LEGO Atlantis | Search for the lost city with these 6 fun packages

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  December 28, 2020

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Atlantis is a Disney adventure movie released in January 2010.

The plot centers on a team of underwater explorers who search the sea floor for the sunken city of Atlantis from ancient myths.

The Explorers are equipped with a wide variety of futuristic underwater vehicles with light green viewing windows and weapons.

In their quest, they encounter gigantic sentries that block the passage to Atlantis, as well as the warriors of Atlantis in the form of sharks, squid and rays with human-like features.

Lego Atlantis

The Atlantis-themed LEGO sets include models of awesome submarines and giant sea monsters.

All Atlantis sets also come with recognizable minifigures from the movie.

Toy reviews & comparisons video

Combine them also with LEGO pirates for underwater and above water fun.

LEGO offers various building kits of the Atlantis theme. A lot of fun is therefore guaranteed.

To keep things clear, we have made a top 6 for you of the products that have received the best reviews from satisfied customers.

Let's take a quick look at the best packages, then I'll dig deeper into each of these choices:

LEGO Atlantis package Images
Cutest enemy: LEGO Atlantis Deep Sea Spine 8076

Cutest enemy: LEGO Atlantis Deep Sea Spine 8076

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Nicest LEGO Atlantis building: Gate To Atlantis 8078

Best LEGO Atlantis building: Gate To Atlantis 8078

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Cutest LEGO Atlantis vessel: Typhoon Turbo submarine 8060

Best LEGO Atlantis vessel: Typhoon Turbo submarine 8060

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Most fun fight: Battle of the shipwreck 8057

Most fun battle: Battle of the shipwreck 8057

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Cutest LEGO Atlantis Robot: Bottom runner 7977

Cutest LEGO Atlantis Robot: Bottom Walker 7977

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Best underwater chase: Shadow Happer 8079

Best underwater chase: Shadow Happer 8079

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Best LEGO Atlantis packages reviewed

Cutest enemy: LEGO Atlantis Deep Sea Spine 8076

Cutest enemy: LEGO Atlantis Deep Sea Spine 8076

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Our number one of these top 5 is the LEGO Atlantis Deep Sea Spine.

This spectacular package has a great price and is intended for the real brave LEGO enthusiast among us who wants to conquer the green Atlantis key and is not afraid to fight against a large scorpion.

You can assemble this scorpion yourself!

Includes 1 diver minifigure with sea scooter equipped with dual harpoons and treasure key grab, pack includes collectable green key of Atlantis.

The Scorpio sentry you assemble has a poisonous tail spine, flexible claws and strong jaws.

What makes our number one of the Atlantis series our favorite? The LEGO Atlantis Deep Sea Spine is a kit for the brave LEGO builder.

With the lightning-fast sea scooter, you as a heroic diver can tear along the bottom of the ocean to conquer the green key of Atlantis.

Meet and fight the strong scorpion that will make it difficult for you to get the key.

With this kit you assemble the large scorpion, which is flexible with its moving tail, moving claws and jaws that can bite.

The scorpion has a terrifying appearance and is black and orange in color, with white details.

A package for children who love adventure and underwater stories. This package is intended for children between 7 and 14 years old and consists of 260 building parts.

Check the latest prices here

Best LEGO Atlantis building: Gate To Atlantis 8078

Best LEGO Atlantis building: Gate To Atlantis 8078

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Our number two of the list, also a beautiful and very extensive package and therefore also a bit more expensive than the number one, is the LEGO Atlantis Gateway to Atlantis.

With this pack you build the great portal to the lost city of Atlantis.

If you want to get through it, you have to compete against several strong guards and fighters in addition to using the five keys.

Includes 7 minifigures: 3 divers, 1 portal emperor, 2 fighters (1 shark and 1 squid) and 1 skeleton, contains all 5 keys to Atlantis: green, blue, yellow, red and orange.

The large shark-beaked gate opens to reveal the steps leading to the portal. Includes statues that protect treasures.

Our number two of this spectacular LEGO Atlantis theme is the pack named LEGO Atlantis Gateway to Atlantis.

This package has a bigger price tag than the first package, but you get a lot in return.

LEGO Gateway to Atlantis consists of 1007 parts and is suitable for children between 8 and 14 years old.

It consists of the giant portal to the lost city of Atlantis and comes with highly detailed items.

