LEGO Hero Factory | Build your own heroes with these top 5 packs

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  November 8, 2020

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Hero Factory is a series of construction toys designed by LEGO, mainly aimed at children from 6 to 16 years old.

The theme launched in 2010 as a successor to the former LEGO building theme Bionicle, which ended its run earlier that year.

In its legacy, Hero Factory initially used the building system used in Bionicle, after which Hero Factory later took on its own character.

While your sister plays with LEGO Frozen, you usually want to battle these powerful Heros.

Lego hero factory

However, the Hero Factory theme was discontinued after 2014, in favor of the revival of Bionicle.

The Hero Factory sets are nevertheless nice sets from LEGO that are still on offer and in our opinion are worth checking out.

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Let's take a quick look at the best packages, then I'll dig deeper into each of these choices:

LEGO Hero packs Images
Best to assemble: LEGO Hero Factory Scorpio (view more images)
LEGO Hero Factory SURGE & ROCKA Fighting Machine (view more images)
LEGO Hero Factory JACKET Beast vs. STORMER (view more images)
LEGO Hero Factory ROCKA Crawler (view more images)
LEGO Hero Factory EVO Walker (view more images)

What is LEGO Hero Factory all about?

The story of the Hero Factory series revolves around the Alpha 1 Team, a group of high-ranking robot heroes who work for the Hero Factory.

This peace organization aims to fight crime in the Milky Way and protect its robotic population.

The Heroes' Factory looks like a skyscraper towers over the fictional Makuhero city that sits on a terrestrial asteroid.

New heroes are built and trained every day. Each Hero is unique thanks to the Quaza Core, a mineral stone that gives each hero his own personality.

An interesting plot that manifests itself in special LEGO Hero Factory building kits for all children who are fans of this series, or who have an affinity with special heroes.

Best Lego Hero Factory packs reviewed

LEGO has developed various building kits for children in which the Hero Factory theme comes to the fore.

We have made our favorites top 5 for you, which you can find in the table below.

Our number one favorite Hero Factory theme kit is the LEGO Hero Factory Scorpio.

With this beautiful set you build your own strong and poisonous scorpion with 104 LEGO parts.

This is a great package to build for children who love fantasy creatures and who want to dare to play the hero.

The scorpion has beautiful details and is easy to build with the instructions. Fight this angry scorpion that will get in the way of your mission!

Our second favorite LEGO building set of the same theme is the LEGO Hero Factory SURGE & ROCKA Fighting Machine.

With this package you assemble a fighting machine and you get the heroes SURGE and ROCKA as mini figures that will control this machine.

The set can be built with 188 parts and is slightly more attractive in terms of price than our number one.

LEGO Hero Factory Scorpio - the number 1

With this pack you build a huge and detailed scorpion.

It features heavy, spiky armor plates, strong claws and a venomous tail spine with mutated Quaza.

The scorpion can be built with 104 building parts.

Our favorite LEGO Hero Factory package is, as mentioned above, the LEGO Hero Factory Scorpio. Why exactly is this package our ultimate favorite?

We find the buildable scorpion interesting and are sure that it will appeal to any boy or girl who is fascinated by large fantasy creatures.

The scorpion can be built with 104 LEGO bricks and has impressive details and colors.

Other customers who have purchased this set for their children give nothing but positive reviews.

From the Hero Factory story, Scorpio is one of the powerful servants of the evil witch (the 'Witch Doctor') and has a built-in sting and blaster on his tail.

The plot's witch was once a Hero Factory instructor obsessed with Quaza.

Suddenly, the witch was transformed into an evil tyrant who took control of the nature of the planet Quatros for his own diabolical plans and tried to destroy it.

This attractive LEGO Hero pack is suitable for children from 9 to 16 years old.

Good to combine with even more LEGO Heros

Two packages that make a nice combination with the LEGO Hero Factory Scorpio are the LEGO Hero Factory JACKET Beast vs. STORMER and the LEGO Hero Factory EVO Walker.

With this pack you build JAKE BEAST, including STORMER mini robot with a weapon and accessory. Jawbeast has huge claws and jaws.

The set also includes a spear as a weapon and a communication unit to have STORMER call for backup.

