in action:

The scooter is available in matte black - very cool - with possibly a few color accents in the form of handles and colored wheels, for example turquoise, yellow or orange.

I really like the simple matte black itself, but I can imagine that your child will go for a few cool color accents.

One of the many great reviews I came across was:

“Very easy to assemble. The scooter came with a scratch on the back of the deck, but luckily this was just on the grip tape; the scooter itself was flawless. My 8-year-old son was thrilled with his new scooter; he especially liked the smoothness of the wheels. It's a modest, but super cool scooter. Runs very smoothly, I would like to use it myself. "

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Slamm Classic V8: conclusion

Packed with top quality components, this scooter is… like Slamm's redesigned steel fork, nylon spacers and top ABEC-9 Chrome bearings!

Add to that Slamm's exclusive extruded connector and you just know that this scooter feels good during stunt riding.

In terms of quality, the Slamm Classic V8 parts used are simply fine, and for a not too high price. You save quite a bit, while the performance is not inferior to the more expensive scooters.

The bold color accents in combination with the black finish make this scooter look great.

When I look at the price-quality ratio, this Slamm Classic is by far the best for older children, or perhaps for yourself.

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Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

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