In the middle is a large shark beak as a gate that can slam shut and a smaller gate with a fence on each side.

In addition, the passage to the city of Atlantis is made difficult for you by the living statues in the shape of a shark, which will block the passage for you.

Also watch out for hidden traps!

It can be played with various minifigures, so all kinds of adventures can be created.

The pack comes with three divers, one portal emperor, one shark and one squid warrior and a fourth skeleton figure.

Collect all five Atlantis keys so you can open the portal to access this mysterious underwater city.

Check availability here

Best LEGO Atlantis vessel: Typhoon Turbo submarine 8060

Best LEGO Atlantis vessel: Typhoon Turbo submarine 8060

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The second package that fits nicely with the above two packages, the LEGO Atlantis Typhoon Turbo submarine.

This pack contains 197 building blocks with which a cool submarine can be built. The submarine is equipped with rotating propellers.

The set comes with 2 minifigures, including 1 diver and 1 warrior in the shape of a shark with trident.

The submarine has flexible rotating propellers, which can be used to switch between attack and treasure-grab mode.

The submarine has a torpedo shooter, can fire rockets, a claw that can take the treasure chest key and an opening cockpit. Includes yellow Atlantis key!

Is a villain coming your way and want to attack? Then you can turn on the attack mode. Are you ready to grab the treasure?

Then you can take out the grippers. The submarine is also equipped with a torpedo shooter and can fire rockets.

You will definitely have to use these gadgets in your mission to eventually get to the city of Atlantis. You also get the yellow Atlantis key with this package.

By combining the three aforementioned packages, you have a lot of building and playing options for a good price.

You have various vehicles with which you can move and mini figures enough to make up your own story.

And all with your favorite Atlantis theme!

View this set here

Most fun battle: Battle of the shipwreck 8057

atlantis shipwreck

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Set includes 2 minifigures: 1 brave diver and 1 shark warrior with trident, includes diving accessories: diving helmet, tank, spear and fins, super scooter with dual harpoon gun, directional motors, spinning turbines and control valves.

Collectible Blue Atlantis Treasure Chest Key included. Contains 64 pieces.

View the most current prices here

Cutest LEGO Atlantis Robot: Bottom Walker 7977

This package is already quite a construction set in itself, but if you like to have packages that fit well with the above product, then you have a number of options.

The LEGO Atlantis Bottom Runner is for children with about the same age range as that of the LEGO Atlantis Gateway to Atlantis package, in this case 8-14 years.

Deep-sea diver Axel Storm walks across the seabed in his strong bottom runner and discovers the precious golden shield.

Shark Guard features harpoon and grapples, bottom walker transforms into submarine, including diver and shark guard minifigures, and golden shield treasure.

105 stones.

The bottom runner can be transformed into a submarine, as was the case with the LEGO Atlantis Underwater Exploration package (see above).

Once the treasure has been found and captured, you can transform the bottom runner into the submarine so that you can bring the treasure to the surface as quickly as possible.

But watch out for the dreaded hammerhead shark with trident, because he doesn't want you to take the treasure with you!

Check prices and availability here

Best underwater chase: Shadow Happer 8079

To expand this pack, after you have spent a lot of time playing with it, there are complementary packs that make it possible to play even more different stories and build multiple products.

One such package that perfectly matches the LEGO Atlantis Deep Sea Spine is the LEGO Atlantis Shadow Bite.

This pack is also for ages 7-14 and includes the Shadow Happer with a fighting boat and a diver minifigure.

The boat has twin torpedoes. The pack also contains the yellow Atlantis treasure chest key.

Collect all Atlantis keys to access the lost city!

By purchasing this pack as an extension of the first pack, you immediately have two of the five Atlantis keys, namely the green and the yellow.

You also have two underwater monsters, namely the scorpion and the Shadow Happer and two divers with water scooter and boat.

Ask the divers for reinforcements and defeat both monsters!

View the most current prices here

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LEGO - timeless toys for all ages

LEGO is one of the best known toy brands and the favorite among most children.

That's because LEGO is constantly releasing new toys with an interesting theme.

For example, LEGO has various Disney themes in addition to Atlantis (think of, for example, Star Wars, Batman, Spiderman, Aladdin), but also themes that are intended for older children and are therefore aimed at building more complex toys.

A good example of the latter is the Technic theme from LEGO, with which complex cars, trucks and forklifts can be built.