Fight with STORMER against the powerful jaws of JAKBEEST! The set includes 49 building parts.

The LEGO Hero Factory JAKE BEAST vs. STORMER is a simple kit that can be assembled with 49 parts.

With these parts you build JAKE BEAST, one of the dangerous beasts that lives beneath the earth's surface of Anthropolis and has large jaws and a menacing pliers.

This beast also has multiple eyes, and is a threat to the residents of Anthropolis City.

STORMER, included in this pack as a mini figure, fights this mighty creature with his spear and tries to warn the other heroes using his communication unit.

Can you help Stormer fight and escape from the giant jaws of Kaakbeest?

This pack is designed for children from approximately 6 to 12 years of age.

The other package that is a nice addition to the number one is the LEGO Hero Factory EVO Walker (the number five from the table above with our favorite LEGO Hero Factory packages).

Build EVO Walker that features a detachable seat, adjustable visor and gunner.

Includes EVO mini robot with a weapon and accessory; also includes 3 wild jumpers - make them jump with a swipe of your finger!

Also includes saw and com device for the mini robot. Consists of 51 parts.

Build the Walker controlled by mini figure EVO. Nathan EVO is an introspective rookie who works with the team.

Help EVO fight dangerous beasts attacking Anthropolis City.

Be a real hero and protect all inhabitants of the city! This set consists of 51 parts and, like the previous set, is suitable for children between 6 and 12 years old.

Our number 2 - LEGO Hero Factory SURGE & ROCKA Fighting Machine

Build your own fighting machine with 188 parts. The pack includes SURGE and ROCKA mini robots with their own weapons.

With this set you also get click shooters for SURGE and ROCKA and 2 jumpers.

The machine features flight mode, a detachable top with co-pilot seat, open armored visor, movable wings and 4 flick missiles.

At number 2 we have the LEGO Hero Factory SURGE & ROCKA Fighting Machine.

With this pack, consisting of 188 parts, you build a fighting machine with flight mode, detachable top, open armored visor, movable wings and flick missiles.

As mini figures / robots you get SURGE and ROCKA, each with their own weapons.

Daniel ROCKA is a quirky rookie on the team, a covert member of the Hero Recon team.

Mark SURGE is described as an emotional character who is temperamental and a real hot-headed.

A former rookie working to overcome a secret insecurity.

The pack comes with two jumpers, which, according to the plot, are described as insect-like creatures living beneath the city of Anthropolis.

This package has a great price with various fun play options.

The LEGO pack is a perfect gift for kids who love this series and enjoy building alien machines and fighting bad guys.

The construction set is designed for children between 8 and 14 years old.

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Supplement the fighting machine with even more powerhouses

There are two packages with a nice price that complement this package perfectly when your son or daughter is ready for new fun.

The first package is the LEGO Hero Factory BULK Drilling Machine.

This package consists of 113 parts and with this set you are able to build a drill with which you can dive underground to pass the jumpers.

The pack contains one minifigure with weapons and accessories, namely BULK.

Dunkan BULK is a physically imposing, powerful senior Alpha 1 member whose impressive strength is growing intelligence.

This set is easy to assemble and a great gift for children between 7 and 14 years old.

Collect all the characters and awesome machines from LEGO Hero Factory and create endless play possibilities!

The second package that fits well with our number two LEGO Hero Factory SURGE & ROCKA Fighting Machine is the LEGO Hero Factory ROCKA Crawler (our number four from the table above).

Build Crawler with a detachable seat, huge adjustable machine arms and chainsaw hands. Includes ROCKA mini robot with a weapon.

Also includes a cocoon and jumper and a clicker weapon for ROCKA. The kit has 49 parts.

Build the mighty Crawler with 49 LEGO bricks and go on an adventure!

With the huge mechanical arms you are able to overcome all obstacles and with your chainsaw hands you cut all obstacles in half.

As a mini figure, this set comes with the ROCKA mini robot with a weapon. A nice package for children between 6 and 12 years old.

The three packages just mentioned complement each other with extra play options and fun.

All sets are easy to assemble for children and through the mini figures provide creative role play which is so essential for the development of children.

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