This is a theme that will also make the fathers happy, and can lead to pleasant afternoons building with the family.

The Creator 3-in-1 theme is also an interesting theme, where with the purchase of one package, three different products can be built.

LEGO good for development

LEGO ensures that children will keep busy for hours, both with the hands and with the brain.

LEGO also has an educational function: by playing with LEGO building blocks, children will develop better in the motor area and they can also do role-playing games with the help of the LEGO figures.

LEGO toys also make it possible for children to learn which steps they have to take to reach a certain end goal, in this case a product made of LEGO blocks.

Children are thus encouraged to think logically, and not to give up if things don't work out for a while.

Children will understand that only if they take certain steps and keep taking them, can they build a beautiful toy that they can play with all afternoon.

That gives a feeling of pride and a bit of self-confidence!

LEGO - realistic and creative

In addition, the packages from LEGO often offer realistic details. An example is one of the airport packages from LEGO City.

Everything you encounter at a real airport can also be found in this package.

LEGO makes packages recognizable and so children can learn about certain situations while playing. LEGO unleashes creativity in every child and stimulates reflection.

LEGO focuses on a variety of ages so that children can continue to use LEGO toys as they grow up and keep them challenged.

LEGO Duplo is for the little ones, and there are also packages that are intended for older children, as mentioned above, due to the complexity of the LEGO blocks.

LEGO also has various themes that are often liked by boys and toys that focus more on girls.

LEGO really has great play options for every child.

The colored building blocks make it possible for children to create their own world.

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LEGO Atlantis - the story

What exactly is the story of the sunken city of Atlantis about?

Compared to the old, well-known Disney stories of, for example, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and Cinderella, the story of Atlantis is less known, so that not everyone will have clear what this story is about.

That is why we give you a brief summary of this impressive story.

A long time ago, a tsunami threatened to flood the city of Atlantis.

The queen of Atlantis is suddenly caught by a strange blue light and is lifted into the "Heart of Atlantis", a crystal that protects the city.

An underwater expedition departs

Years later, Milo believes he has found the manuscript that gives instructions to the lost territory.

Mr. Whitmore, an eccentric millionaire, appoints Milo as part of the crew of an expedition to the lost city of Atlantis.

The expedition is carried out by a team of specialists led by Commander Lyle Rourke. They leave in the Ulysses, a huge submarine.

During the journey, they are attacked by the Leviathan, a giant monster guarding the entrance to Atlantis.

The Ulysses is destroyed, but the team has the chance to escape to a cave: the entrance to Atlantis.

After a journey with obstacles, they reach the limits of Atlantis.

The King of Atlantis is unhappy with the team's visit, but agrees to stay one night.

By diving deep into the submerged ruins of the city and translating underwater murals, Milo Kida (the daughter of the king) helps to discover the nature of the Heart of Atlantis: it provides the Atlanteans with strength and a long life through the crystals worn around their necks.

This is not mentioned in the manuscript, but then Milo suddenly remembers that a page was missing from this book.

The secret of the crystal

Milo learns that Rourke owns this missing page and together with the crew, Rourke betrays Milo with the plan to capture and sell the crystal!

Rourke injures the king and finds the crystal under the king's throne room.

The crystal, which has a certain consciousness, senses that something is wrong and merges with Kida and is locked up by Rourke and the crew.

When the crystal disappears, the Atlanteans will die! Milo convinces the crew to leave Rourke.

The king tells Milo that the crystal thrives on the collective emotions of the Atlanteans and will find a royal host when Atlantis is in danger.

While dying, he gives his crystal to Milo and tells him to save Atlantis and Kida. Milo gathers the crew and Atlanteans to stop Rourke.

Rescue in the volcano

This is followed by a battle inside the volcano, in which Rourke is destroyed. Milo and the others successfully fly the crystal back to the city.

The volcano erupts and through the lava Kida rises in her crystal form in the air, creating a protective shield.

The lava freezes and breaks away harmlessly, with a restored Atlantis, and the crystal returns to Milo.

Milo has fallen in love with Kida, and becomes king of Atlantis with Kida as his queen.

He stays behind to help her rebuild the lost empire.

As you can read, the Atlantis story has a curious and interesting plot, which also makes the play possibilities of LEGO with this theme extra gripping and interesting.

Children will love exploring the underwater world with the accompanying figures and machines and fighting monsters to finally discover the impressive city of Atlantis.

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